Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 11: Cloaked In Silence (Quiet Boss Fight)

Mission Objective: Eliminate the sniper known as Quiet. Get ready for the Quiet boss fight!
Quiet Boss Fight Tips: This mission revolves around the boss fight against the sniper Quiet. There’s a very easy trick. Instead of fighting Quiet, use supply drops on her location. Each supply drop takes away 50% of her energy. So you only need to hit her with 2 supply drops and can stay in cover all the time. You must mark her with your binoculars first, then she will show up on the map. She always starts on top of the ruins. After that you must find and mark her again (when using the binoculars listen for her sound and watch out for the reflection of her sniper rifle).

Alternative method: You can take her down with 2 or 3 well-aimed sniper rifle shots too.

Episode 12: Hellbound

Mission Objective: Aid in the defection of Dr. Emmerich, a scientist involved with secret Soviet weapons development. He is suspected of having a close connection with the group that attacked Mother Base 9 years ago.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: This is one of the longer missions and you will always start at the same point. Start this mission at night, it’s easier. In the first enemy camp always stick to the left wall (crouch to avoid being seen). Crawl if the enemy chopper has its search light on you. Now hang off the side of D-Horse to get past the enemy outposts unnoticed. Once you have arrived in the central base camp, stick to the wall on the right and stay in the shadows (always crouching) until you reach Emmerich. Go back the same path you came.
When the metal gear attacks you, run through its legs then put Emmerich on D-Horse and manually choose the helicopter extraction point in the south. First, stick to the walls on the left. Then cross the road and stay behind the walls on the right. By the time you get to the landing zone you the Metal Gear should have lost sight of you. Restart the checkpoint if he catches up.

Episode 13: Pitch Dark

Mission Objective: Crude oil is leaking from an oilfield facility occupied by local forces. To stop the leak, shut down the facility’s oil transfer pump, and use explosives to destroy the oily water separator tank.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Ignore all the enemy camps at the start of the mission. Just ride to your main objective in a straight line, stay away from enemy outposts. Once there, disable the pump in the middle. Then sneak out of the camp and use your rocket launcher on the red water separator tank to destroy it from far away (so you are already out of the camp when you shoot). Now escape the hot zone on horseback.

Episode 14: Lingua Franca

Mission Objective: Tail the African interpreter working with the interrogator at Kiziba Camp, and rescue the British prisoner known as the Viscount.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Very easy and short if you already know the Viscounts location. Be sure to select 0600 as the starting time (daytime) because the viscount gets moved around at night. Simply go to the location shown in this video, extract him via Fulton device and escape the area on horseback.

Episode 15: Footprints of Phantoms

Mission Objective: Eliminate all the Walker Gears deployed to Ditadi Abandoned Village.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Very simple if you have destroyed the enemy anti-air radar in a previous playthrough of this mission. If you haven’t already, replay the mission and throw some explosives at the radar (the radar is found at the landing zone that I select in the beginning of this video).
In your next playthrough select the new landing zone in the enemy camp and destroy the walker gears with your helicopter’s minigun. That’s it, you won’t even have to leave the helicopter.

Alternative method: (Buddy = D-Dog) Fulton-lift all the soldiers & Walkers in this mission back to Mother Base for a high score.

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