Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 31: Sahelanthropus (Boss Fight)

Mission Objective: Prevent the combat deployment of the upright bipedal weapon Sahelanthropus, and take vengeance on Skull Face.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: There are two things you need for this mission: A rocket launcher (GNOM-11 is recommended) and a Grenade Launcher (Isado RGL-220 works best). The mission consist only of the boss fight against Sahelanthropus. When you use up one weapon’s ammo you a supply drop will be triggered automnatically. So empty your grenade launcher right away, then use the rocket launcher and pick up the new ammo when it arrives. Repeat this tactic and you should defeat Sahelanthropus quick enough. His weakspots are his “belly” (when it’s glowing) and the 4 white canisters on his upper back. So aim at those.

Episode 32: To Know Too Much

Mission Objective: A Soviet soldier who had been collaborating with the CIA has gone missing. Extract this CIA mole.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: This is a very easy and quick mission. Use D-Horse to ride to the target person in marked mission area (he’s near some rocks) and fulton extract him. If you get there fast enough you won’t have to deal with any enemies. Use D-Horse to escape the hot zone, that’s it.

Episode 33: (Subsistence) C2W

Mission Objective: Destroy the Soviet comms equipment to prevent reinforcements being sent between outposts.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Very simple if you have destroyed the enemy anti-air radar in a previous playthrough of this mission. If you haven’t already, replay the mission and throw some explosives at the radar (you find it in the same enemy camp that has the antennas you must destroy). At the start of this video I select the new landing zone, that’s where you can also find the enemy radar.
In your next playthrough select the new landing zone in the enemy camp and shoot down the antennas with your helicopter’s minigun. That’s it, you won’t even have to leave the helicopter.

Note: “Subsistence” means it’s the ultimate in solo infiltration, where all weapons and items including Chicken Hat, Reflex Mode, supply drops, buddy deployment, support helicopter attacks and support strikes are unavailable.

Episode 34: (Extreme) Backup, Back Down

Mission Objective: Revel guerrillas are launching an offensive. Eliminate as many fighting vehicles as possible in order to weaken the Soviets’ reinforcements.
Recommended Weapon: Missile.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: The Fulton Cargo +2 Upgrade and a highly durable vehicle (such as a tank you extracted from enemies) is a must-have. Put the tank on the northern road to create a roadblock and put your horse in front of the tank (so you have two roadblocks essentially). When a vehicle approaches you run up behind it quickly and Fulton extract it. You can always camp at the same spot on the northern road, all vehicles will pass through here. Just go to the spot in the video and you shouldn’t have much trouble with this. If you stay undetected it will be enough to extract 6 out of 11 vehicles. If you run up to them quick enough to do the Fulton extraction that shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you do get detected you should destroy all 11, this will give you 160,000 points and guarantees an S-rank (but it’s harder, takes longer and there are no checkpoints in case you get killed). The last 4 vehicles only spawn if you destroyed or extracted the first 7 within the 15 minute time limit. A stealthy approach is safest.

Note: “Extreme” means it’s a high difficult level, where Chicken Hat and Reflex Mode is unavailable.

Episode 35: Cursed Legacy

Mission Objective: Recover the two containers loaded with Code Talker’s research materials. The containers are hidden in the jungle, and XOF choppers are en route to collect them.
Required tool: [+ CARGO 2]

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Most important thing is that you start at the landing zone in the south. Also bring some Active decoys to distract the heavily armored guards. Head to the container in the jungle first and Fulton extract it. Then head to the one by the mountain. The trick with the second container is to Fulton extract yourself with it. Just climb on top of the container and Fulton extract it while you’re on it. Then you will immediately leave the area and the mission ends. You can easily get a time based S-rank here, even if you get detected.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough continues on Page 8 with Episode 36: (Total Stealth) Footprints of Phantoms.