Rare Replay Cheats

3 August 2015
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Rare Replay Cheats

Looking for Rare Replay cheats on Xbox One? Here we’ll list Rare Replay cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Rare’s classic games compilation.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Rare Replay codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Xbox One title.

Take a look at the cheats below…

Index of Rare Replay Guides:

Rare Replay Cheats

Banjo-Kazooie Cheats


Bottles Bonuses. After you complete the ”Puzzle Game” code go to the castle in Treasure Trove Cove. Put in the following codes:

Effect Code

A combination of the other bottles BIGBOTTLESBONUS
Cancels effects of codes. NOBONUS
Kazooie has big head & wings BOTTLESBONUSFOUR
Small head & Tall body BOTTLESBONUSTHREE
Turns Banjo into Washer WISHYWASHYBANJO

Have a maximum of 100 red feathers

Enter Mad Monster Mansion and change into a pumpkin. Exit Mad Monster Mansionand walk through the graveyard and into a lava room. Follow the small winding path over the lava and you will find a hole in the wall. Enter the hole, follow the tunnel until you enter a cavern. The spellbook in here will tell you to enter the cheat ”REDFEATHERS” on the sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove. Once you do that, you will be able to carry 100 Red Feathers!

Maximum 20 Golden Feathers

Once you have raised the water around Rusty Bucket Bay for the second time, go back to the first chamber (the one with the floating bomb) and hit the switch there to raise the water level to it’s highest. Quickly swim back to the Rusty Bucket Bay entrance chamber and swim into the the hole in the wall. Go up the stairs and speak to Cheato, who will tell you to enter the code ”GOLDFEATHERS” into the Treasure Trove Cove sandcastle floor. Do so and your maximum Gold Feather total will be 20!

Maximum number of eggs is 200

Before you enter Bubblegloop Swamp, go behind the entrance with the Wading Boots and enter the hole in the wall there. Follow the tunnel along and you will enter a snowy area. Go up the hill on the left and Beak Barge the icicle blocking the small tunnel. Now, go to Bubblegloop Swamp and change into a crocodile. Exit the Swamp, and go back through the tunnel in the wall and along to the snowy area. Go up the hill, enter the small tunnel and follow it to a small cavern. In here, you will find a spellbook who will tell you to enter the cheat ”BLUEEGGS” in the sandcastle floor of Treasure Trove Cove. When you enter that code you will have a maximum of 200 eggs instead of 100.


Alternate Ending: To Unlock An Alternate Ending, Simply Beat The Game With All 100 Jiggy’s.

Banjo-Tooie Cheats


Character Parade
Beat the game 100% to unlock the Character Parade movie in Replay Mode.


Rare’s Mr. Pants Cameo

Once you have gotten Hailfire Peaks unlocked, go to the ice side of it. Search around until you see Boggy’s hut (it’s a giant igloo). Go inside and look at the TV that Boggy is sitting in front of. You should see this white man with a hat and nothing but pants on. This is Mr. Pants, by Rareware.


Accessing Dragon Kazooie

Once you’ve found the mega glowbo from the ice chest, go (or warp) to Pine Grove and enter Humba Wumba’s wigwam just outside of witchyworld. Give her the mega glowbo and Kazooie will be transformed into a dragon, which is much more powerful than normal Kazooie. Jump in the pool again to return Kazooie to her normal state.

Character select and options

If you want to play as other characters such as Grunty, simply select single game then a shootout. Select pick characters and press left or right to see various characters. There are also other options in single game.

Free Hotel Room

To get Jolly Roger’s room for free in Jolly Roger’s Lagoon, just shoot the door with a grenade egg instead of paying. He’ll yell at you, but nothing else.

Getting the Mega Glowbo

To get the Mega Glowbo, first you must have the Ice Key and you must know how to use the Talon Torpedo ability. Once you have the Ice Key and this ability, go to Glitter Gulch Mine and hit the switch near the entrance to open the grating which leads to the Water Storage area. Run to the grating before it closes and go inside. Talon Torpedo the big boulder underwater and go through the tunnel into Hailfire Peaks. Climb up the small hill and unlock the Ice Chest to get the mega glowbo!

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Cheats


Flying glitch

Put a box on your trolley, and stand on the box. Highlight your trolley while standing on the box in it and move it with your wrench. Your trolley will rise in the air. It is sort of hard to control, but you can fly anywhere with it.


Golden Trophy Thomas Statue

Complete all 6 challenges (in both L.O.G.’s choice and player choice vehicles) from the L.O.G.’s Lost Challenges DLC with a T.T. Trophy rank to make the statue of Trophy Thomas along with his house in Showdown town turn gold.

Klungo Sssavesss The Universsse!

Complete all 6 challenges (in both L.O.G.’s choice and player choice vehicles) from the L.O.G.’s Lost Challenges DLC with at least a jiggy rank to complete the puzzle picture in the level with coloured jiggys, unlocking Klungo’s new mini-game

Secret Gamer Pic

Complete all five levels of Klungo Saves the World to unlock a secret gamer pic featuring Klungo.

Secret Stop ‘N’ Swop blueprints

After using the Stop ‘N’ Swop items in banjo-tooie, you wil be able to use 7 new blueprints if you have LOG’s Lost Challanges DLC for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Secret vehicle parts.

