Destiny: The Taken King Loot Farming Locations Guide

Welcome to the Destiny: The Taken King Loot Farming Locations Guide. This guide shows the best methods and locations to gain massive amounts of Loot items through farming. Collect lots of Hadium Flakes, Wormspores, Runes & Engrams in the PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360 open world first-person shooter Destiny: The Taken King Expansion 3: The Taken King DLC.

Let’s find out where to farm in Destiny: The Taken King: This short tutorial is about how to farm the loot chests that respawn all around the Dreadnaught.

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METHOD #1: Farming Loot Chests in the Dreadnaught:

As the above video demonstrates how to farm the chests around Oryx’s Dreadnaught in the Rings of Saturn when you’re on the “Patrol The Dreadnaught” Level 35 Patrol Mission. The loot chests in that “Hull Breach” starting area are constantly re-spawning in different set places, after you open them with the “Collect Loot” action button each time. — So there’s no need to go back into Orbit as you can continuously keep playing. — Since it’s still randomized, the visual locations guide shows the most common areas where they will spawn in caves.

The Dreadnaught is great for farming the following loot:
• Hadium Flakes
• Wormspores
• Reciprocal Runes
• Weapons & Armor from Engrams Orbs

METHOD #2: Opening Dreadnaught Chests in The Taken King content:

In this second Loot chests guide, we will show you the way to all 10 Dreadnaught Chest locations on The Taken King’s Story or Patrol Missions.

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Disclaimer: Bungie may patch any of these Destiny: The Taken King Loot Farming Guide methods at any time if they consider it an unfair advantage.

I hope these tips to farm loot will help you get more delicious loot.

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Credits: Joel.