Unlock All Fallout 4 Codes & Cheats List (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

9 November 2015
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Fallout 4 Cheat Codes

Here’s how to unlock all Fallout 4 codes and cheats. All Fallout 4 cheat codes work for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions of this awesome Fallout game. 😀

Find all available cheats below…

Table of Contents

Index of Fallout 4 Guides:

The lists below give you the code to enter into the game, followed by the cheat code description.

Lists are ordered by cheat type and work on the PC version of the Fallout 4 game. – In the near-future mods may enable certain cheats on PS4 & Xbox One consoles as well.

PC Console Command Cheats

Fallout 4: How To Open Console Commands Codes Panel with Tilde Key

How To Open Console Commands Codes Panel with Tilde Key

To enter PC Console Command Codes: Hit the Tilde (~) key on your keyboard, or the @ symbol key on some keyboards, to access the console and enter one of the following codes from the list. When you see a number sign (#) / a word between brackets ( () ), that means you have to fill out the number / skill you want instead of the listed sign / word.

This cheats list starts with the code to enter into the Command Console; Where # = the number of something you want like an item / level, and where xx = exactly what you want like strength, charisma, luck, item id, perk id, etc.; Then behind the cheat is the cheat description.

Fallout 4: Console Commands Codes Menu

Console Commands Codes Menu

Confirmed Cheats List:

• tgm — Cheat Description: God Mode. Gives you invincibility, infinite ammo, and infinite action points for infinite sprint, infinite VAT shots & ignoring the maximum carrier weight.
• tcl — No clipping mode (toggles between enable / disable). Fly up to higher vantage points & go through walls.
• tfc — Toggles free camera mode on/off. Useful for taking character screenshots.
• player.setlevel # — Changes your level to #, and gives you extra perk points. Player level can be raised from 1 to 100. It doesn’t affect anything else.

• help “Item Name” 4 — Cheat Description: Prints to screen applicable item IDs. Adding 0 at the end will result in a long list.
• player.showinventory — Cheat Description: Lists items and their codes from your current inventory.

– Example of an above-mentioned “Item Name” = a perk. In which case (perk id code) ‘Perk Name’ get shown on-screen, for example you get shown the (000D75E2) ‘Cap Collector’ perk ID. And as shown below, you can get that perk by typing: player.addperk 000D75E2
– Example of a rare item to add to your inventory is the Fusion Core. Get unlimited Fusion Cores by typing: player.additem 00075FE4 999 or get the Fat Man mini-nuke launcher by typing: player.additem 000bd56f
– Example of an item to spawn near you is the minigun. Get it by typing: player.placeatme 0001F669 5

Fallout 4: setscale 10 Code to Supersize Dogmeat

setscale 10 Code to Supersize Dogmeat

• player.addperk xx — Cheat Description: Get the Perk you need.
• player.additem xx # — Cheat Description: Adds # amount of ItemID to your game. Get the Item you want in your inventory.
• player.placeatme xx # — Cheat Description: Spawn whatever you need nearby. Add # amount you want of it at the end.
• unlock — Cheat Description: Unlocks item that is clicked on in console. Useful for opening locked chests / cases.
• ShowSPECIALMenu — Cheat Description: Allows you to re-open the SPECIAL menu. So for example you can change your name at any time.
• tmm 1 — Cheat Description: All map markers shown. All map markers can be hidden again by typing 0 at the end of the cheat.
• sexchange — Cheat Description: Changes the gender of your character from male to female or the other way around.

Fallout 4: coc qasmoke Code to Visit Secret Developer Test Area with All Game Items

coc qasmoke Code to Visit Secret Developer Test Area with All Game Items

• coc qasmoke — Cheat Description: Be transported to secret developer test area that has all the weapons, ammo, power armors, items & bobbleheads in the game in one spot! – To exit this area and go back to the normal game type: coc sanctuaryext or coc ufocrashsite01
• player.setscale # — Cheat Description: Sets the physical size of your character to # (same goes for any enemy that is clicked on in console). 1 is normal and 10 is huge.

• fov xx — Cheat Description: Change field of view.
• player.modav xx
• player.setav xx
• player.forceav xx
• modvalue carryweight xx — Cheat Description: Adds weight to the character.

Note: Turning on cheats will NOT disable the earning of achievements. This time around you can keep earning achievements with cheats activated.

Untested Cheats List:

While the above cheats are confirmed for Fallout 4, the following Fallout 3 cheats are untested, so go ahead and try them out and let us know in the comments which cheats work! 🙂

• addspecialpoints # — Add # special points.
• advlevel — Advance one level.
• ttm1 — All mapmarkers.
• kill — Automatically kill the target you selected in Console Mode.
• modpca (s.p.e.c.i.a.l) # — Changes the chosen stat by adding the given number. For example lmodpca luck 3 would take your 5 luck to 8.
• GetQuestCompleted — Complete current quest.
• getXPfornextlevel — Displays the XP needed for the next level.
• movetoqt — Moves the player to the current quest marker.
• setracemenu — Open the character creation screen.
• player.additem 0000000F “XXX” — Replace “XXX” with the amount of caps (money) you want.
• rewardxp xxx — Replace xxx with the number of experience points to receive.
• rewardKarma # — Reward # karma points to player.
• setspecialpoints # — Set the number of special points to #.
• player.setav (SKILL) # — Sets skill level to #. Max 100. This sets all skill bonuses but those from gear, tag skills, or attributes.
• player.setav (S.P.E.C.I.A.L.) # — Sets the typed attribute to the number provided. (1-10).
• tm — Turns off/on the HUD (useful for character screenshots).
• setgs fjumpheightmin # — Change the game settings to allow you to jump incredibly high. # goes up to 100 for very low gravity.

Item ID Codes for Cheats

Item IDs List:

caps = f
lockpick = a
stimpak = 23736
rad away = 23742
nuka-cola quantum = 4835f
fusion core = 75fe4
minigun = 1f669
fat man mini-nuke launcher = bd56f
cryolator = 171b2b
deliverer = dc8e7
.38 = 4ce87
5mm rounds = 1f66c
mini-nuke = e6b2e
cryo cell = 18abe2
t-60 helmet = 140c4a
chest = 140c42
blast radius board game = 6b165
biometric scanner = 154ad3
duct tape = 4d1f2
toy rocketship = 59b2a
extinguisher = 1f8f9
coolant cap = e1ff0
toy alien = 59b2b
large baby bottle = 1a899b
small baby bottle = 1a89a0
aluminum can = 1f908
pencil = 59af8
plunger = 59afb
tv dinner tray = 59b2c
shipment of fiberglass = 25 1ec144
shipment of steel = 5 1ec132
shipment of cloth = 25 1ec13e
military-grade circuit board = 154ad2
camera = 59a83
adhesive = 1bf72e
aluminum = 6907a
asbestos = aec5c
ceramic = aec5e
circuitry = 6907b
cloth = aec5f
copper = 6907c
cork = aec60
crystal = 6907d
fiber optics = 69087
fiberglass = aec61
gear = 6907e
glass = 69085
gold = aec62
leather = aec64
nuclear material = 69086
oil = 1bf732
plastic = 6907f
rubber = 106d98
screw = 69081
silver = aec66
spring = 69082
steel = 731a4
wood = 731a3


Credits: Bethesda, IGN, Jonathan Leack

Do you know of any other cheat codes in Fallout 4? Please share your own codes in the comments with fellow Fallout fans! You’ll get credit.
We’ll update this page regularly with all the newest codes. Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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