Transformers Devastation Walkthrough

9 October 2015
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Transformers Devastation Walkthrough

Our Transformers Devastation walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this hack ‘n slash action game on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One & PC.

Let’s start the Transformers Devastation walkthrough with an introduction video!

Defend the earth from the evil Decepticons in Transformers: Devastation using robot-to-vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos. Choose from five playable autobots, including Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Bumblebee. Five difficulty levels combined with a deep customization system means hours of gameplay and replayability.

Please note that viewers must be at least 12-13 to watch, in Europe & America respectively, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Fantasy Violence.

Table of Contents

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Transformers Devastation Walkthrough

The Transformers are back, and this time they’re in the hands of acclaimed developer Platinum Games, who has married their over-the-top, stylish action with a major dose of nostalgia to create a Transformers game like none other. The AUTOBOTS face off against DECEPTICONS when MEGATRON discovers a way to harness the enormous power of Plasma Energy to Cyberform Earth.

Key Game Features:

  • Surprise your enemy: PlatinumGames signature fast action allows instant robot to vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos for a unique master combat system.
  • Actors from the original TV series: Reprising their roles are Peter Cullen (OPTIMUS PRIME), Dan Gilvezan (BUMBLEBEE), Frank Welker (MEGATRON and SOUNDWAVE), and more.
  • Play again and again: 5 difficulty levels with overhauls in enemy composition, combined with a deep customization system, means hours of intense gameplay.

Chapter 1: City of Steel (Devastator & Megatron Boss Fights)

Welcome to the Transformers Devastation walkthrough!

XCV will be your progamer guide showing you around the game’s levels.

Chapter Description: Something strange is tearing apart a human city. The Autobots roll out to investigate.

Mission Objectives:
– Advance into the City! Uncover the cause of disturbance in the city.
– Defeat Megatron! Find Megatron and learn what his plans are.
– Head to the Steel Tower! Follow Megatron to the Steel Tower.
– Follow Megatron! Chase after Megatron and attack until he relents.
– Defeat Megatron! Give Megatron a taste of true Autobot strength.
– Find the Sub-Generators! Find and shut down the three sub-generators.
– Defeat Devastator! Bust up Devastator like he stole somethin’.

Chapter 2: The Proudstar (Soundwave & Ancient Insecticon Boss Fights)

Chapter Description: The Autobots must go into the Proudstar to discover what Megatron is up to.

Mission Objectives:
– Head into the Proudstar! Defeat the Sentry-Bot and make your way underground.
– Investigate the Proudstar! Search the Proudstar and uncover Megatron’s plans.
– Defeat Soundwave! Defeat Soundwave and his Cassettes.
– Find the Plasma Core! Find the Plasma Core and disable it.
– Defeat the Insecticons! Defeat the Insecticons appearing from the pods.
– Defeat Skrapnel! Remove the Ancient Insecticon, Giant Skrapnel from the cargo lift.
– Defeat Bombshell! Defeat the Giant Bombshell and proceed forward.
– Defeat the Insecticons! Defeat the Giant Insecticons and head to the core.
– Destroy the Shielding! Destry the Crystal Shielding guarding the core and capture it.

Chapter 3: The Core (Starscream & Blitzwing Boss Fights)

Chapter Description: The Autobots must find a way through a Decepticon stronghold to reach the Plasma Core.

Mission Objectives:
– Find a Decepticon! Search for a Decepticon who knows where the core is.
– Catch Tundercracker! Get Thundercracker to tell you the location of the core.
– Head to the Island! Make your way to the Plasma Core on the island.
– Carry Energon! Use energon cubes to break through the Decepticon defenses.
– Defeat Starscream! Teach Starscream that he’s no match for the Autobots.
– Defeat Blitzwing! Defeat Blitzwing to retrieve the core.

Chapter 4: Possession (Motormaster & Menasor Boss Fights)

Chapter Description: The Plasma Core is out in the open, and the Autobots must reach it before the Decepticons!

Mission Objectives:
– Return to the City! Follow Starscream and the core back to the city.
– Race Motormaster! Reach the core’s location before Motormaster.
– Find the Plasma Core! Use the signal to find the core’s location.
– Protect Wheeljack! Keep Wheeljack safe from the enemy as he repairs the core.
– Defeat Menasor! Defeat Menasor so he can’t get the core.

Chapter 5: To Cybertron (Starscream & Shockwave Boss Fights)

Chapter Description: Megatron’s escaped to Cybertron with the Plasma Core. The Autobots follow.

Mission Objectives:
– Defeat Starscream! Unleash some Autobot justice on Starscream inside the Space Bridge.
– Defeat Blitzwing! Knock Blitzwing aside and hurry to Megatron and the core.
– Head within Cybertron! Proceed deeper into Cybertron to recover the core.
– Defeat Shockwave! Tear through Shockwave — Don’t let Megatron escape!

Transformers Devastation Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Chapter 6: Ferrotaxis (Soundwave Boss Fight).


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