Lego Dimensions Walkthrough

Level 11: Mystery Mansion Mash Up (Scooby-Doo)

What a fun adventure so far! Let’s continue to a new dimension, where you get to play out a Scooby-Doo cartoon episode! 😀

Level 12: Prime Time

In this twelfth inter-dimensional level we find ourselves using the ALL of the Keystones, which allow the Minifigures special Toy Pad capabilities needed to complete all puzzles on our path.

Level 13: The End is Tri

“The End is Tri” is one of the final Lego Dimensions levels! In this weird dimension the Tri control the elements and gateways, so it’s time to stop them!

Level 14: The Final Dimension & Lord Vortech Boss Fight

Time to save the worlds! 😀

In this fourteenth level you’re introduced to a new style called MIX PLAY where we will use all sorts of characters to create never before seen alliances!

Level 15: Finish Story & Ending

The 15th Story Level concludes with the game’s ending and credits. Congratulations!

After the ending cutscene, you get some really long credits that include a new Portal ending song sung by GLaDOS!

Bonus Level: Mystery Dimension

After completing all 15 Story Levels and collecting 20 Gold Bricks, you can unlock the Mystery Dimension portal to the 16th Story Level AKA the Bonus Level! Which in this game is actually “The Real World”! 🙂

How To Start The Bonus Level: Go to the Vorton World hub and walk to the far-right until you reach the Jurassic World portal and then continue walking downwards until you reach the golden (unopened) Mystery Dimension portal. Stand in front of it to open it with the 20 Gold Bricks you collected and then jump into the now-active portal to start the Bonus Level!

Once inside you’ll need to clear waves of enemies from all franchises to be rewarded with up to 14 Gold Bricks.

Lego Dimensions Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Level Pack: Portal 2 Level.