First you need to have the Banjo Kazooie arcade game. Then, in Banjo Kazooie find the six colored eggs and the ice key. Now find the seven secret spots in Banjo Kazooie NAB and there will be a mumbo crate on each one once you obtain that secret item in Banjo Kazooie.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Beacon Find the green egg in Banjo Kazooie then it will be in the cave under LOG’s game factory.
Disco Ball Find the red egg in Banjo Kazooie then it is beneath the Terrarium of Terror. Walk down the tunnel next to the wrench-it switch.
Flag Find the ice key in Banjo Kazooie then it will be on top of boggy’s gym.
Fluffy dice Find the pink egg in Banjo Kazooie then it is in the boathouse under Banjoland doors.
Goldfish Find the blue egg in Banjo Kazooie then on castle turret that overlooks the docks.
Googly Eyes Find the yellow egg in Banjo Kazooie then on the beach below the lighthouse.{You need the horn to obtain this item}
Mole on a pole Find the cyan egg in Banjo Kazooie then it is on rooftop south of the jiggy bank acces via drain pipe near the canal.

Tuxedo Banjo

Once you have over 75 Jiggies, get to Spiral Mountain and beat Grunty in the final Showdown challenge. After the ending cutscene, reload your save and Banjo will be wearing a Tuxedo and Kazooie wearing a neck tie.

Unlock Banjo Vehicle

After beating the game, L.O.G. will give you a Banjo Head Vehicle. The Banjo Head Vehicle can be loaded from the L.O.G’s choice option.

Unlockable Jiggy Gamerpic

You can unlock a gamer pic of a Golden Jiggy by collecting all 131 Jiggies in the game.

Battletoads Cheats


5 Extra Lives
When on the title screen, hold Down, A + B and press Start.

Continue later in game

When you are playing a 2 player game, and one player loses all his lifes, do NOT continue the game, then continue on. When you reach the point your partner wants to continue on, have him press START on the map screen. He will come back, even after his absence!

Extra Continues in a One Player Game

Start a two player game. Now, beat up Zitz until all of his lives are gone. When you’re given the chance to continue, don’t. Now play the game normally as Rash, and when you get a game over as him, press start on controller 2, so you’ll play as Zitz. Again, when you’re defeated as him, press start on controller 1 and you’ll resume play as Rash. By repeating this, you’ll have more than 3 continues in a solo game!

Start later in a 2-player game

A variation of the continue later code for 2 player games in Nintendo power I discovered myself. Rather simple….

Start a 1-player game and proceed to whatever level you wish. When you get to the level your friend wants to start in (you could go to level 9 and play that when your inexperienced friend couldn’t make it there, for example) You will then start with all continues/lives and start on the level 1P is currently on!

Warp to Level 11

In Level 10 (Rat Race), when you kick the bomb in any of the three “races”, the Spazz you’ve been racing will generally fall down from the top of the screen and hit its head on the girder, sending you to the next segment. You still can hit Spazz in this short while with regular or double-tap charge attacks as usual; if you’re able to hit the rat with a Final Smash move before you fall to the next segment, the level-finish music will play and you’ll be warped to Level 11!

Warp to Level 3

When you begin the game, quickly headbutt the psyko pig on the left, then the one on the right, proceed to where the Walker appears, you should see a platform and a pulsating warp. Jump up there quickly!!!

Warp to Level 5

In Level 3 (The turbo tunnel) in the last section of the speed bike obstacle course (where the walls pass REALLY fast) slam headfirst into the 10th wall. That should be a warp. (The correct wall is on the bottom of the island BTW)

Warp to Level 6

In Level 4 (Ice Caverns) when you find the platform that falls when you stand on it, go down near the bottom, then jump repeatedly so it goes back up. There should be a warp formed at the top.

Warp to Level 8

In Level 6 (Karnaths Lair) in the 2nd Snake pit, climb on the first snake and jump all the way to the right when the snake reaches the height of it’s path (don’t hit the spikes) there should be a warp on the other side. You must jump over because the warp will disappear before the snake gets there.

Blast Corps Cheats


Third Bonus Mission

Achieve a perfect score on every mission and find all six scientists.

Unlock Bonus Courses

Complete all missions and find all six scientists to get the 2 bonus courses.


Blow up Buildings Easily

Get close enough to the object you want blown up so that your guy can’t get out of the vehicle. Then hold the Z button down. Your guy should yell, ”D’oh!” Continue to hold the Z button until the object blows up. (Note: This will not work on the PAL version of the game).

Quick Start

Accelerate when you hear the last beep as the light turns green.

Cobra Triangle Cheats


Extra points

When you cross the finish line, spin in the air for 1,000 points per rotation.

Extra points

At the beginning of any race press the B (fire) button and you’ll get 1,000 or 2,000 points.

Power up boat easily

In the first area, go through until you find a 1-up, get everything you can in the level, but don’t cross the finish line. When you run out of energy and die you’ll go back to the beginning of the level. The 1-up and everything in the level will be back. Do this as many times as you want, since you won’t lose lives because you can continue getting the 1-up.

Small Advantage on bosses

Before a boss fight starts, press the B (fire) button constantly, That way you can take away 1 or 2 energy bars away from the boss.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Cheats


50 Lives

Go to the cheat menu and enter the code: BOVRILBULLETHOLE

Debug mode cheat

At the main menu, go to the cheat screen and type in: XFYHIJERPWAL (space bar) IELWZS.

Other Multiplayer Cheats

Enter each of these codes by selecting the cheat option on the menu.

Effect Code
Matrix-style sword deaths SPUNKJOCKEY
Use baseball bat instead of stick in Race multiplayer mode DRACULASTEABAGS
Use frying pan instead of stick in RACE multiplayer mode DUTCHOVENS

Unlock Multiplayer characters

Enter each of these codes by selecting the cheat option on the menu.

