Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trophies Guide

The Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS4 action-adventure stealth game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trophy guide we’ll show there are 50 Trophies (5 Hidden Trophies) that can be earned in the PS4 version. Earn Bronze (40), Silver (6), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Index of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Guides:

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trophies Guide


1. Master Assassin (Platinum) — Earn every other trophy.

2. A Spanner in the Works (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 1.

3. A Simple Plan (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 2.

4. A Modern Babylon (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 3.

5. A Quick and Reliable Remedy (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 4.

6. The Perils of Business (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 5.

7. A Run on the Bank (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 6.

8. All Is Fair in Politics (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 7.

9. The Joys of Freedom (Bronze) — Complete Memory Sequence 8.

10. Friends at My Back (Bronze) — Recruit a gang of 5 allies.

11. Cerevisaphile (Bronze) — Sample every beer brand in London.

12. No Ticket (Bronze) — Kick fifty enemies off of trains.

As the description reads, this is earned by kicking 50 enemies off of trains. No free rides on YOUR train! 😛

13. Flawless Conqueror (Bronze) — Secure three Gang Strongholds and complete their optional constraints.

14. Bare-Knuckle Champion (Bronze) — Win three different Fight Clubs.

15. A Quarter-Furlong at a Time (Bronze) — Finish first in 3 different Street Races.

Street racing opportunities are found throughout the streets of London after talking to Robert Topping. Then win three different street races.

16. Treasure Hunter (Bronze) — Complete ten Raids of any type with Jacob or Evie.

17. Thieftaker (Bronze) — Bring three Bounty targets back alive.

18. Unqualified Success (Bronze) — Complete three Templar Hunts and their challenges.

19. Children’s Aid Society (Bronze) — Complete five Child Liberation memories.

20. Guardian Angel (Bronze) — Successfully escort ten friendly cargo shipments.

21. A Broad Base (Bronze) — Reach Loyalty level 1 with all Associates.

22. Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise (Silver) — Reach maximum Loyalty with any Associate.

23. Multitalented (Bronze) — Acquire ten Perks.

24. Keys to the City (Silver) — Acquire all of the Gang Upgrades.

25. Artisan (Bronze) — Craft a Level 10 Item.

Tip: To craft a level 10 item you must first get the schematic and unique material. Schematics are rewards for game completion and can also be found in locked chests. Unique materials are obtained from locked chests (fixed locations) and by completing certain side quests.

A good and easy choice is “Aegis Cloak”. You get the schematic for beating the final story mission (Sequence 9 – Memory 4). The unique material “Golden Spider Silk” can be found in the Strand borough from a locked chest.

26. Bartitsu (Silver) — Learn every Fight Skill as Jacob.

27. Phantom (Silver) — Learn every Stealth Skill as Evie.

28. Wonder of the Age (Silver) — Reach Level 10.

29. Ordinary Criminal (Bronze) — Complete twenty Crowd Events.

30. Language of Flowers (Bronze) — Collect all of the Pressed Flowers.

31. Student of History (Bronze) — Collect all of the Historical Posters.

32. A Life in Letters (Bronze) — Collect all of the Royal Letters.

33. Chimney Sweep (Bronze) — Synchronize every Viewpoint in London.

This tutorial video shows you all 22 Viewpoint Locations in the game along with gameplay on the easiest way to climb these Viewpoint structures / buildings.

Note: All Fast Travel locations unlock when you synchronize each viewpoint so when you sync 1 viewpoint, you get the fast travel location from that area.

34. Mentor (Gold) — Reach 100% Sync in the Main Memories

35. Furious (Bronze) — Destroy twenty vehicles by ramming them.

36. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU (Bronze) — Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses.

One of the funniest trophy titles ever!
You earn this after successfully flipping over five carriages on the London roads by shooting their horses.

37. Look Out Below (Bronze) — Kill three enemies with a single stack of hanging barrels.

Location: At the start of Sequence 4 – Memory 2.

There’s one enemy standing under hanging barrels and two others will come to talk to him. Shoot the barrels with your pistol when they are standing underneath. It will instantly kill them.

Note: You can replay this mission any time! From the main menu go to “Progression Log” – “Progress Tracker” to replay it.

38. You Wouldn’t Steal a Policeman’s Helmet (Bronze) — Hijack twenty police vehicles.

You earn this after successfully hijacking 20 Police Carriages.
Note: Stealing a police carriage with no one in it will not count.

39. Queensbury Rules (Bronze) — Reach combo level 40.

Tips: Best done in fight clubs. The first one is unlocked in the borough “City of London”. Talk to Robert Topping, he is marked with a “T” symbol on the map. Progress to the last round and you should have more than enough enemies to get a x40 combo. Avoid being hit to keep your combo streak (counter when the bar above an enemy’s head is flashing yellow).

Note: If you are already on a high character level you should visit one of the harder fight clubs, otherwise the enemies might die too quickly.

40. Whirlwind of Death (Bronze) — Perform fifty Multi-Finishers.

41. Blade in the Crowd (Bronze) — Assassinate fifty enemies.

42. Opium Scourge (Bronze) — Affect at least four enemies simultaneously with the Hallucinogenic Dart.

Location: You get the Hallucinogenic Darts in Sequence 4, Memory 4. This memory is also a perfect place for the trophy.

The only way to affect four enemies simultaneously is to shoot the darts into a fire source. The darts will then disperse their effects over a greater area. Alert several enemies and lure them to a fire source. Counter their attacks until 4+ enemies are standing right next to the fire source. Now climb onto any structure and shoot the dart into the fire.

Note: You cannot aim the darts while in ground combat (only quick fire works). That’s why you should climb onto a structure, it will let you aim the darts manually. If something goes wrong you can reload the last checkpoint.

43. Blade from Above (Bronze) — Air Assassinate twenty enemies from a zipline.
44. Most Unsporting (Bronze) — Shoot fifty enemies before they shoot at you.

– Blade from Above is earned for Air Assassinating twenty enemies from a zipline.
– Most Unsporting is earned for Shooting fifty enemies before they shoot at you. This is best done from Sequence 7, Memory 6.

45. Without a Grudge (Bronze) — Destroy 5000 destructibles with your carriage

Hidden Trophies:

46. Shall We Dance? (Gold) — Complete Memory Sequence 9.

47. The War at Home (Bronze) — Complete the World War I simulation.

Location: The World War I simulation will automatically become available once you’ve progressed far enough into the story. The World War I simulation Fast Travel point (entrance) is located at the far right end of the Thames river. Get there by jumping from boat to boat.

48. Godlike (Silver) — Unlock all of the Secrets of London.

49. Needle in a Haystack (Bronze) — Kill five enemies from within the same haystack.

Location: This works best in Sequence 6 – Memory 2. At the very start of this mission you must investigate 3 weapon crates. Go to the middle one. You’ll find a haystack here.

Jump in that haystack from the building above. Two guards are standing by the haystack. Another will walk past it after half a minute. The last two enemies are patrolling the area, whistle to lure them to you (press D-Pad down). Make sure nobody sees how you assassinate someone from inside the haystack, it will blow your cover.

Note: You are even allowed to leave the haystack and whistle at other enemies to lure them to you.

50. Street Sweeping (Gold) — Conquer all the boroughs in London.

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