King’s Quest 2015 Walkthrough

Part 6: Duel of Strength #1 & Giant Starshroom Pie Quest

Let’s continue the first King’s Quest chapter playthrough with all puzzles solved.
Time to do the Duel of Strength. As well as going on a fetch quest for Grandma’s Giant Starshroom Pie that needs you to find big Pies ingredients. And bring back a snack for the Bridge Troll Olfie. Location of Starberries discovered. Take out all the Goblins.

Part 7: Duel of Strength #2 & Scare The Pumpkin Squirrels

The Duel of Strength quest continues. Buy the Everlasting Blue Lantern and the Pumpkin Squirrels get scared away. And find a fast way to hear the Troll Password by listening to Olfie, he’ll reveal the secret knock is “knock, ring the tree bells twice, and knock again” and the secret password is “Trust me.”

Part 8: Finding All Troll Horns & Duel of Strength Boss Fight

All Troll Horns get found next. The Raisins for Hypnotic Power gets located. And the Duel of Strength gets completed with a Boss Fight as well as the String Puzzle will be solved.

Part 9: The Duel of Speed & Save Triumph

Save Triumph by getting him down. The Duel of Speed Challenge gets completed. How to catch a frog. Get the free Sample Walnut Strudle and find the Bitterroot location.

Part 10: The Duel of Wits Championship & Chapter 1 Ending

The Duel of Wits Championship has arrived with Manny as the Final Boss. Use the Color Changing Potion to solve the Final Puzzle.

See The EPIC conclusion to “Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember” of King’s Quest.

To Be Continued: Chapter 2 will arrive later in 2015.

Thanks to Sierra, PlayStation & GamerrZombie for the walkthrough videos.

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