Effect Code
Play as Caveman in multi-player mode EATBOX
Play as Conker in multiplayer WELLYTOP
Play as Neo Conker in multiplayer EASTEREGGSRUS
Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multiplayer RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE
Play as Weasel Henchmen in multiplayer CHINDITVICTORY
Play as Zombies and Villagers in multiplayer BEEFCURTAINS
Unlock Gregg in multiplayer BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT


Easy game controls and difficulty:

Enter EASY as a code.

Unlock Stages

Enter each of these codes by selecting the cheat option on the menu.

Effect Password
Unlock All Chapters WELDERSBENCH
Unlock Bats Tower chapter CLAMPIRATE
Unlock It’s War chapter BEELZEBUBSBUM
Unlock Uga Buga chapter MONKEYSCHIN
Unlocks Barn Boys chapter PRINCEALBERT
Unlocks Heist chapter CHOCOLATESTARFISH
Unlocks Slopranos chapter ANCHOVYBAY
Unlocks Spooky chapter SPANIELSEARS

Very easy game controls and difficulty:

Enter VERYEASY as a code.


Aiming Laser with Throwing Knives

The aiming laser glitch can be activated in the multiplayer game ”raptor”. Find a cross bow and stand beside some throwing knives. Go into aiming mode, turn on the aiming laser and side-step onto the knives. When you take out the knives there should be a laser pointing at the last spot that you aimed at. This trick is especially useful in navigating the map because you can aim the laser at your base and if you are lost all you have to do is follow the laser back to safety. If the trick does not work exit the current game and start a new one. Also you should avoid using the cross-bow while the glitch is active because then it will reset.

Become a ‘spy’ during War-Colors Mode

During War-Colors Mode, if you kill 4 or more of your teammates you will be labeled a traitor, and your teammates will start to attack you. After they begin to attack you, you can go over to the opposing team’s base and they will be friendly towards you. You can then kill your teammates from the opposing team’s base. For example, if you are the Squirrels, and you kill four Squirrels, they will try to kill you. But, if you go over to the Teddy’s base, the Teddy’s will not harm you at all. From the Teddy’s base you can continue to kill Squirrels. While in the Teddy’s base, you CAN still kill Teddys, and they will not harm you. The one downside to this is if you touch the Teddy flag, the Teddys will be more vicious than if you were not a traitor. This also works if you were to start on the Teddy team using the same method.

Invincibility in War Mode

In war mode play total war and wait until one team gets the canister (it cannot be you). As soon as the countdown begins go into the room with the gass masks and stay there. After the countdown ends you can remain in the room and you cannot be killed or damaged, except for suicide via grenades (only your own) and a few other instant death ways (such as torched by a flamethrower).


Banjo and Kazooie Cameo

Banjo and Kazooie, from the popular Rare game “Banjo-Kazooie” make a cameo in Conker’s Bad Fur Day at the bar. However, they’ve seen better days. Banjo’s head is mounted above the fire place and Kazooie has been turned into an umbrella in the closet.

Torching Butterflies

It’s no huge secret that if conker stands still for about 5 seconds he starts to do something (play gameboy, yo-yo, bikini girl magazine, ETC) and eventualy get really bored (starts to whistle windy theme ETC) If you stand next to a group of butterflies (You can find some near the nasty/nice sign) Eventualy conker will whip out a flame thrower and torch the butterflies!


10 Hidden Lives

In the second area of the game “Barn Boys”, make your way to the cheese ranch, and jump up to the back wall. Start on the left, and make your way towards the middle of the rock formation. During one of the jumps, a light bulb will appear, so press the B button and Conker will become an anvil and smash the rock below. It will open a hidden cave and reveal a normal squirrel tail, but this “special” tail will give you 10 lives instead of 1.

Skip the Intro

Right when you turn on the game, press the Reset button on your N64. When the ”Stupid Logo” introduction pops up, press Start right when Conker begins slicing the N logo in half. This will skip the long and somewhat boring intro you have to wait through everytime you start the game.

Unlimited tails:

Find the hook on a sign in the 2nd level. Intentionally die to start the hook tutorial. The hook will now have a tail for extra lives. Take the tail and return to level 1. Return and another tail will appear on the same hook. Repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City Cheats


Copyrights screen cheat-codes

You can activate one or two cheat-codes at copyrights screen (right after reset) by entering Morse codes using A-button. To enter Morse-dot, press A-button and release imediately. To enter Morse-dash, press A-button, hold it for 0.2-0.5 seconds, and release. For example, to enter Morse code “D” (dash, dot, dot) you need to perform this sequance: press A, hold A awhile, release A, press A, release A, press A, release A. If code entered correctly, you can hear sound of entered Morse-code. If you want to enter two codes, enter first of them, listen sound, then enter second, another sound will be heared. First code can be “C” or “D” only Second code can be “R”, “L” or “X” only.

Effect Code
Enables Extra-Continue “C” (dash, dot, dash, dot)
Enables Full Demo “D” (dash, dot, dot)
Enables infinite explosives “X” (dash, dot, dot, dash)
Enables infinite ladders “L” (dot, dash, dot, dot)
Enables infinite rocks “R” (dot, dash, dot)

Grabbed by the Ghoulies Cheats


Misc. Unlockables

Unlockable How to Unlock
Challenge 21 Complete all other challenges with gold
Challenges For every 5 Rare bonus books you collect, you unlock a challenge. Collect one in each room for a total of 20 challenges.
Motion picture page Complete challenge 21
Picture book pages Get a platinum ranking in one of the challenges, you get one for every platinum rank you achieve.

