Super Mario Maker Adds Advanced Level Search, Frog Mario. Touts 3 Million User-Created Stages

30 November 2015
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Super Mario Maker Portal Site Release Date December 2015

Super Mario Maker has added an all-new Portal Site, that you can visit via the official website when it launches in December. It allows for more advanced level-searching. Nintendo also revealed that over 3.3 MILLION user-created levels have been built so far!

Listen to the details on how the portal site all works in this video at 10:49 minutes in.

The Portal Site allows you to search for levels based on all manner of advanced-search criteria.

You can search for levels based on Full-Auto, Sound-based, or Time Attack, for example, as well as other criteria.

Super Mario Maker Advanced Level Search Portal Site Smartphone Tablet

Level search made easy.

This can thus be done via a Smartphone or Tablet, allowing you to flag a level, by adding it to your favorites on the portal site… Then go home, and you’ll see it flagged for you automatically on your Wii U.

This will make it much easier to search for cool new levels to play. Courses found via the Portal Site will automatically sync with your game.

Additionally, Super Mario Maker has recently added Checkpoint Flags (allowing you to divide a course up), status-dependent power-ups and the Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, which unlocks once you clear the new NES Remix course!

Super Mario Maker 3 Million User Made Levels As of November 2015 Gameplay Screenshot Wii U

3 million user-levels made so far!

Super Mario Maker was released during September of 2015 (September 11th, actually, in America) and has sold 2 million copies worldwide so far, matching that of Splatoon, which has also sold 2.42 million copies. Making both games recent huge hits for the Wii U.

Frog Mario SMB3 Artwork



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