Halo 5 Walkthrough

27 October 2015
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Halo 5 Walkthrough

Mission 6: Evacuation

Mission 6 Briefing: Osiris need to give chase to Master Chief aboard the Forerunner Guardian spaceship, but to do that they need to access the space elevator to make a Pelican escape before the outpost gets changed into a crater in the ground.

Mission 7: Reunion

Mission 7 Briefing: Blue Team arrives at the Forerunner world Genesis, where they discover the true reason for the Guardian’s activation.

Mission 8: Swords of Sanghelios

Mission 8 Briefing: When evidence reveals the Master Chief is in danger, Fireteam Osiris’ mission changes from retrieval to rescue.

Mission 9: Alliance & Mission 10: Enemy Lines

Mission 9 & 10 Briefing: Fireteam Osiris sets out to find a Forerunner Constructor. Along the way they will be battling a Covenant Kraken and the Arbiter’s forces.

Halo 5 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Mission 11: Before the Storm.


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