Jet Force Gemini Cheats


Debug Mode

At the Title Screen (where Juno and the others run towards the screen) enter,
Once entered you will see it appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen!

To turn the code off you need to, Enter the code again on the same screen to turn Debug mode off.
I found this code back in 2003 and now released it to the public.

Effect Code
Activates Debug Mode/Shows debug level names etc… If game freezes, the Console debug will display. C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Down, R, L, L, R, C-Up, R, C-Down, R, L, C-Right.


Ammunition Trick

When you are out of machine gun ammo, kill an enemy with a pistol. Switch weapons to the one that is empty or low. Next pick up his gun. The bullets will now be compatible with the machine gun! As long as the equipped weapon is not the pistol or the shotgun, this will work.


Alternative Title Screen

To get a different title screen, beat the game.

Ant Head Unlockables

Unlockable How to Unlock
Juno and Vela smalle 200 Ant Heads
Mr Pants Enemies 300 Ant Heads
Rainbow Blood 100 Ant Heads

Hidden Worlds

To get to these hidden worlds, just get to the ship in the areas listed below.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Abandoned Space Station Finish Goldwood: Lodge
Gem Quarry Finish Goldwood: Rim
Walkway Finish S.S. Anubis: Depository
Water Ruins Find hidden Launch pad in the Sekhmet Battlecruiser

Obtain Racing Arcade Chip

Get a gold Floyd Medal in the Ichor Military Base Floyd Mission

Unlock All Deathmatch Characters and Levels

Unlockable How to Unlock
Beetle Termite Find the Totem Pole in Tawfret (Tomb) with Vela.
Blue Ant Find the Totem Pole SS Anubis (Generator Room 2F).
Cyborg Ant Obtain an expert rank on all Floyd levels.
Female Tribal Find the Totem Pole as in Rith Essa (Mine) with Vela after collecting the mine key.
Green Ant Find the Totem Pole in Spawn Ship (Cargo Sewer).
King of the Hill Level Find the Totem Pole in Cerulean Holding Room.
Male Tribal Find the Totem Pole in Sekhmet (Channel Area) With Lupus after collecting the Magenta Key in Eschebone (Thorax. left intestine).
Metallic Termite Find the Totem Pole in Sekhmet, (hover across the Spiral Walkway) as Lupus.
Purple Termite Find the Totem Pole in Mizar’s Palace as Juno.
Red Ant Find the Totem Pole in Ichor (Military Base) as Juno.
Rith Essa Mine Level Find the Totem Pole in Walkway Station (After getting Jetpacks).
Space Station Level Find the Totem Pole in Space Station Basement.
Tunnels Level Find the Totem Pole in Rith Essa Waterfalls as Vela.
Yellow Ant Find the Totem pole in Goldwood with Vela.
Zombie Termite Find the Totem Pole in Tawfret (Treehut) with Lupus.

Unlock Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing I and II in Multiplayer

To unlock Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing in Multiplayer, you must win first place playing Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing as Juno, Vela, or Lupus in the Ichor Arcade in single player mode.

To unlcok Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II in Multiplayer, you must win first place playing Jeff & Barry Arcade Racing II as Juno, Vela, or Lupus in the Ichor Arcade in single player mode.

Unlock Racing Mode

Go to the Mizar Palace center (after beating one of the levels in it) and get your Jetpack power ups after beating Mizar for the first time. Find the pyramid with 3 Mizar tokens and a Jetpack fuel pad. Use the jetpack to find a drone pad to turn into an ant. Now open the door that was previously locked to you and you will find the racetracks. Win the race to unlock Racing mode in Multiplayer.

Unlock Target Range Courses

Get a gold Floyd Medal in the Goldwood Cave and Eschebone Thorax Floyd Missions

Jetpac Refuelled Cheats


2 Gamer Pictures and a Dashboard theme

To unlock the pictures (Jetman and Sabreman) and the theme reach level 64. You can download these items in the Help & Options menu.

Kameo: Elements of Power Cheats

Acquiring Crystal Eyes

Unlockable How to Unlock
Eye of Defense – Increases Kameo’s Defense; Decreases Kameo’s Attack Near the top of the ancient tower.
Eye of Restoration – as Kameo, restores health Under a shell in the enchanted Kingdom
Eye of Spirit (hidden in a hallway behind a sheet) Past the portal to the mainland, there is a big door that needs lit dragon heads to open, flame them and go thru another door like it
Eye of Strength In the chamber of living protraits, use thermite’s Mortar ability to blow up the statue in the middle.

Acquiring Elemental Sprites

How to acquire various Elemental Sprites throughout the game.

Unlockable How to Unlock
40 Below Defeat the shadow troll in the ice cave.
Ash Rescue Halis.
Chilla Rescue Lenya.
Deep Blue Defeat the Shadow Troll in Water Cave.
Flex Defeat the shadow troll in Sulfer Cave.
Major Ruin Defeat the Shadow Troll in Lobster Hollow.
Pummel Weed Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Enchanted Kingdom.
Rubble Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Forgotten Forest.
Snare Rescue Yeros
Thermite Shadow Troll at Ogre Swamp

Forgotten Forest High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alternate Costume – Pummel Weed 400,000
Alternate Costume – Rubble 1,200,000
Animation Video 200,000
Cheats Set #2 2,000,000
Cutscene Player 1,600,000
Wotnot Book Video 800,000

Original Kameo Costume

Get an “A” rank on all the levels.

