Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 26: Hunting Down

Mission Objective: Locate and eliminate the human trafficker who is on the run on the savanna. Reports suggest that locating the target will not be easy.
S Rank Requirements & Tips: The target enemy always has the same starting point. Go there right away and take him out with a sniper rifle from far away, then leave the hot zone.

Episode 27: Root Cause

Mission Objective: Rescue the Intel Team member who has obtained information on the epidemic at Mother Base.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Use D-Horse to get to the Intel team member as quickly as possible. He always spawns at the same spot in the beginning of the mission. Use the tranquilizer gun and put him on D-Horse or into the truck, the leave the hot zone by land. You don’t have to be stealthy, feel free to use reflex mode and quickly kill the enemies blocking your escape route.

Episode 28: Code Talker

Mission Objective: Make contact with and extract Code Talker, the old man who knows how to treat the pathogen affecting Mother Base. In addition to the local PF guarding the mansion where he is located, an unidentified force has been observed operating in the area.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: At the start of the mission you should skip the fight against the skulls by riding past them with D-Horse. They will probably spot you, just try to get as far with D-Horse as possible. Should you get hit you run into the Jungle where it’s safe. Make your way to the mission objective and extract with the helicopter via the northern landing zone. Take out the guards with non-lethal means for some bonus points. Ignore the possessed soldiers at the end and just run past them to the landing zone (doesn’t matter if they see you).

Episode 29: Metallic Archaea

Important Bug Warning: Konami has put out a warning you should NOT use Quiet as a Buddy while playing Mission 29 or 42, because it may corrupt your save file! To be safe go with another Buddy like D-Dog instead.

Mission Objective: Fight off the Skulls’ assault, and return to base with Code Talker. An unusual mist has blanketed the area. The Skulls must be eliminated before it will clear.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: You should absolutely bring a machine gun to this mission. I recommend the ALM 48, but any of them will get the job done. Also bring some explosives (C4, Grenade Launcher, Grenades). Quiet is the best buddy for this, the others would be useless. The trick here is to hide in the hangar by the starting point. But don’t forget to mark the Skulls when the fight starts, that way you will know their location and health status. Now you can shoot them with your MG through the hangar windows. You can also plant C4 in front of the hangar and lure them into it. Run away when there are spikes coming out the ground, they will explode and instant-kill you.

Episode 30: Skull Face

Mission Objective: Skull Face has occupied the secret Soviet weapon design bureau OKB Zero, and advanced his plan to its final phase. Prevent the combat deployment of the upright bipedal weapon Sahelanthropus, and take vengeance on Skull Face.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: You only have one objective in this mission – reach skull face on the back of the enemy camp. The best approach is to stay stealthy and complete the mission as fast as possible. Always stick to either the right or the left side of the area. This lets you skip most enemy groups. The enemies have helmets, so bring a silenced sniper rifle in case Reflex Mode is triggered and shoot them in the eyes. Though if done stealthy, you can complete the mission without firing a single shot and score the no traces bonus worth 120,000 points.

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