Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Descent Guide

Here’s the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Descent Guide for the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Exo Zombies Map 4 on Xbox 360, Xbox One and one month later on PS3, PS4 & PC.

Watch the official Exo Zombies: “Map 4: Descent” story introduction:

Descent is part of the Reckoning package for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the fourth of four Exo Zombies maps that tie together a new storyline.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Descent Guide

This is a full guide to complete the Descent zombies map.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Descent Map
The Descent Zombies Mode Map

Anchoring this fourth content pack is Zombies Map 4: Descent, the fourth installment in Zombies’s four-part episodic narrative driven by four new characters.

This exciting new Zombies cooperative mode called Exo Zombies features a story told through the eyes of four employees of the Atlas corporation, played by a celebrity cast consisting of John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream), Jon Bernthal (Fury, The Walking Dead), and Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Burn Notice). The actors provide their voice over and likeness in a dark and cinematic experience new to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Here’s how to get started in Descent:

Intro: You enter a world where a DNA bioweapon unexpectedly spawns a bloodthirsty, ravenous mutant horde infecting an entire secret Atlas research facility and sending personnel running for their lives. Following a failed evacuation, four survivors, un-trained and underprepared, must face the most vicious mutations ever unleashed. The Exo Zombies co-op mode ushers in a new breed of Zombies (fused zombie enemies!) and a truly unique experience, coming first to the Reckoning DLC Pack.

After being overrun at the Atlas research facility outbreak, our heroes awaken to find that the infection has spread and mutated the surrounding town. After escaping there, they arrive on a Carrier ship only to sink the Atlas research vessel and escape in the nick of time on a sub; Only to have to turn back and finish the job.

Exo Zombies Part Four: Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to the Exo Zombies saga, as Descent takes our four heroes to a deep water Atlas base in order to stop the source of the infection — now a global pandemic — once and for all. Battle new enemies with enhanced capabilities, wield the powerful Trident Reflected Energy Weapon, and unravel the terrible secret that Atlas has been hiding.

Tip: Get a good team together of players you can rely on to revive and support you. Good team work is the key to success in Exo Zombies mode. — Still looking for other co-op players? Leave your online gamertag/username in the comments section below and let people know you’re a team player. It’s fun to make new friends. 🙂

Let’s begin the guide by showing you 10 minutes of Oz encounters as an intro to the video guide.

It shows from Round 1 where you can find the 3D Printers (mystery boxes), Traps and Upgrade Stations. All the while Oz becomes a boss zombie, and our characters are going to have to hunt him down and kill him, using the Trident and other Exo Zombies abilities and equipment!

How To Get Exo-Suits & De-infected Tips: The above guide video also explains how to get from the Hanger & Gun Deck spawn-areas to gain access to the Cargo Bay where the Exo-Suits are.

You’ll also find yourself going in and out of the Med Bay quickly to get de-infected at the de-contamination pad/station from the zombie virus.

Mini-Boss Fight Hint: Every 10 or 20 rounds you and your team together will have to go up against a giant zombie with armor and a riot shield that takes combined fire to take down. You’ll need a minimum of 3 or 4 players to beat him, since he can EMP your Exo-Suit and teleport at you!

Next, a tutorial on how to use the new “Trident” Wonder Weapon with a directed energy electricity beam, once you get this Reflected Energy Weapon at random from a 3D Printer in Descent. As well as how to upgrade the Trident to level 29!

Note: It’s a one or two-shot-kill weapon depending on how many zombies are grouped together near you, provided your aimed shot doesn’t end up bouncing around the room you’re in, but luckily these blue energy shots automatically target zombies as they bounce off the walls!

Zombie Tips: Zombies carrying EMP loads (called EMZ’s) will disable your EXO Suit if they hit you or if you attempt to boost away from them.

Remember to activate all traps Perks from zombies. That’s because after killing zombies they sometimes drop these Perk items that you can pick up.

The formerly-called Mystery Box & Pack-a-Punch Stations are now called the 3D Printer & Weapon Upgrade, respectively. These locations are also indicated on the map above with a questionmark box/square & up arrows/triangle.

