Star Citizen Funding Passes $99 Million. New Trailer Announced by Mark Hamill (PC, Linux)

Star Citizen has surpassed $99 Million Dollars raised to become the “Most-Funded Crowdfunding Project Ever” as of November 2015, just as the newest trailer for the ultra-ambitious upcoming Space Sim/FPS/MMO/EVA [Extra Vehicular Activity] project hit the web. Star Citizen is headed up by Chris Roberts, creator of “Wing Commander”, “Privateer”, “Starlancer” & “Freelancer” and his “Cloud Imperium Games” studio and starring none-other-than Mark Hamill himself, alongside a star-studded Hollywood cast that includes Gary Oldman & Gillian Anderson.

Check out this action-packed Star Citizen trailer from the 2015 Game Awards.

Without all the drama, the trailer looks pretty darn cool if you ask this newb.

If you don’t know much about Star Citizen, you can catch up via this article here. And read all about the game at the original Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign page, at wikipedia & at the official Star Citizen website.

Watch Mark Hamill on stage at the 2015 Game Awards talking about Star Citizen; Making Star Wars references & busting out his Joker voice! 😀 (Skip to 2:12:30 in the video).

I’ve never been into these kinds of games, but I find the ambition behind Star Citizen something to be admired.

I think people really need to have patience when it comes to a project of this scope; as they can easily take beyond 5 years (See: The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, Duke Nukem Forever, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance); and what is being attempted here not only has never been done before, but is being done in a completely open manner that is beyond the scope of how most projects are done.

The scale is immense; so no one should have expected things to go smoothly.

Either way, hopefully 2016 will deliver on all it’s promises.

What do you think of Star Citizen, and have you been following the drama? Or do you just care of the end product?