Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 41: Proxy War Without End

Mission Objective: Eliminate the CFA armored column assembling to the north of Nova Braga Airport. The column contains many large-scale fighting vehicles.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Bring a rocket launcher to this mission! You’ll need it to shoot down the helicopter at the end. Choose the landing zone in the middle and head to the outpost in the west. All vehicles will pass through here. Take out the guards (be sure to Fulton extract them if you don’t kill them, otherwise they wake up later). The vehicle from the north arrives first, then the two from the south. They all make a stop at the outpost and you can Fulton extract them from behind. For the 4th vehicle you need to put your horse on the road to stop it. And finally, destroy the helicopter with your rocket launcher.

Episode 42: (Extreme) Metallic Archaea

Important Bug Warning: Konami has put out a warning you should NOT use Quiet as a Buddy while playing Mission 29 or 42, because it may corrupt your save file! To be safe go with another Buddy like D-Dog instead.

Mission Objective: Fight off the Skulls’ assault, and return to base with Code Talker. An unusual mist has blanketed the area. The Skulls must be eliminated before it will clear.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: The skulls in this mission have a lot of health. To get the S-rank you have to finish the fight as quickly as possible. You should pick the strongest sniper rifle you have. Either the “Brennan LRS-46” or the “Serval AMR-7”. Other sniper rifles work too, but it will take quite a bit longer. Bring Quiet as your buddy, she will attack the skulls, too.
First off, mark all 4 skulls. Climb up the roof of the hangar (in front of the starting point) and kill the first 2 skulls from there. Always request supply drops in advance so you never run out of ammo! When the first two are down the other two will usually walk around the hangar and you can’t shoot them from the roof. So go down and take cover behind (or inside) the hangar.
When a skull’s shield is depleted you should focus only on him. Take them out one by one.

Note: “Extreme” means it’s a high difficult level, where Chicken Hat and Reflex Mode is unavailable.

Episode 43: Shining Lights, Even In Death

Mission Objective: Investigate the Laboratory, where a new vocal cord parasite outbreak has occurred, and find out how to identify who is infected. The Laboratory has been sealed off, and contact has been lost with the men inside.

Note: There’s no S Rank in this mission, and as such no points are awarded upon completion.

Episode 44: (Total Stealth) Pitch Dark

Mission Objective: Crude oil is leaking from an oilfield facility occupied by local forces. To stop the leak, shut down the facility’s oil transfer pump, and use explosives to destroy the oily water separator tank.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Ignore all the enemy camps at the start of the mission. Just ride to your main objective in a straight line, stay away from enemy outposts. Once there, disable the pump in the middle. Then sneak out of the camp and use your rocket launcher on the red water seperator tank to destroy it from far away (so you are already out of the camp when you shoot). Now escape the hot zone on horseback.

Note: “Total Stealth” means complete stealth is required, and you’ll go ‘Game Over’ upon detection by an enemy. Also, Chicken Hat and Reflex Mode is unavailable.

Episode 45: A Quiet Exit

Important Warning: If you do not want to lose Quiet as a Buddy: Equip the Butterfly Emblem before starting the mission and she will stay with you! (The reason this works is because the Butterfly Emblem stops Quiet’s Bond with Big Boss from reaching the maximum of 100. It’s also been suggested that this Quiet-goodbye-mission will be skipped if you wear the Butterfly Emblem as soon as you get it early in the game.)

How To Get Quiet Back: Download the new November 2015 game patch. Then replay the “Cloaked in Silence” mission 7 times over and Quiet will be reactivated for use in game!!

Mission Objective: Extract Quiet, who has been captured by the Soviets.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: To unlock this mission you must raise the bond with Quiet to the maximum. Then play her side op #150 “Secure Quiet” and after that mission 45 becomes available.
This S-Rank is all about speed. Use the CGM 25 rocket launcher, it will destroy the enemy tanks in 2 shots. If you don’t have it use the Killer Bee or FB MR Rocket Launcher. Always request supply drops in advance. When you’ve picked up one supply drop you request the next. You can place ATB-Mines and C-4 on the road to destroy two of the vehicles. Always stay behind cover by the road (the rock formations work well). Alternatively, you can fulton extract the tanks to complete one of the mission tasks, but this is much more risky.
Completing this mission also unlocks the “Disappearance” trophy / achievement.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough continues on Page 10 with Episode 46: The Man Who Sold The World (True Ending).