Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 16: Traitor’s Caravan

Mission Objective: Extract the cargo a PF convoy is believed to be transporting as payment to Cipher. The cargo must be extracted along with the transport truck.
S Rank Requirements & Tips: Once again, it’s quite easy if you already know the location of the truck (mission target). It always has the same location, just go where I go in the video. Use the Fulton device to extract it, then escape the hot zone on horseback.

Episode 17: Rescue The Intel Agents

Mission Objective: Rescue the two Intel Team members being held at Kiziba Camp.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Very easy if you already know the locations of the two Intel Agents. Speed alone will earn you the S-rank here. Start with the agent in the north and Fulton extract him. Now ride to the camp in the south (ride around it to avoid enemies), grab the agent and bring him to the helicopter (he cannot be fulton extracted).

Episode 18: Blood Runs Deep

Mission Objective: Eliminate the six rebel Mbele soldiers taken prisoner by the ruling Buta tribe, to ensure they cannot talk.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: It’s highly recommended that you get the Fulton +Children upgrade before doing this S-rank. You must beat side op 113 to develop it (which is unlocked after story mission 26). Eliminate the target in the first enemy camp. Then head on to the mines, bring a silenced sniper rifle and kill everyone there. Use the fulton device to extract the children and call in the helicopter (if you’ve destroyed the anit-air radar you can call it directly to the mines).

Episode 19: On The Trail

Mission Objective: The commander of a PF, known as the Major, has been spreading a rumor about selling nuclear weapons. Tail his subordinate, and eliminate the Major.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Works best if you have sleeping gas grenades or stun grenades in your inventory. Immediately head to the location of the commander. He is guarded by a group of soldiers. Throw the sleeping gas to take out all enemies, then fulton extract the commander and escape the area on horseback.

Episode 20: Voices (Man on Fire Boss Fight)

Mission Objective: Rescue Shabani, the leader of the boys who were forced to work at the mine. He was taken to Ngumba Industrial Zone, the place the locals call “the Devil’s House.”

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Bring some explosives to this mission, C4 or a grenade launcher would be best. Make your way through the enemy camps undetected as quickly as possible.

Man on Fire Boss Fight Tips: The tricky part is the boss fight against the man on fire at the end. Place some C4 on the gas tank by the pool. Now wait for him to walk between the tank and the pool and blow it up. This will push him into the pool and end the fight immediately. Escape through the tunnel to end the mission.

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