Fallout 4 Dogmeat Location Guide

Welcome to the Fallout 4 Dogmeat location guide that helps you find “man’s best friend”, your loyal dog sidekick in the PS4, Xbox One & PC action-RPG game. Also included is how to find him if he’s lost and how to protect him with armor.

This easy guide will explain where to go at the start of the game to find Dogmeat and has other useful tips.

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Fallout 4 Dogmeat

This short video shares the location of where the dog companion can be found in Fallout 4. The dog is the second companion you will encounter as you progress through the main story. You will find Dogmeat at the Red Rocket, located towards the very Northwest of the map. You should see the Red Rocket right as you leave the vault for the very first time and travel down the road just a bit. The dog will run up to you and you will both become very best friends.

Where to find Dogmeat the dog in Fallout 4?

Protip: How to find Dogmeat if you lost him?

When you dismiss a companion like Dogmeat, they’ll either go to your settlement, or the place where you found Dogmeat at the Red Rocket.

Creating a bell and placing it within the settlement will make the people living there as well as your followers meet at the bell’s location.

Note: If you end up waiting for Dogmeat at your settlement, you can skip the waiting by putting down a Chair in your settlement, sit down on it and let an hour pass to him appear right away.

Tip: How to equip Armor on Dogmeat?

Your Attack Dog perk can be used on him and he can be equipped with Armor and Handkerchiefs. He also starts with maximum affinity level.

Strong armor can be found at Trinity Tower (near Diamond City) where you first gain Strong as a companion. Once you have it, equip the Super Mutant Cowl Armor from the companion’s apparel section.

Pet Lovers Note: Don’t worry companions including Dogmeat cannot die – when hurt badly enough, they’ll get knocked out until the end of combat.

I hope these tips helped you get Dogmeat ASAP in the game.

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