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15 October 2015
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Adorable Misty Cosplay She Hearts You Starring xazuxnyanxEmi

Misty Cosplay of Ash’s favorite gal pal from Pokemon! This cosplay gallery introduces you to a host of different cosplayers taking on the role of Misty, including: “XazuxnyanxEmi”, “Ryuulavitz Cosplay”, “Sanchanclau”, “Luxmyn”, “Zeke”, “Sailormappy”, “Bubblepopepi”, “Jessstaardust”, “Maryraine”, “Samii-doll”, “Asuka Langley aka Kawaielli”, “Kaylaerin”, “Jhonkunagm” as Ash and many others! Who is your favorite Misty? Mine is the adorably cute “XazuxnyanxEmi”!

Here is the Misty Cosplay image gallery.
Click on the image thumbnails to see the full-size cosplay photos:

Who Is Misty?

Age: 10-12
Debut: Pokemon Red & Blue Version (Game Boy, 1998)
Popularized: By the Pokemon Anime, where she was one of the three main characters alongside Ash & Brock.

Misty Bio: “A stubborn tomboy, Misty is the youngest of four sisters who live in Cerulean Gym. Misty is the principle Gym Leader of Cerulean City and heavily specializes in Water-based Pokémon.

Because of the Gym Leader’s flaring, aggressive nature; and her fluid style of taking on situations, she is known as both “The Sea-Faring Jewel” and “The Tomboyish Mermaid” by those who know her best. Misty is also well recognized as being very outspoken with an ambitious spirit becoming of a true Pokémon Trainer. A spirit which at times is very much astounded when in the position of defeat.

As a fierce competitor, she has herself in spare time meet regularly with the trainers of Seafoam Islands, with a given liking of improving upon her skills along the way.

The young athletic flower of Cerulean, Misty has aspiring dreams of being the strongest Gym Leader in the land, and it is her life long wish to emulate her idol, the Sevii Islands’ resident and fine member of the Elite Four residing in the Kanto; Lorelei. At best she wishes to exceed with the best of Trainers, hoping to encounter and battle the best of the best on her journey with the toughest of adventurists.” – Via Giantbomb (Edits: Mine)

Sources: Cosplayers, Photographers & Links
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* Asuka Langley aka Kawaielli
* TaiGPictures
* MaryRaine
* Jessstaardust
* Samii-Doll
* Zeke the Man Misty

If you don’t find your credits here, let us know!


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