Star Wars Battlefront 2015: How To Rank Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Star Wars Battlefront 2015: How To Rank Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you how to level up fast in Star Wars Battlefront 2015.

Let’s find out how to unlock every unlockable in Star Wars Battlefront 2015, which requires you to reach a certain rank for each unlockable to become available.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2015: How To Rank Up Fast

Here we’ll go over how you can speed up the slow process of leveling up your rank at the start of the game.

Ranking up fast to increase your level quickly can be done through these tasks:

• Leveling up goes very slowly in all (popular) game modes, so be smart about it and first start playing the “Fighter Squadron” game mode by taking out as many human players as more points (3 points instead of the CPU kill’s 1 point) while avoiding death by using your fighter’s specials like boost and shield repeatedly.

Up next, that tip and other useful hints are explained in-depth via Reddragon’s voice-over guide…

This tutorial video shows how to Rank Up in Star Wars Battlefront 2015.

But wait! Here’s everything you can unlock is shown on video…

Star Wars Battlefront All Weapon Unlocks*:

Star Wars Battlefront All Character Emotes*:

Star Wars Battlefront All Outfits & Character Appearances**:

Note: As far as character appearance customization options go, the Rebel side has loads of awesome alien options compared to the Alliance side.

*These can be unlocked by playing the Multiplayer.
**These can be obtained by completing tasks within the online Multiplayer.

May the Force be with you, always.

Thanks to Reddragon for showing some beginner tips that will help you rank up quickly and unlock the really good stuff faster. And thanks to COG for the unlockables overview of leveling up guide.