The King of Fighters XIV Characters List Features 50 Fighter Roster. Highest Ever (PS4)

The King of Fighters XIV characters list for the 14th entry in SNK’s long-running Fighting franchise will feature a gigantic roster of 50 Fighters, the largest in series history. The game will also be a PS4 exclusive. It will be released sometime in 2016.

Check out this debut gameplay trailer for King of Fighters XIV from Sony’s PSX ’15 Expo.

The King of Fighters XIV brings Street Fighter IV battle designer Yasuyuki Oda to the development team, and seeks to revitalize the franchise with a true next-gen follow-up to The King of Fighters XIII.

And a giant roster goes a long way towards that goal!

The King of Fighters XIV Characters List

The only games from the past with a bigger roster were the special edition versions of King of Fighters 98 & The King of Fighters 2002 Dream Match; but those games had pallet swaps and didn’t have the other fighters truly developed. Something KOF14 will hopefully accomplish, complete with next-gen graphics.

Confirmed King of Fighters XIV Characters Include:

1. Kyo Kusanagi
2. Iori Yagami
3. Andy Bogard
4. Leona Heidern
5. Chang Koehan
6. Kula Diamond
7. Ralf Jones
8. Billy Kane
9. King
10. Angel

Check out the King of Fighters XIV announcement from the PSX 2015 keynote (skip to 1:07:20 in the video).

This is definitely good news for King of Fighters fans!

It’s great to see Sony teaming up with SNK to attempt to revitalize this old standby. Let’s hope it can reach the popularity of Street Fighter now that it’s a console PS4 exclusive.

How excited are you to finally be battling with KOF on next-gen?!