Snow Temple High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alternate Costume – Chilla 2,000,000
Alternate Costume – Deep Blue 1,000,000
Character Model Video 2,500,000
Cheat Set #4 3,000,000
Evolution of the Characters Video 500,000
Music Player 1,500,000

Thorn’s Airship High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable. These high scores are for Thorn’s Airship.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Airship Concept Video 2,000,000
Alternate Costume – 40 Below 1,500,000
Cheat Set #6 3,000,000
Deleted Scenes Videos 1,000,000
Early Footage Video 500,000
End Concept Video 2,500,000

Thorn’s Castle High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alternate Costume – Kameo 100,000
Cheats Set #1 2,500,000
Concept Video 1,500,000
Making Backgrounds Video 500,000
Test Cutscene 2,000,000
Troll Song 1,000,000

Thorn’s Pass High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable. These high scores are for Thorn’s Pass.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alternate Costume – Flex 4,000,000
Alternate Costume – Kameo 2,500,000
Animatic Videos 4,500,000
Cheat Set #5 5,000,000
Deleted Moves Movie 3,000,000
Evolution Videos 3,500,000

Total High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable. These high scores are for the total accumulated score.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alternate Costume – Snare 15,000,000 Total
Alternate Costume – Thermite 24,000,000 Total
Animatic Videos 2 18,000,000 Total
Concept Art Set 1 9,000,000 Total
Concept Art Set 2 12,000,000 Total
Deleted Cutscenes Video 21,000,000 Total

Water Temple High Score Unlockables

For the unlockables below, you have to get the specified score or higher to get the unlockable.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Alternate Costume – Ash 1,000,000
Alternate Costume – Kameo 500,000
Alternate Costume – Major Ruin 2,000,000
Boss Fights 2,500,000
Cheat Set #3 3,000,000
Cutscene Videos 1,500,000


Banjo Radio

In the Forgotten Forest Glade, enter Creeper’s Home (the one blocked by rocks earlier in the game). On the left as you enter, there should be a chest of drawers with a radio on top.
Approach the radio and press A to turn it on, to get a remix of the old Banjo-Kazooie tune playing in the background. The song only plays inside the house, however.

Killer Instinct Gold Cheats


Character Bio Codes

Enter the following code at the Character Bio screen:
Effect Code
Bonus Options Z, B, A, L, A, Z
Costume Colors Code Z, B, A, Z, A, L
Play as Gargos Z, A, R, Z, A, B
View Ending Z – L Button – A – Z – A – R Button

Music Select

This can only be done in two player mode. The second person gets to choose the music. To do these, after choosing your character, you must hold down the following buttons to get that specific stage:

Effect Code
Fulgore Tune Hold Up and press C Down
Gargos Tune Hold Down and press C Left
Glacius Tune Hold Up and press C Up
Jago Tune Hold Down and press B
Kim Tune Hold Down and press A
Maya Tune Hold Up and press C Left
Orchid Tune Hold Up and press C Right
Sabrewulf Tune Hold Up and press B
Spinal Tune Hold Down and press C Down
T.J.Combo Tune Hold Down and press C Up
Tusk Tune Hold Up and press A

Stage Select

This can only be done in two player mode. The first person to choose their character gets to choose the stage. To do these, after choosing your character, you must hold down the following buttons to get that specific stage:

Effect Code
Bridge Stage Hold Down and press B
Castle Stage Hold Up and press B
Dojo Stage Hold Down and press A
Dungeon Stage Hold Down and press C Left
Helipad Stage Hold UP and press C Right
Jungle Stage Hold Up and press C Left
Museum Stage Hold Up and press C Down
Spaceship Stage Hold Up and press C Up
Spinal Ship Stage Hold Down and press C Down
Stonehenge Stage Hold Up and press A
Street Stage Hold Down and press C Up


Unlockable – Master Difficulty
Beat Game On Extra Hard Difficulty

Unlockable How to Unlock
Master Difficulty Beat Game On Extra Hard Difficulty


Change Character Color

At the character select screen, pressing up or down on the joystick will change the costume color of your current highlighted character.

Random Select

To have your character be randomly chosen, simply hold the up button and then press start while viewing the character select screen.

Perfect Dark Cheats


Area 51 Rescue Glitch

As everyone who has ever failed in this level knows, if the crate you’re lugging around gets blown up by stray gunfire, you fail the level due to not being able to access the research section.

Thankfully there’s a nice glitch that allows you to bypass having to lug around that annoying crate altogether. The enemies in this area wield Dragons as their weapons, which is the key to the entire thing. Blast your way through the level until you’re at the section of the wall that you need to blow up, then access the secondary function of the Dragon — Proximity Mine — and place it at the base of the wall. All you need to do from there is stand back and shoot the Dragon so blow both it and the wall up.

You’ve just accessed the research section without using the crate of explosives, and this glitch works even if you blow the crate up first despite the game telling you that it’s a mission failure.

Beat the Challenges, without actually playing them!

All that is needed are 2 controllers, (3 or 4 if you want the remaining stars), and a simple scenario.

First, plug the 2 controllers in and head to Combat Simulator with a simple scenario saved (such as 1 MeatSim, Kill Limit 1). Take the 2nd controller, head down to ”load game” and highlight what you will (in the future) use for your Challenge. Take your 1st Controller, and pick a difficult Challenge, such as Challenge 30, and select it until it says ”START CHALLENGE” (the background will be red at this time). Pick up your 2nd controller, load your simple game, and start your Challenge.

