HellBlade Senua Cosplay

11 October 2015
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Hellblade Senua Cosplay Ready to Strike Starring LadyLemon

HellBlade Senua Cosplay by LadyLemonCosplay! This bad-ass character from Ninja Theory’s upcoming “AAA Independent” action game (for PS4 & PC) is brought to life in LadyLemon’s extremely detailed & spot-on Senua cosplay! Check it out!

Here is the HellBlade Senua cosplay image gallery.
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About LadyLemon

– Here is what she has to say about her cosplay:

“I think this is my finest work so far. Yes, this is… because it comprises everything I know: a little bit of armor making, clothing, FX Make up, stylism and acting.

And because I imagine amazing things about Senua, it’s really inspiring.

Do you know Nariko from Heavenly Sword? Well, then imagine what Senua will be! Besides, I find the design extremely appealing.”

– About the cosplayer:

“My name is Lilia I’m an Special Effects artist, cosplayer, model and actress.

I grew up wanting to become an astronaut, because in my mind, it was easier to become an astronaut than an FX specialist. Then I discovered it was the opposite, so after quitting the career of Engineering, I decided to study Special Effects. But all along the way, I loved anime, manga, comics, horror movies and sci-fy, so here I am, combining it all. And perhaps some day, I can also become an astronaut? XD

When all your childhood dreams come true (except being an astronaut) what else you can ask from life? It’s amazing for me, and all it happened just for simply keep dreaming, not forgetting what made me happy during my childhood! I used to play costume play, wearing my mother’s shoes, and sewing wardrobes for my dolls; now I can still do that, and play the game for real.

So what’s next, I mean for good, because we all know Murphy’s law right? 😉 ”

Personal Interests: Cosplay, Photography, Modelling, FX, Acting, Nature, Anime, Comics…

Don’t forget to check out her DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Also be sure to visit her official website. Photos by: Fernando Brischetto – Photographes Sans Frontieres

Last but not least, read her incredibly detailed behind-the-scenes making-of to see exactly how she created her amazing costume at the official Hellblade website.


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