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16 October 2015
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Life Is Strange Fanart Max Time Confusion by Leritoz

Our Life Is Strange Fanart Artwork Gallery features some absolutely amazing Max & Chloe pieces of creativity from a whole slew of artists. Check out some of these masterpieces drawn by the likes of: “Visola”, “Dismembered Girl”, “Julia Lepetit”, “Mary-O-o”, “Medoree Sound”, “Bbunnygirl”, “Leritoz”, “Hristo Rusanov”, “Wijic”, “Chizuu”, “Dandelion-s”, “Lepyoshka”, “Epocalypse”, “Arrietart”, “Kuvshinov Ilya”, “Sadvi”, “Charizardluver”, “Mollifiable”, “nses117”, “Marillie777”, “SketchingSands”, “Sutexii”, “Skire”, “Ayaka itoe”, “Marie Mason” and “mrjimjamjamie”. Which art piece is YOUR favorite? Mine is “Leritoz’s” amazing “Time Confusion”, but it’s really hard to pick just one!

Here is the Life Is Strange Artwork image gallery.
Click on the image thumbnails to see the full-size cosplay photos:

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Up next, a video by the game’s creators at Dontnod Entertainment that shows 100 fanart:


“My name is Max Caulfield, and ever since I was a little kid I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I’ve always seen the world through my own lens finder. Maybe it’s a way for me to be part of the world, but at a safe distance. For some reason I was always drawn to the old analog camera gear rather than digital tech. I love all kinds of styles and techniques but for me, the instant camera selfie is the one I love most. I don’t care if people make fun of me or not. I’m in great company, right? And now I’ve come all the way back to my childhood home to study photography at Blackwell Academy, a private school for 12th grade seniors. On a scholarship even! I originally left behind Chloe, my “best friend forever” (at least until I left without talking to her once in five years) and it feels so weird to be back here without seeing her yet. So I’m eighteen now, an official adult even though I don’t always feel so wise or mature, and I’m ready to begin a whole new life here with retro camera at my side. “Say Cheese!””

“Then there’s Chloe Price. What do you say to your best friend after five years of silence? After finding out you saved her life in a bathroom? NOTHING. I feel so lame for not staying in touch… or even text. I have no idea how to process seeing Chloe like this again. For one thing, she looks so similar but so different… She’s all grown up now, but it doesn’t seem like she’s only one year older than me. I absolutely love her blue hair and punk clothes. It makes sense she would become a rebel. She still kinda looks like a pirate. Except one who stage dives. I know she’s angry with me because of her body language. I’m glad I can still see the old Chloe in there. Or is that the young Chloe? I’m sure she’s still messed up about her dad dying. I would be too. That was a terrible time for Chloe and Joyce. I feel bad because I wonder if I was happy to move away just to avoid the grief… Speaking of grief, it’s clear she’s all mixed up with Nathan Prescott’s sh*t. I have no idea what’s going on between them, but I am going to find out, no matter what.”

“I’ve forgotten if I’ve ever seen Kate Marsh smile or laugh in the past month. She’s really sweet and nice, even though the other students make fun of her abstinence campaign. Even if they act immature, everybody at Blackwell are seniors, not high school freshmen… She gets a lot of sh*t in fact. I know she’s involved in a lot of religious groups, but she doesn’t preach to me so I don’t care. But she’s been extra quiet and introverted the past couple weeks. She looks like she’s in zombie mode. I wish I could help her, but I can barely help myself. I wonder if all that bullying has worn her down… I can see how it would. I have to make an effort to talk to her more often, maybe invite her to tea or a movie. Although she’s an adult I bet she’s not “allowed” to watch “R” rated films…”


Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind time. The pair soon find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student.

Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of her power. She must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

Key Life Is Strange Features:

* A beautifully written modern adventure game.
* Rewind time to change the course of events.
* Multiple endings depending on the choices you make.
* Striking, hand-painted visuals.
* Distinct, licensed indie soundtrack.

Sources: Cosplayers, Photographers & Links

* Arcadia Whales by “Julia Lepetit”
* Chloe Max Rainstorm by “Artstation”
* Chloe Manga by “Skiretehfox”
* Bioshock Fanart Infinity Is Strange by “ChizuuDraws”
* WoW Persona’s by “Mollifiable”
* Life Is Strange Chloe Pencil Art by “Weijic”
* Max Butterfly by “Visola”
* Max Time Confusion by “Leritoz”
* Max Cartoon Butterfly by “Sadvi”
* Colors Pop, Drugs by “Dismembered Girl”
* Everyday Heroes by “SketchingSands”
* Last Friends by “Medoree-Sound”
* Morning Lesbian by “Medoree-Sound”
* Max & Victoria by “Medoree-Sound”
* Morning Kiss by “Mary-O-o”
* Airbrush Painting by “Dandelion-s”
* Chloe Tears by “Lepyoshka”
* Lighthouse by “BBunnyGirl”
* Max Goth Edit
* Book Illustration by “Ayaka itoe”
* Male Max by “Epocalypse”
* Morning Max Pink Tshirt Doodles by “Kuvshinov Ilya”
* Max Tornado by “Arrietart”
* Chloe Angel by “Maria Mason”
* Kissing Lesbians by “Marilie777” aka “Orig11”
* I Hate These Dorks by “Sutexii”
* Max Gorgeous Drawing by “Doretetsu”

If you don’t find your credits here, let us know!


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