3D Printer Note: Where to find the 3D Printer and Weapon Upgrade locations in Exo Zombies Map #4 is shown on the in-game map (embedded above as well) with directions to their initial locations. With these Atlas machines you can arm yourself well. A cool new item to buy is the Teleport Grenade (costs 500 for each one).

Exo Upgrade Stations Note: The Exo Upgrade Stations indicated on the same in-game map will help you find all Perk Machine locations that can give you: Exo Stockpile (costs 2,000), Exo Medic (costs 1,500), Exo Slam (costs 2,000), Exo Reload AKA Speed Reload (costs 2,000), Exo Health AKA Juggernaut (costs 2,000), Exo Soldier (costs 1,750) and more.

UP NEXT: A full Descent walkthrough up to the ending!

Here are all the steps to take to finish the Descent easter egg puzzle:

This next guide will give a step-by-step playthrough of the sequence of events you’ll need to complete to finish the puzzle.

STEP 0: Where does the easter egg hunt lead? To the Secret Airlock.

It looks like one of the early steps to the easter egg will revolve around entering the “Floodable Air-Lock” area to get into a diving suit. This will likely allow us to enter the lit underwater walkway to a sunken power-generator. So keep that in mind as you progress through the easter egg puzzle (update: It’s in Step #2).

STEP 1: Find the Secret Terminal Room.

First, go to the “Tidal Generator” area with the long spiral stairs. Second, once there you can use an automatic rifle like the SMG to repeat fire on the 3 bolts/valves on the walls (near the top of the walls) around the stairs until above each bolt a blue light turns on. When that’s been done successfully a door to a new Mark 25 Upgrade Station opens up.

STEP 2: To the Underwater Goliath Switch.

First, activate the depressurizing of the door to the “Floodable Air-Lock” area.
Second, go and grab an Exo-Goliath Suit at “The Trident Retreat’s The Landing Welcome Center” area to enable entering the water, after getting in the suit quickly jump down the nearby downwards shaft that reads “Please watch your step” on the floor and make your way to the Promenade. At the Promenade go up the stairs and drop down to the aquarium-looking area, where you can follow the path right towards the Lounge. Keep walking forward with your suit until you’re back at the “Floodable Air-Lock” area that should be pressurized by now. Enter the door and the water will rush in, allowing you to take an underwater stroll in your suit.

Follow the underwater lighted path to a red light and press the button by walking into it to turn the light blue, which will activate the security override needed to open the door to the Mark 25 Upgrade Station mentioned in Step #1. – Now quickly make your way back inside to dry land before your suit explodes underwater leaving you to drown. Once back on dry land, explode your suit and continue playing to the next zombies round where Oz will give you a Drone Challenge, which is the next step.

STEP 3: Complete Oz’s Drone Challenge.

The empty drone capsules look like small UFOs floating about.
You’ll have to destroy 5 drones that are spread around the map within 1 round. The trick to doing this in one go is by not killing all the zombies in the middle of a round, and instead going on a drone hunt as zombies chase you.

Note: Don’t let a drone get away from you or you’ll have to start again the next round. A good drone killing tip is to use the CEL-3 Cauterizer to fire strong shots and destroy the drones faster.

At the end of each challenge you’ll get a green-colored completion message saying: “Challenge Success”.

STEP 4: Bomb Charging!

After completing the Drone Challenge, a new (Bomb) Charging Station will open up at the “Concierge” area next to the Galleria entrance. This Charging Station is powered by electricity, which you can only get (to power it up) by letting an electric-charge zombie hit you when you’re in front of the Charging Station. So try and shoot all the other zombies, but let the electric zombies hit you when you walk/run past the Charging Station. With each electric shock, their power will be absorbed into the machine to charge it up.

Letting the electric-charge zombies hit you is obviously dangerous, since your Exo suit gets rebooted and leaves you defenseless for a short period afterwards. So stay on the move to avoid getting hit again by another zombie.

The best advice to give here is to herd the zombies together in a group as you run in circles, occasionally letting an electric zombie jump to the front of that group to shock you when you’re near the Charging Station.

STEP 5: Complete Oz’s Grenade Challenge.

