Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 21: The War Economy

Mission Objective: Eliminate the CFA official stationed at Nova Braga Airport. He is due to conduct an inspection with a visiting arms dealer, so expect heavy security.
S Rank Requirements & Tips: A very easy and quick mission if you already know the location of the CFA Official. He will always be in the same building, just go where I go in the video. Kill him, then escape the hot zone. A speedrun will easily earn you the S-Rank, you don’t have to be stealthy.

Episode 22: Retake The Platform

Mission Objective: Infiltrate the platform captured by the enemy PF, and eliminate their commander. They have Mother Base staff hostage.

Note: There’s no S Rank in this mission, and as such no points are awarded upon completion.

Episode 23: The White Mamba

Mission Objective: Eliminate the militants at Masa Village who have been pillaging nearby settlements. They are said to all be children. Extract their commander, the “White Mamba,” and the group will fall apart.
Recommended weapon: Arm your buddy Quiet with the guilty butterfly and she’ll tranquilize all everyone.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: The trick in this mission is to avoid the White Mamba boss fight entirely by putting him to sleep before the fight starts. Getting to him without being seen should be easy enough. Stick to the right side of the camp and enter the ship from behind. Now wait until White Mamba has his back turned to you, then shoot him in the head with your tranquilizer gun. Extract him via helicopter.

Episode 24: Close Contact

Mission Objective: Rescue the two civilian engineers, one male, one female, being held at Ngumba Industrial Zone, SW Guard Post. They were sent to the area by a medical NGO, but subsequently went missing.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Rush to the two hostages with D-Horse. Hang off the side of D-Horse and ride around the enemy camp where the prisoners are being held. Throw some sleeping gas grenades to take out the group of guards and fulton extract the two prisoners. Escape the hotzone on horseback to finish the mission.

Episode 25: Aim True, Ye Vengeful

Mission Objective: A group of child soldiers who have broken away from the Mbele rebels have abducted their XO. Extract both the child soldiers’ commander and the XO.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Immediately head to the child soldier. Tranquilize him and put him in the jeep. Now look for the second target in the middle of the camp (under a roof). Put him in the jeep too and put both of them in the helicopter.

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