What you just did was fool the game into thinking you’re playing the Challenge, but you’re actually playing a homemade scenario! Kill the MeatSim, and it’s a game won. You will gain the star for the Challenge, and it’s rewards gained from beating it.

Easily Kill Dark Sims in Multiplayer

Simply set up a multiplayer game against all Dark Sims with nothing but Remote Mines for weapons. It will only take a few seconds for the melee to begin, and you’ll soon notice that Sims in Perfect Dark cannot detonate their own Remote Mines after they plant them!

Have a, um, er… blast. The only way you can possibly lose is if you blow yourself up on purpose, and this works wonders in inflating the stats on your bio.

Immortal Man

In the Carrington Institute, go downstairs into the main warehouse and you will see a hover crate. Take this hover crate up the ramps to the office floor and into the targetting range. Take it into the range itself and put it between the doors to prevent them from closing. You can shoot the man outside with any weapon you select in the range, and he will never die. Inspect his body afterwards to find him covered in red spots, knives sticking out of him, and crossbow bolts embedded in him.

Mission Complete – President Incapacitated???

A little fun for the Air Force One level;

When you meet the President and talk to him, pull out your gun. Then when the Cutscene starts immediatly skip it and kill the President. You’ll get a “Objective: 1 Complete” message.

Pelagic 2 X-Ray Glitch

At the end of the Pelagic 2 level after completing most of your objectives and finding Elvis, you’re supposed to go through a massive corridor filled with guards hiding behind crates and such. Doing so is a massive struggle, especially on harder difficulty settings.

Thankfully, you have the X-Ray Scanner and can use it to bypass the entire process. Remember the large room on the top floor where you have to activate the Moon Pool Lift? Rather than going through the entire level and opening the door in the manner you’re supposed to, slap on the X-Ray Scanner and activate the computer from through the wall.

If you’ve met up with Elvis at this point, the mission is over. If not, you need to run downstairs and fight your way through the guards until you reach Elvis. From there, return to your shortcut and to the Moon Pool Lift to end the level.

Regardless, you get to bypass the hallways of death at the end of the level, which is what this glitch is used for in the first place.


Co-op Simulant Cheats

These will change the ally (and its weapon) on Co-Op IF it is a simulant.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Unlock Alien (RC-P120) Beat Attack Ship: Nullify Threat in under 5:17
Unlock Hit and Run (K7 Avenger) Beat Carrington Villa: Hostage One in under 2:30
Unlock Hotshot (DY357 Magnum & DY357-LX) Beat Area 51: Infiltration in under 5:00
Unlock Pugilist (Unarmed) Beat dataDyne Research: Investigation in under 6:30

Unlock Hidden Missions

Unlockable How to Unlock
Maian SOS mission Successfully complete all solo missions on the Special Agent or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.
Mr. Blonde’s Revenge mission Successfully complete all solo missions on the Agent, Special Agent, or Perfect Agent difficulty settings.
War! mission Successfully complete all solo missions on the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.

Unlockable Arenas for Combat Simulator

Upon going to Combat Simulator from the main menu, select Challenges. Perfect Dark has a total of 30 challenges, and upon beating them you will unlock certain items/areas for the Combat Simulator (multiplayer mode). In order to unlock all the arenas in the Combat Simulator, you must beat a certain number of challenges (which challenges you beat doesn’t really matter).

Unlockable How to Unlock
Base Complete 18 Challenges
Car Park Complete 17 Challenges
Complex Complete 1 Challenge
Felicity Complete 12 Challenges
Fortress Complete 20 Challenges
G5 Building Complete 9 Challenges
Grid Complete 11 Challenges
Ravine Complete 5 Challenges
Ruins Complete 22 Challenges
Sewers Complete 16 Challenges
Temple Complete 6 Challenges
Villa Complete 14 Challenges
Warehouse Complete 3 Challenges

Unlockable Game Presets (Combat Simulator)

The Combat Simulator has several Game Presets (modes that have already been created by Rare) that are available from the beginning, but some of the best you must unlock by beating a certain amount of Challenges. Which challenges you beat doesn’t really matter, as long as you have the set total needed to unlock the Preset. Of course, you can alter these Presets just to how you like them.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Capture the Case Complete 4 Challenges
Cloaking Complete 16 Challenges
Hold the Briefcase Complete 2 Challenges
Pistol One-Hit Kills Complete 3 Challenges
Slayer Complete 13 Challenges
Slow Motion Complete 8 Challenges
Temple Explosives Complete 11 Challenges
Tranquilizer Complete 7 Challenges


