The King of Fighters XIV Announced As PS4 Exclusive In 2016

The King of Fighters XIV, exclusively for PlayStation 4, has been officially announced by SNK as the fourteenth-core entry in the long-running fighting game series.

Check out the announcement trailer for KoF14.

Absolutely no details on the game have been released thus far, but it is known that the game will feature fully polygonal 3D graphics but set on a 2D plane, and it looks like SNK will be keeping things more traditional.

King of Fighters 14 Gameplay Screenshot Special Attacks PS4

Confirmed characters are longtime standbys Kyo Kusanagi & Iori Yagami.

The King of Fighters IV will be a PS4-exclusive, in what has become an incredibly alarming trend as of late; whereby many, many games (especially games of a slightly “lesser” caliber) have decided to stick with PS4 as their sole console platform.

King of Fighters 14 Kyo Throw Iori Gameplay Screenshot PS4

That’s the case with megaton Street Fighter V, and now the fighting game trend continues with King of Fighters 14.

This will definitely leave Microsoft fans fuming, especially considering that they already lost Capcom’s fighter, so this could be perceived as a heavy blow to those who love single-plane Japanese fighters.

This is especially sad considering the fact that The King of Fighters XIII was an Xbox 360 & PS3 release…

King of Fighters 14 Logo Official Artwork PS4

Are you excited about The King of Fighters IV?