Tip: Buy contact grenades, because in this challenge you get unlimited grenades!
If you’re under round 30, contact grenades are usually a one-shot-kill. – Which is handy, since you cannot use your guns at all during this challenge.

STEP 6: Complete the Jump Puzzle.

The next challenge is to navigate with jumps and boosts from one blue lit platform to the next to hit the blue marker at the end each time. After which you can put back on the ship and have to successfully cross the next set of platforms. Time to bring out those Super Mario jump skills.

If at any point you miss a jump or lose a platform, you won’t lose the challenge, instead the platform will simply respawn and you can try again until you succeed. – Your only worry is avoiding the occasional zombie that may jump after you.

STEP 7: Complete Oz’s Move Challenge.

Important: Buy everything you want before starting the Move Challenge, since it involves losing money with every step you take.

Meaning you’ll end the challenge with just over 2,000 credits left anyway, which is still money you need to have left over (so don’t spend it all) to buy ammo and weapon upgrades throughout the round in case you need it.

STEP 8 & 9: Complete the Simon Says Game & Friendly Fire Challenge!

• Simon Says Game:

After the Move Challenge ends, go to the “Reception Self Check-In” kiosks for a game of Simon Says. You’ll need to activate the light — with the action button; X on Xbox / Square on PlayStation — on each screen in a specific order, which will appear in front of you as the lights go on & off indicating an order for you to follow right after.

The indicated order of the 4 light-screens to press from left to right culminates into: 1, 3, 1, 2, 4, 2.

• Friendly Fire Challenge:

This next challenge spawns clones of everyone on your team including Lilith, Oz, Decker & Kahn that are trying to shoot you. These are invincible clones running around the map, so since you can’t kill them it’s best to avoid them, and all the while you have to continue killing all the zombies that come at you like any other round until you’ve killed all the zombies that round.

STEP 10 & 11: Complete the Numbers Board Puzzle & Rocket Challenge!

• Numbers Board Puzzle:

To complete the next step, you’ll need to complete the numbers game across a few rounds, these numbers will activate the Memory Machine.

– Make your way to the “Tidal Generator” area with the spiral stairs, to where you opened the door to the Upgrade Station.
– Next to it, you’ll find a board with four random numbers on it, for example: 4143 (top) & 4840 (bottom). The numbers at the top are the numbers that have to match exactly the second set of four numbers on the bottom.
– Certain in-game actions you do will change the numbers at the bottom. Each action adds 1 number to the total, which goes up to 9 and then starts again from 0.

From left to right the four numbers on the board mean:
1. Row #1 means: Exo Slam Hits, which you get by boosting down onto a zombie.
2. Row #2 means: Jumps.
3. Row #3 means: Equipment Buys. For example each time you buy contact grenades or any other equipment.
4. Row #4 means: Kills.

• Rocket Challenge:

The Rocket Challenge is exactly like the Grenade Challenge, except that you’re automatically given the awesome Mahem Mk 25 rocket launcher to play with infinite rockets!

The rocket attacks work best on the slower speed of an infected zombies round, so you don’t accidentally end up hurting yourself shooting these rockets left and right.

The voice-over tips for steps #10 & #11 start at 9:35 & 12:18 minutes into this video guide:

STEP 12: The final step takes place in Oz’s memory. Que The Ending.

Go back to the original room where we started the easter egg puzzle in, in the “Tidal Generator” area with the spiral stairs. Walk past the Upgrade Station to the Memory Tester Machine to access Oz’s memory. Which essentially teleports you to a remote battle area where you cannot be revived, and you’ll have to survive the zombies round without dying to the end.
Luckily if you’re playing on solo you’ll get 3 A.I. teammates to help you out.

You’ll know you’ve completed this last step when the ‘Reunion’ achievement / trophy pops up. – Only at that point can you teleport out again by interacting with the Upgrade Station. Good luck surviving this last tough round!

The End.

There you go! All the details you need to complete the hidden Easter Egg puzzle in the new Descent map.

Big thanks to LiamFTWinter, MrDalekJD & Noah for the discoveries on launch day!

Have you been able to complete COD:AW Reckoning’s Descent?