Unlockable How to Unlock
Cloaking Device Beat Mission 3.2 – G5 Building on Agent in under 1:30.
Donkey Kong Mode Complete Chicago: Stealth on any skill level.
Play as Elvis Beat Area 51: Rescue Mission in under 8 Minutes on Perfect Agent
Play as Small Joanna Beat G5: Building Reconnaissance on any skill level.
Unlock All Guns (Alternative) Beat Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine on Perfect Agent in under 5:31
Unlock CC13 Cheat Obtain Golds in Firing Range
Unlock Classic Goldeneye Aiming Reticle Beat DataDyne:Defection on any difficulty level.
Unlock DMC Cheat Obtain Golds in Firing Range
Unlock Duel Mission Beat the game on Training.
Unlock Enemy Rockets Cheat Beat Mission 6.1 Pelagic II – Exploration on any difficulty level.
Unlock FarSight Cheat Beat Mission 6.2 Deep Sea – Nullify Threat on Perfect Agent in under 7:27.
Unlock GoldenEye Weapons Get Gold Stars on all the weapons in the Carrington Institute Weapons Testing Area
Unlock Hurricane Firsts (Alternative) Beat Mission 1.3 dataDyne on Agent in under 2:03.
Unlock Invincibility Beat Area 51: Escape on Agent skill.
Unlock IR Scanner Beat Skedar Ruins on any difficulty level.
Unlock Jo Shield Cheat Beat Deep Sea – Nullify Threat on any difficulty level.
Unlock Kf7 Special Obtain Golds in Firing Range.
Unlock KLO1313 Obtain Golds in Firing Range
Unlock Laptop Gun Cheat Beat Mission 5.2 – Air Force One on any difficulty level.
Unlock Marquis of Queensbary Rules Cheat (Guards use fists only) Beat Mission 1.1 – dataDyne Central – Defection on Special Agent in under 1:30.
Unlock Perfect Darkness Cheat Beat Mission 5.3 – Crash Site on any difficulty level.
Unlock Perfect Darkness Difficulty Beat the game on Perfect Agent.
Unlock Phoenix Cheat Beat Mission 8 – Attack Ship.
Unlock PP9i Obtain Golds in Firing Range
Unlock Psychosis Gun Beat Mission 3.1 Chicago – Stealth on Perfect Agent in under 2:00.
Unlock Rare Team Heads Mode Beat Air Base: Espionage on any skill level.
Unlock Revenge Mission Beat the game on Agent.
Unlock Slo-Mo Single Player Unlock dataDyne Research: Investigation on any skill level.
Unlock Small Enemies Mode Beat Area 51: Infiltration on any skill level.
Unlock Sniper Rifle Beat Mission 2 – Carrington Villa on any difficulty level.
Unlock SOS Mission Beat the game on Special Agent.
Unlock Super Dragon Cheat Beat Mission 4.3 – Area 51: Escape on any difficulty level.
Unlock Super Shield Cheat Beat Mission 7 – Carringon Institute Defense on Agent in under 1:45.
Unlock Trent’s Magnum Beat Mission 5.3 – Crash Site: Confrontation on Agent in under 2:50.
Unlock Unlimited Ammo Beat Air Base in under 3:11 on Special Agent.
Unlock Unlimited Ammo – Laptop Sentry Gun Beat Air Force One: Antiterrorism on Perfect Agent in under 3:55
Unlock Unlimited Ammo, No Reloads Beat Pelagic II on Special Agent in under 7:07.
Unlock War Mission Beat the game on Perfect Agent.
Unlock ZZT 9 mm Obtain Golds in Firing Range


Bottle Comment

Go to Carrington village:Hostage one and make your way down to the wine cellar. Shoot every single bottle and Carrington will say “Act your age, Joanna.”

Bypass Hoverbike Sequence

In the area 51 level while you are in the hangar, if you activate both the inner and outer doors before elvis explains the UFO can only hold 2 people, then you can skip the hoverbike area and end the level.

Knife trick in multiplayer

Can’t find a use for combat knives because they’re too slow or innacurate? After you kill someone in multiplayer throw a poison knife at their dead body (shouldnt have problems hitting a dead target) when they come back to life, they will start getting poisoned and dizzy once almost to the point of death.

Perfect Dark Zero Cheats


Unlock Dark Agent

Beat the game on Perfect Agent mode.

Unlock weapons to bring into other missions

Finish the mission(s) with these following sniper rifles to bring them into other missions.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Jackal (Sniper 1) Rooftops
Shockwave (Sniper 2) Bridge Assualt

Unlock weapons to bring into other missions

In order to unlock a weapon, you need to start a level that has that weapon in it, find that weapon, and finish the level with it. Simulations such as the level 0 are an exception; you don’t get to keep the weapons, because they are not real

The following list is most unlockable weapons, the type of weapon, and the amount of carrying capacity that it takes up. In the second column is the mission that the weapon first appears in.

The viblade is in the room with all the laser tripwires, on a stand in the center
The M60 can be taken from a guard when you fail to get let in by the front gate guard

Oh, and sniper take up 3 inventory spaces, making them unwieldy, but the jackal and shockwave can be found in rooftops escape, and bridge assault respectively.

Unlockable How to Unlock
CMP-150 (SMG 2) Sewer Retrieval
Combat Sheild (Sheild 1) Trinity Infiltraiton
DEF-12 Shotgun (Close Combat 2) Nightclub Stakeout
DW-P5 (SMG 2) Nightclub Stakeout
FAC-16 (Assault 2) Trinity Escape (off dead ally)
Falcon (Pistol 1) Nightclub Stakeout
Flashbangs (Thrown, 1) Lab Rescue, River Escape
Frag Grenade (Thrown 1*5) Nightclub Stakeout
Hawk Boomerang (Thrown, 1) Trinity Infiltration.
KSI-74 (Assault 2) Lab Rescue
Laptop (Assault 2) Trinity Infiltration
M60 (Heavy 3) Mansion Infiltration
M60 (Heavy, 3) Rooftop Escape
Magnum (Pistol 1) Rooftops Escape
Magsec 4 (Pistol 1) Mansion Infiltration
Multi Mine (Thrown 1*5) Temple Surveillance
Phychosis Gun (Pistol 1) Trinity Infiltration
Plasma Rifle (Heavy 3) Temple Surveillance
RCP-90 (SMG 2) Jungle Storm
Rocket Launcher (Heavy 3) Bridge Assult
Rocket Launcher (Heavy, 3) River Extraction
SuperDragon (Assault 2) Outpost Rescue
UGL Liberator (SMG 2) Nightclub Stakeout
Viblade (Close Combat 1) Mansion Infiltration (red triplaser room)


