Ace Combat 7 Announced Exclusively for PS4. Will Support PSVR

9 December 2015
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Ace Combat 7 PS4 Logo Official PSVR

Ace Combat 7 has been announced exclusively for PlayStation 4! It will also support PlayStationVR, allowing you to soar through the clouds & dogfight in your fighter jet as if you were really flying the machine! No release date has been set, and with the game only 20% complete, it could be a ways off.

Check out this Ace Combat 7 debut realtime rendered trailer from Sony’s PSX ’15 expo.

The above trailer was entirely rendered in realtime, from the people to the sky, so say developer Project Aces at Namco Bandai. Who say that the clouds are not backgrounds, but rendered in true 3D space. Thus you can fly through a specific cloud you are aiming for if you like! Very cool.

The game will feature a theme of “Space Elevators”, the large aircraft seen in the trailer that the woman leapt off of. These are called “FAS” ships that patrol and protect the space elevator. Art deisgn for said ships is by Art Director Masato Kanno. A protective suit had to be worn by the women due to how high in the sky the ship was.

The scenario for Ace Combat 7 is being written by the same guy who did Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Sunao Katabuchi. Background music is being done by Keiki Kobayashi.

Ace Combat 7 will be the first Ace Combat game to not only be built from the ground up for PS4, but also to make use of PSVR!

What do you think about being able to enter the Virtual Reality space with Ace Combat?!



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