Star Wars Battlefront 2015 3-Stars Missions Guide

In this Star Wars Battlefront 2015 3-Stars Missions guide you’re shown how to get 3 Stars on all the training missions.

The overview for all these in-game Training Missions is shown below.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2015 3-Stars Missions Guide

Endor Chase 3-Stars Mission

Get ready to complete all Star Wars Battlefront Missions with 3 Stars!

Intimidate will be your guide through the game’s most difficult missions.

Mission Synopsis: Rebel forces are reported to be moving to an extraction point in your patrol’s vicinity on Endor. They must not be allowed to escape.

Tip: Use the speeder bike’s boost in long straights to maximize your overall speed.

Beggar’s Canyon 3-Stars Mission

Mission Synopsis: Imperial activity has been spotted over the canyons of Tatooine. Join the X-wing recon patrol to investigate.

Tip: Use the lock-on system when firing torpedoes to make it track the target.

Overpower 3-Stars Mission

Mission Synopsis: Lord Vader is on approach to Sullust and expects the Imperial base to be cleared of Rebels before his arrival. Escort the mighty AT-AT walker and wipe them out.

Tip: Pay attention of the flight patterns of enemy starfighters to more easily take them out.

The Dark Side 3-Stars Mission

Mission Synopsis: The Revel forces are scrambling to maintain their control of their Hoth base as Dark Lords of the Sith invade. Embrace the dark side and wipe them out.
– Fight for control of the Rebel base.
– Eliminate the Rebels to gain control.
– Keep Stormtroopers alive to remain in control.

Tip: When a Force Power is used, it will go into cool-down before you can use again. Manage your powers carefully.

Invasion 3-Stars Mission

Mission Synopsis: The Empire has discovered a Rebel base on Hoth and it must be defended until all transports are away. Protect the power generator at all costs!

Tip: The T-47 Airspeeders evasive maneuvers enable you to make quick turns and rapid ascents.

Thanks to IntimidateGaming for the Mission videos and tips.

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