Arena | Showdown Easter Egg

Whenever you die, it will say to press Back for debriefing. If you don’t press it for a while, it will go into debriefing for you. In Arena | Showdown though, it won’t. You can watch your dead body lay there for as long as you want. Zhang Li will still be jumping around on the camera in the top right. Waiting there for 5 minutes will make Zhang Li do a victory dance. He will perform a dance move every time he lands and will jump up onto another platform every now and then. If you look closely, he does the exact same moves some people do in the dance club on Nightclub | Stakeout.

R.C. Pro-Am II Cheats


Name codes
Effect Code
Start with $5000 Enter your name as ”NES”.
Start with an Extra Continue Enter your name as ”DMG”.

Slalom Cheats


Prevent Falling Down

To prevent yourself from falling down after a crash, press down directly after you flip up in the air.

Snake Rattle N Roll Cheats


Rocket Warp

As soon as you begin Level 1, run straight to the end of the level without stopping. If you get there in time, you’ll see a rocket. Leap to it before it takes off, and you’ll warp to Level 8.

Secret Warp

In Level 1, look for the first small one-square island without a lid, and leap onto it. Press the B button and you’ll uncover a hidden lid that will warp you to Level 3.

Secret Warp 2

In Level 3, find the area with two pibbley dispensers. There’s a lid at the very top of them. Use the speed-up to help jump across the ledges and get up to the lid. Open it to warp to Level 5.

Warp 3

In level 6 after the one with the waterfalls, near the beginning, jump down to the sewer on level 4, here you used to receive a clock, now you will warp to level 9.

Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship Cheats


Maxed Passwords

These passwords are so named because they will start you with 15 lives and 99,999 points on the designated level. You will be on a “Normal”-type map with the Nippon Sports Jetpod, which has the shield and thruster.

Effect Code


Level Passwords
Effect Password

Other Passwords
Effect Password
Start with 15 lives, 999999 points, and the Shield and Thruster ZQBPQQQQBVHQ
Start with 15 lives/extra money ZBBBBBBBLNTQ
Start with 7 lives/extra money NNNNNNNNNNNN
Start with Italian racing jetpod KBBKBBDBBQPB
Start with no money BBBBBBBBBBBB
Start with Super Mapping Device KBBKBBDBHKBB

Effect Password


Glitch Level

On the password screen, type in MMMMMMMMMMMM. It will take you to a shop where there are glitched items, then an oddly colored version of Planet 5 titled U©, a glitched bonus stage, and finally Planet 12. You will have 666666 points, 6 lives and 6 jetpods. All items in the shop will be available, and you will start with the Italian racing pod.


15 lives at any time
In order to get 15 lives anywhere in the game, take the password you’re given as you play through the game, and replace the first and fourth characters with ‘Z’.

Viva Pinata Cheats


Garden Name Passwords

Enter the name for your garden to get the desired bonus:

Effect Password
5 extra accessories at the Pet shop chewnicorn
Unlock new items for your pinatas to wear Bullseye
Unlock new items for your pinatas to wear goobaa
YMCA Gear Kittyfloss


Pass Time Without Prompts or Delays

Simply press ‘X’ and choose the Tower of Sour (Up-Right). You can remain here for as long as you like without ever having to worry about a prompt coming up asking you about a pinata request or anything else. Note that your garden will still be in play, and your pinata are likely to get eaten, so this works best on gardens without valuables. This makes getting the 50 hour real-time achievement much easier and faster.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats


Play The Credits Mode and Unlock Accesories and The Wishing Well.
On the main menu select play garden, then choose to create a new garden, when asked to name your garden, name it Piñata People. You’ll start the garden you named, but you will unlock ability to view the credits on the main menu (the sign farthest to the left). When you view the credits you have to break open the Piñatas (one hit breaks them) to see them, before you break them open, you might want to destroy the debris to unlock the hidden accessories. This mode is completed after you break all the Piñatas. You will also unlock The Wishing Well when you complete this mode.

Effect Password
Unlocks Credits Mode Piñata People


The Mode of Unlocking the Credits and it’s Secrets
Unblock all the pinatas from Pester’s hands and Leafos will say that credits are unlocked. Now smash all sours, pinata’s and junk’s for unlocking cool items, like Wishing Well

Unlockable How to Unlock
Accesories Smash all junk’s
Cool Items Smash all sour’s
Credits Unblock all pinata’s
Wishing Well Smash all pinata’s

Unlockable Gamerpic

Enter a new garden’s name as Piñata People to unlock the credits. Next, exit your garden to enter the credits.us Inside you and a friend can have “smashing good fun”.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Accessories Smash all debris and trees
Gamerpic Smash all sours.
Wishing Well Smash all Pinatas


Gamer Pic
Beat all seven of Langston’s Region challenges

Rare Replay Tips and Tricks

Here you get gameplay tips from one of the game’s creators.

In this video Rare designer Gregg Mayles talks about the Rare classic games collection.

These are all the Rare Replay cheats found on Xbox One so far. Until more are discovered, you can check out the handy Rare Replay guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Credits: Gamefaqs & GameSpot

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