How To Unlock All Super Mario Maker Mystery Mushroom Costumes

14 September 2015
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Super Mario Maker Unlockable Mystery Mushroom Costumes

How to unlock all Super Mario Maker Mystery Mushroom costumes? That question will be answered in this Super Mario Maker costumes guide that shows you which alternate skins to unlock to get the full set of 100 alternate costumes; and how to achieve that.

Below we’ve listed the secret costumes. Take the following steps to unlock each one, and soon all unlockable costumes in the game will be available to you. 😀

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How To Unlock All Super Mario Maker Costumes

Here we’re going to highlight a few special costumes in the game’s own order per game series.

Tip: Transform into different character costumes with the new Mystery Mushroom item, which can only give Mario a random costume you’ve already unlocked.

Note: Press up on the D-Pad (the Directional Pad is the + shaped pad) to make a character (costume) do a themed pose or say his/her catchphrase! – It’s important to know that these costumes will only appear in Super Mario Bros. 1 themed levels to add some 8-bit retro flair.

Time to show you how to get all Super Mario Maker costumes! ^_^

Unlockable Costumes (In-Game)

Expand the roster of possible costumes by completing the 100 Mario Challenge mode.

1. Mario (Classic Colors) — How To Unlock: This is the default costume Mario wears.
2. Mario (Modern Colors)
3. Peach
4. Luigi
5. Bowser
6. Goomba
7. ? Block
8. Trampoline
9. Toad
10. Bowser Jr.
11. Silver Mario
12. Gold Mario
13. Builder Mario — How To Unlock: First, you’ll have to unlock the hidden mini-game Gnat Attack* while in Editing Mode AKA Course Maker, by selecting a black Munchers plant, but instead of placing it on-screen shake it until 3 flies appear that you have to swat with your stylus. Second, now that the game is unlocked, complete the Gnat Attack game to unlock the Builder Mario costume.
14. Yoshi
15. Shy Guy
16. Wario
17. Rosalina & Luma
18. Mario Bros. Mario
19. Shellcreeper
20. Sidestepper
21. Dr. Mario
22. Kart Mario
23. Waluigi
24. Green Yarn Yoshi
25. Pink Yarn Yoshi
26. Light-Blue Yarn Yoshi
27. Mega Yarn Yoshi
28. Donkey Kong Jr.
29. Donkey Kong
30. Diddy Kong
31. Kirby
32. King Dedede
33. Meta Knight
34. Pit
35. Palutena
36. Dark Pit
37. Mega Man
38. Samus
39. Zero Suit Samus
40. R.O.B.
41. Marth
42. Ike
43. Lucina
44. Robin
45. Pikachu
46. Charizard
47. Jigglypuff
48. Mewtwo
49. Lucario
50. Greninja
51. Olimar
52. Pikmin
53. Link
54. Zelda
55. Ganondorf
56. Sheik
57. Tingle
58. Toon Link
59. Shulk
60. Ness
61. Lucas
62. Inkling Squid
63. Inkling Boy
64. Inkling Girl
65. Wii Balance Board
66. Wii Fit Trainer
67. Chibi-Robo
68. Villager
69. Tom Nook
70. K.K. Slider
71. Resetti
72. Rover
73. Timmy and Tommy
74. Mabel
75. Blathers
76. Kapp’n
77. Celeste
78. Kicks
79. Isabelle (Summer Outfit)
80. Isabelle (Winter Outfit)
81. Digby
82. Cyrus
83. Reese
84. Lottie
85. Captain Falcon
86. Mr. Game & Watch
87. Sonic
88. Duck Hunt
89. Pac-Man
90. Foreman Spike
91. Little Mac
92. Fox
93. Falco
94. Slippy Toad
95. Peppy Hare
96. Walker (Star Fox)
97. Mahjong Tile
98. Dr. Lobe
99. Ashley
100. Nikki

[Work-In-Progress: Please comment if you know of any other costumes hidden in the game!]

*Check out this video guide that shows how to unlock and play the secret Gnat Attack game:

This video of Jirard’s “The Completionist – 100 Amiibo!” custom-made level shows every single costume in Super Mario Maker!

Unlockable Costumes (Amiibo Bonuses)

Expand the roster of possible costumes by tapping compatible amiibo accessories on the Wii U GamePad’s screen (where the amiibo NFC chip reader is).

Note: Every one of the 65 amiibo costumes can also be unlocked by playing 100 Mario Challenge mode.

All released amiibo will be compatible with Super Mario Maker; The lone exception being the 3 Mii Fighter amiibo that aren’t compatible with the game and thus don’t have their costume unlockable.

DLC Costumes (Paid)

Considering Nintendo is set to release DLC packs with new levels by famous video game platformer creators like Rayman’s Marcel Ancel and Mario’s Shigeru Miyamoto; It’s safe to assume future DLC costumes (and more amiibo costumes) will be made available as paid DLC.

Necky the Fox CostumeHow To Unlock: Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu’s mascot Necky the Fox AKA Nekki will be coming to Super Mario Maker as DLC. How to get him has not yet been announced, but it’s doubtful he’ll be available outside Japan.

Thanks for the tips to Nintendo, Mariowiki, Gamexplain & Kotaku. Please share if you’ve found any other new costumes.

Have you gotten your favorite Super Mario Maker costumes yet? Which are they?


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