Yakuza 5 Trophies Guide

9 December 2015
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Yakuza 5 Trophies Guide

The Yakuza 5 trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Yakuza 5 trophy guide we’ll show there are 57 Trophies (21 Hidden Trophies) that can be earned in the PS3 title. Earn Bronze (50), Silver (4), Gold (2), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Index of Yakuza 5 Guides:

Yakuza 5 Trophies Guide


1. Fulfiller of Dreams (Platinum) — All trophies collected

2. No Easy Way Out (Bronze) — Completed Normal Mode without dropping difficulty to Easy

3. Hall of Famer (Gold) — Achieved 100% completion

4. 10 Substories (Bronze) — 10 substories resolved or done

5. 30 Substories (Bronze) — 30 substories resolved or done

6. 50 Substories (Bronze) — 50 substories resolved or done

7. All Substories Completed (Silver) — Defeated the Amon family

A) For Akiyama’s portion, use the 3X Square, 3X triangle combo, which is able to keep Amon 1 in a stun loop that takes time but works. Giving Amon time to attack is a bad idea.

B) For Saejima, use the same strategy at the first attempt, but since there were so many clones I had to find more distance before charging the lariat. Simple square triangle combos work the best.

C) For Shinada, his fighting style is very cumbersome and mostly useless against someone tough, especially Amon. Buy guns and fire carefully, you will see him reflect several shots I fire at him.

D) Kazuma has the longest section, since Jo Amon will go into rage mode a lot and he is invincible. Try to avoid his attacks by running circles in the arena. When he starts lighting the ground on fire, watch closely and try to do a quick dodge roll as he charges, he gets more aggressive and a single attack can lead into a huge combo of damage. He has the same combos and moves as Kazuma, so look for the combos and Tiger Drop (R1 + Triangle) as often as possible. You will see Amon Tiger Drop me a few times as well, which do big damage.

Note: This fight will earn you the golden gun as well as Amon’s Sunglasses, which boost attack power of equipped weapons.

This is the Jo Amon and brothers battle in the bull fighting arena:

E) Noa Amon Dance Battle:

8. Gourmet Dragon (Bronze) — Ordered food at all eateries

9. Sightseeing Dragon (Bronze) — Shot a picture of at least 1 tourist spot in each city

10. Eyes on the Ground (Bronze) — Found a total of 100 pieces of garbage, map scraps, drawings…

11. Thrilling First Date (Bronze) — Took a hostess on an after-hours date in the real world for…

How to go out with a hostess: After you build up the love meter with a hostess at the club, they will contact you and meet up for a date. From there, the events will unfold naturally, and you’ll be able to max out their love meter and complete their stories.?

12. Life is about Learning (Bronze) — Completed a training mission with each master

13. Reaching the Limit (Silver) — Raised all player characters to level 20

14. The Chosen One (Bronze) — Completed your first Victory Road event

15. Top Ten (Bronze) — Ranked in the top 10 at the Coliseum for the first time

16. Kitted Out (Bronze) — Got Kamiyama Works to level 5

17. Major Revelation (Bronze) — Completed all revelations

The Yakuza 5 Revelations locations guide shows the craziness…

Akiyama’s Revelation: High-velocity in-your-face kick attack discovered.

Kazuma’s Revelation: Car door attack head-crushing move discovered.

Haruka’s Revelation: One, two, hey cool, fun video.

Saejima’s Revelation: Easily Marketable. Why don’t we have this game?

Shinda’s Revelation: Baseball bat long-distance attacks discovered.

18. Singled Out (Bronze) — Won 100 fights that enemies picked up with you town

19. Mr. Climax (Bronze) — Triggered all Climax Heat variations for Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama…

20. Dragon Fury (Bronze) — Defeated 50 enemies with Dragon Spirit

21. Puppet Master (Bronze) — Defeated 50 enemies with Tiger Puppetry

22. Launch Striker (Bronze) — Defeated 50 enemies with Launch Strike

23. Tackler (Bronze) — Defeated 50 enemies with My Meteor Tackle

24. Life is Entertainment (Bronze) — Played all mini games (excluding special content)

25. Puck Deflector (Bronze) — Played air hockey 3 times

26. Local Framer (Bronze) — Used a local PrintCircle frame in all cities

27. Old-School Gamer (Bronze) — Played Taiko: Drum Master and Virtua Fighter 2 twice or more

28. Fish for Dinner (Bronze) — Caught 5 fish while river fishing

29. Ding Ding! (Bronze) — Played the Beast King and Aladdin A pachislot machines 3 times

30. A Hearty Bowl (Bronze) — Played Tatsuya Noodles 3 times

31. Novice Snowball Fighter (Bronze) — Won the Winter Combat Battle Royal Beginner

32. First-Class Entertainer (Bronze) — Played all the routines in Comedy Team

33. King of Cochin (Bronze) — Won the Cochins Cup Classic for the first time

34. Dream Ride (Bronze) — Bought and equipped the Itasha decal

35. Benevolent Dragon (Bronze) — Sent a total of 5 million yen to Sunshine by ATM

36. Good Communicator (Bronze) — Struck up a conversation with townspeople a total of 50 times

Hidden Trophies:

37. Welcome to Nagasugai (Bronze) — Visited Nagasugai for the first time

38. Part 1 Completed (Bronze) — Completed Part 1

39. Part 2 Completed (Bronze) — Completed Part 2

40. Reunited (Bronze) — Akiyama and Haruka reunited

41. Part 3 Completed (Bronze) — Completed Part 3

42. Part 4 Completed (Bronze) — Completed Part 4

43. Thanks from the Staff (Silver) — Completed Finale

44. Successor of the Legend (Gold) — Completed Extra Hard Mode

45. Ultimate Successor (Silver) — Completed All Ultimate Battles

46. Devil Killers Defeated (Bronze) — Defeated the leader of the Devil Killers, breaking them up

47. Veteran Driver (Bronze) — Completed 10 taxi missions

48. Yama-oroshi Defeated (Bronze) — Defeated Yama-oroshi in the side story

49. Full-Fledged Hunter (Bronze) — Completed 5 contract missions

50. Trendy Idol (Bronze) — Played all job types

51. You’re the Princess (Bronze) — Won against T-Set in the Princess League Finals

52. A Bond Between Dancers (Bronze) — Settled things with Akari at the Dance Battle Summit

53. End of the Line (Bronze) — Won the final showdown against Shirakawa

54. Big Hitter (Bronze) — Completed 10 baseball sub-missions

55. A Toast Together (Bronze) — Finished the final hostess club event and made a toast with…

56. Useful Features (Bronze) — Checked the additional info for the first time when a tip appears

57. Watch for Cars (Bronze) — Hit by a regular car in Adventure Mode for the first time (excluding special content)

Special thanks to Sega & Quinntendopower for the list, tips & guide videos.

Please comment if you have any Yakuza 5 trophy unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!



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