Halo 5 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny Halo 5 easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Halo 5. Watch footage of them all below.

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Halo 5 Easter Eggs

Banshees Spawn Easter Egg

On Mission 2: Blue Team in the Campaign you can spawn neutral Banshees from the in-construction spaceship.

Here are the locations for the rest of the four Elite alien skulls you can shoot, in the area with lots of Banshees and the Vent Ports. Three of the four skulls emit white fireworks when approached.

Vending Machine Easter Egg

On Mission 3: Glassed in the Campaign during the search for the automated turrets in a room you can get better SAW weapons from the BLU Vending Machine.

Soccer Football Easter Egg

On Mission 4: Meridian Station in the Campaign inside the Meridian Station camp — behind Governor Sloan’s hologram — there’s a yellow vending machine that when repeatedly activated (about 10 times) spawns a soccer football. Aside from activating dialog for Buck about his soccer career, when you push the football to the top of the hill and into a makeshift goal made of traffic cones, Buck goes nuts and fireworks go off!

Title Screen Grunt Easter Egg

Did you know Halo 5 has a secret hiding in plain sight? It’s right there on the game’s title screen, a Grunt floating in space!

Funny Talking Unggoy Easter Egg

On Mission 9: Alliance in the Campaign there’s a very talkative Unggoy near the camp, the little guy talks for up to 15 minutes straight! Just look for a couple of Sangheili fixing a Banshee, it’s just next to them overlooking a valley. You’ll hear the Unggoy’s really squeaky loud voice from afar.

Dune Sandworm Easter Egg

On “The Rig” multiplayer map ground pound the remote circular pad in the middle of the map, jump back on the side before it collapses and you’ll see two glowing cannisters have emerged from high-up pipes on the side of the map. Shoot the glowing part of both pipes and quickly look at the desert oil-platform to see it being swallowed by a giant Sandworm!


Discoveries made by Maka, John, IGN, Mugiwaras & Achievement Hunter.

Have you found any Halo 5 easter eggs?