Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

Episode 6: Where Do The Bees Sleep?

Mission Objective: Recover the U.S. military’s new weapon, code-named Honey Bee, hidden at Smasei Fort. The Soviets are also after it.
S Rank Requirements & Tips: Very simple if you have destroyed the enemy anti-air radar in a previous playthrough of this mission. If you haven’t already, replay the mission and throw some explosives at the radar (you find it in the same enemy camp where the honey bee main objective is located). At the start of this video I select the new landing zone, that’s where you can also find the enemy radar.
Use this new landing zone to save a lot of time. While approaching the enemy base, look out the helicopter’s window on the right and destroy the anti-air turrets with your minigun. Get out of the chopper and immediately go to the main objective. Skip the cutscenes and call your horse to ride away from the mist and to the extraction zone.

Episode 7: Red Brass

Mission Objective: Three commanders of key Soviet units are holding an emergency meeting at Wialo Village. Use this opportunity to eliminate all of them at once.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: The goal here is to extract the 3 commanders. Choose the landing zone in the north as your starting point. One Commander comes in a vehicle from the road in the north. Another one is in the marked mission area (village with enemies, inside building). Third one comes in a vehicle from the southern road. You can get to them before they reach the village. Put your horse on the street and then use the tranquilizer gun to on the soldiers in the vehicle. Use the fulton device to extract them.

Episode 8: Occupation Forces

Mission Objective: Eliminate the colonel who has been reassigned from Sakhra Ee Village to Smasei Fort, and prevent the tanks from redeploying to Smasei Fort.
Recommended Weapon: Missile.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: Don’t attempt this S-rank on your first try! Keep playing until you have the Fulton Cargo +2 Upgrade (it allows you to fulton tanks and other vehicles). Start at the left (western) landing zone. Head west, past the enemy outpost and follow the road until you reach an empty house. Reaching the house triggers the convoy of 3 vehicles. Put your horse on the road to stop them, then fulton extract them all. Escape the area on horseback to finish it quickly. If you don’t have the upgraded Fulton you can use explosives to destroy the vehicles quickly.

Episode 9: Backup, Back Down

Mission Objective: Rebel guerrillas are launching an offensive. Eliminate as many fighting vehicles as possible in order to weaken the Soviets’ reinforcements.
Recommended Weapon: Missile.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: This is one of the hardest missions to get an S-rank. Best advice: don’t bother with it until you have beaten the game.
The Fulton Cargo +2 Upgrade and a highly durable vehicle (such as a tank you extracted from enemies) is a must-have. Put the tank on the northern road to create a roadblock and put your horse in front of the tank (so you have two roadblocks essentially). When a vehicle approaches you run up behind it quickly and fulton extract it. You can always camp at the same spot on the northern road, all vehicles will pass through here. Just go to the spot in the video and you shouldn’t have much trouble with this. Make sure to destroy at least 9 out of the 11 vehicles. You must destroy the first 7 in time for the last 4 to spawn. Avoid detection for a nice score bonus.

Episode 10: Angel With Broken Wings

Mission Objective: Extract Malak, the Mujahideen prisoner who is being held at Lamar Khaate Palace.

S Rank Requirements & Tips: When you ride north on the western road you will trigger the convoy. Put your horse on the road to stop the vehicles. Now take out the guards in the jeep and destroy the tank (sneak up from behind and place C4). Extra via helicopter.
If you have the fully upgraded Fulton device you can extract the tank for bonus points rather than destroying it.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Episode 11: Cloaked In Silence.