Turok Remastered Cheats

24 December 2015
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Turok Remastered Cheats

Looking for Turok Remastered cheats on PC? Here we’ll list Turok Remastered cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Night Dive Studios’ HD remake of the first-person shooter game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Turok Remastered codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the new PC version.

Take a look at the cheats below…

Turok Remastered Cheats

Turok Remastered Cheat Codes

Turok Remastered sees the return of the original Turok codes and many more new passcodes. The best cheats are at the top of the list.

Codes are added by going to the “Enter Code” menu screen.

Cheat description — Followed by code:

• Ultimate Cheat; Unlocks ALL the cheats — Cheat To Type: NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK
• Invincibility — Cheat To Type: RLMNDNTCHT
• Infinite Lives — Cheat To Type: FRTHSTHTTRLSCK
• All Weapons — Cheat To Type: CMGTSMMGGTS
• Unlimited Ammo — Cheat To Type: BLLTSRRFRND
• All Keys — Cheat To Type: THSCKSTFTHSHSCK
• All Map — Cheat To Type: CHTRSNRPRSPR
• Show Enemies on the Map — Cheat To Type: NSTHMNDNT
• Level 1 Warp — Cheat To Type: TSKTSKTSK
• Level 2 Warp — Cheat To Type: CHTLKDG
• Level 3 Warp — Cheat To Type: HNSHM
• Level 4 Warp — Cheat To Type: THRTCRD
• Level 5 Warp — Cheat To Type: GHTTBSHMD
• Level 6 Warp — Cheat To Type: HCNLTHRSLF
• Level 7 Warp — Cheat To Type: STHSNCSSR
• Level 8 Warp — Cheat To Type: THTDSTSCK
• Longhunter Warp — Cheat To Type: BSSNMBRN
• Mantis Warp — Cheat To Type: CRPCRL
• T-Rex Warp — Cheat To Type: JRSSCHT
• Campainer Warp — Cheat To Type: LKNGDNTHTLNCLTH
• Fly Mode — Cheat To Type: LKMBRD
• Disco Mode — Cheat To Type: SNFFRR
• Pen and Ink Mode — Cheat To Type: DLKTDR
• Quack Mode — Cheat To Type: CLLTHTNMTN
• Spirit Mode — Cheat To Type: THSSLKSCL
• Dana Mode — Cheat To Type: DNCHN
• Gary Mode — Cheat To Type: GRHRNR
• Greg Mode — Cheat To Type: GRGCHN
• Robin Mode — Cheat To Type: RBNSMTH
• Big Heads — Cheat To Type: GSHNTTBNCTPRDCRD
• Fancy Colors — Cheat To Type: LLTHCLRSFTHRNB
• Amy Jam — Cheat To Type: GLTBNK
• Rhia Jam — Cheat To Type: FJHJJ
• Small Enemies — Cheat To Type: DNCHN
• Unlock the Gallery — Cheat To Type: THBST
• Show the Credits — Cheat To Type: FDTHMGS

Warning before using cheat codes: Activating cheat codes may disable your ability to get Achievements on that save file, so make sure to save your game before using these cheats and do NOT save after using cheats!

These are all Turok Remastered cheats on PC discovered so far. We also made the handy Turok Remastered guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Credits: Night Dive Studios, Tsuruke & Joe.

Do you know of any more Turok Remastered cheats or unlockables?
Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit for finding out. – Thanks for visiting!



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