Halo 5 Walkthrough

27 October 2015
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Halo 5 Walkthrough

Mission 11: Before the Storm & Mission 12: The Battle of Sunaion

Mission 11 & 12 Briefing: Help the Arbiter free Sanghelios from the Covenant once and for all. In turn, this will let us get the Forerunner Constructor to the Guardian and hop a ride to the Forerunner world Genesis.

Mission 13: Genesis

Mission 14: The Breaking

How to skip the final Warden boss fight, on any difficulty level, in the “Reach Cortana” objective section:
While the Warden & Cortana talk, simply sidestep the orange enemies that appear by keeping to the left side of the hall, then use the environment to boost over the enemies directly towards the exit door before the Warden fight ever begins!

Mission 15: Guardians & Endings

Note: If you finish the game on Legendary difficulty level, you’ll get a new ending scene after the credits.

The End. The wait is on for Halo 6 in two or three years.

Thanks to Xbox, Centerstrain, Gameriot & 360GameTV for the walkthrough videos.

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