Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Chests Locations Guide

Welcome to the Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Chests locations guide that helps you find the total of 10 Dreadnaught Chests locations for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One & Xbox 360 open world first-person shooter Destiny Expansion 3: The Taken King DLC.

The Timeline for all these in-game Dreadnaught Chests locations is listed below.

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Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Chests

How to acquire Keys to open these Dreadnaught Chests?:
– Acquire a Wormsinger Rune from a hive drop.
– Insert it in “Crota” Chest.
– Kill the incoming hive drop & hive champion (Ogre) to drop “Wormfeeder Rune”.
– Complete Wormfeeder Rune challenge (Kill 50 enemies).
– This transforms into a RANDOM key (9 Possibilities).

9 out of 10 Keys can be obtained through this random and luck-based process. Their Dreadnaught Chest locations are shown & listed in the video guide below. The 10th Key is shown there-under.

Does the game save each Dreadnaught Chests you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Dreadnaught Chests you just collected if you opened up the Dreadnaught Chest, so you don’t have to play to the end of the mission. After picking up each collectible you can safely quit the mission without losing collectibles progress.

Where to find all Dreadnaught Chests in Destiny: The Taken King? The in-game collectibles locations for the Dreadnaught Chests are described in Maka’s detailed video guide with handy voice-over tips.

The Dreadnaught Chests are listed in the video in the order that they can be found.

Timeline in minutes for the Dreadnaught Chests Locations Guide:

• Dreadnaught Chest Location #1: Ur – 0:10
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #2: Xol – 0:35
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #3: Eir – 1:14
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #4: Wryding – 1:55
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #5: Spawn – 2:14
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #6: “A Scent is Key” – 2:59
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #7: Maggots: 3:30
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #8: Gnashing Teeth: 4:44
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #9: Yull: 5:10
• Dreadnaught Chest Location #10: Akka – 5:50

The 10th Key for the “A Scent Is Key” Chest is a unique method explained in this separate video guide.

How to open the “A Scent Is Key” Chest:

There you go! All Dreadnaught Chests in Destiny: The Taken King are yours! 🙂

Huge thanks to Maka for the guide videos and tips.

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