Batman: Arkham Knight Riddles Locations Guide

25 June 2015
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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddles Locations Guide

Welcome to the Batman: Arkham Knight Riddles locations guide that helps you find the total of 40 Riddler Riddles locations & solutions in the PS4, Xbox One & PC action-adventure game.

Tip: Finding all 40 of the Riddler’s riddle solutions will also give you a nice bonus, more backstory to the game’s characters in form of New Gotham City Story entries that will get unlocked. – Getting all of these Riddles is a requirement towards 100% game completion, which is the only way to start the full Knightfall Protocol and get the true ending of the game.

The Timeline for all these in-game Riddles locations is listed below.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddles

How to find & solve Riddles?: Riddles are the easiest of the Riddler’s puzzles to find in the game. All you have to do to solve them is read their rhyme and scan the matching solution object in the nearby area or somewhere in your entire field-of-vision.

If you want to know if you’ve found all Riddles in an area. Go to the world map’s Riddle section to see your progress. To make Riddles appear on this map of Gotham City, interrogate Riddler Informants on the streets (don’t kill them).

Note: Press up on the Directional-Pad of your controller to scan anything you think could be a solution to the riddle.

Does the game save each Riddles you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Riddles you just found, so you don’t have to play to the end of the mission. After finding each collectible you can safely quit the mission without losing collectibles progress.

Where to find all Riddles in Batman: Arkham Knight? The in-game collectibles locations for the Riddles are described in these detailed video guides.

Riddles on Bleake Island

There are 11 Riddles waiting to be found in this area of Gotham City.

Timeline in minutes for the Bleake Island Riddles Locations Guide:

• 00:00 – Riddler Riddle 1
Bones stripped bare beneath a warning light, pay heed, seafarers, not to feel his bite.

• 00:27 – Riddler Riddle 2
An open house for bed and dinner, is this sanctuary run by saint or sinner?

• 01:03 – Riddler Riddle 3
A bat uses these to see at night, the doc’s didn’t work and his cure caused a fright.

• 02:07 – Riddler Riddle 4
I bet you weren’t invited to this lavish do, I wonder how many went dressed up as you?

• 02:48 – Riddler Riddle 5
Joining your mission can come with a cost, this empty reminder shows just what she lost.

• 03:46 – Riddler Riddle 6
She stands at our center that we may not weaken, a symbol of hope, a towering beacon.

• 04:03 – Riddler Riddle 7
Hope shines brightly in a city this dark, find the source of that signal and you’ll soon hit your mark.

• 04:31 – Riddler Riddle 8
Overgrown, abandoned, the inmates set free, madness could never be held in me.

• 04:57 – Riddler Riddle 9
Always looking for names to besmirch, where does this newsman conduct his research?

• 05:49 – Riddler Riddle 10
A souvenir from a previous life, why hold with a hand when a hook will suffice?

• 06:12 – Riddler Riddle 11
Business is best when Bats need killing, a mercenary’s life should receive top billing.

Riddles on Miagani Island

There are 10 Riddles waiting to be found in this area of Gotham City.

Timeline in minutes for the Miagani Island Riddles Locations Guide:

• 00:00 – Riddler Riddle 1
It doesn’t take much to tame a Cat, make them wear this and then call the bat.

• 00:51 – Riddler Riddle 2
You forced this contraption over my brain, I’ll reward you with punishment, debasement and pain.

• 01:15 – Riddler Riddle 3
Friends of the Waynes though not as wealthy, their memorial ward keeps Gotham healthy.

• 01:39 – Riddler Riddle 4
A natural cure for Scarecrow’s doom, your savior’s gone but still in bloom.

• 02:24 – Riddler Riddle 5
Disarming, charming, quite the inquisitor. She’ll pull back the vale, whoever her visitor.

• 02:59 – Riddler Riddle 6
Are you suffering from a mental split? Take out the trash before you defend it!

• 03:37 – Riddler Riddle 7
A former warden who had a Strange turn, his appointment as mayor was a cause for concern.

• 04:20 – Riddler Riddle 8
The League of Assassins stuck blades through hearts, now they impale each other’s art.

• 04:45 – Riddler Riddle 9
The highest building in Arkham City. A Strange man worked here, who took no pity.

• 06:04 – Riddler Riddle 10
The Prince of Gotham sits high in his tower, yet this picture recalls a happier hour.

Riddles on Founders Island

There are 10 Riddles waiting to be found in this area of Gotham City.

Timeline in minutes for the Founders Island Riddles Locations Guide:

• 00:00 – Riddler Riddle 1
Far away the deflated brute roams, leaving behind what he couldn’t ship home.

• 00:43 – Riddler Riddle 2
Crusaders of old had a trusty steed. How much horsepower does a Dark Knight need?

• 00:58 – Riddler Riddle 3
This tumbledown ruin’s not looking its best, what do you expect from the Penguin’s old nest.

• 01:31 – Riddler Riddle 4
This cold corporation changed his life forever, curing his wife now a chronic endeavor.

• 01:52 – Riddler Riddle 5
Roll up! Roll up! For the circus of strange, this porcine professor is clearly deranged.

• 02:45 – Riddler Riddle 6
A million dollar home for a spoilt child, his parents are dead but his parties are wild.

• 03:31 – Riddler Riddle 7
He saved the date! All Hallow’s Eve! But this calendar killer took his leave.

• 04:49 – Riddler Riddle 8
A psycho killer’s grim design, what has an angle but just one line?

• 05:15 – Riddler Riddle 9
He lives and dies in seven days, this beast you’ve tamed but his song still plays.

• 06:15 – Riddler Riddle 10
An ancient order, lust for power consumed, their patron saint is here entombed.

Riddles in Panessa Movie Studios

There are 3 Riddles waiting to be found in this area of Gotham City.

Timeline in minutes for the Panessa Movie Studios Riddles Locations Guide:

• 00:00 – Riddler Riddle 1
You? A father figure? Don’t make me laugh. You overwork and break your staff.

• 01:15 – Riddler Riddle 2
She and her love are no longer together, she’ll keep the flames burning forever and ever.

• 02:20 – Riddler Riddle 3
A visual artist with burning ambition: prove he made movies before his ignition.

Riddles in Arkham Knight HQ

There are 3 Riddles waiting to be found in this area of Gotham City.

Timeline in minutes for the Arkham Knight HQ Riddles Locations Guide:

• 00:00 – Riddler Riddle 1
Vengeance burns darkly inside the betrayed, as they stare at reminders of debts unpaid.

• 00:50 – Riddler Riddle 2
A psychotic doctor who caught the fear bug, the fruits of his research: a powerful drug.

• 01:40 – Riddler Riddle 3
With a fluffy white coat and ears standing tall, what burrowed the hole in which Alice did fall?

Riddles in Stagg Enterprises Airships

There are 3 more Riddles waiting to be found in this area of Gotham City.

Timeline in minutes for the Stagg Enterprises Airships Riddles Locations Guide:

• 00:00 – Riddler Riddle 1
No Dark Knight, Stagg’s pet is no figment, it’s just lacking the usual pigment.

• 01:25 – Riddler Riddle 2
A bragging reporter’s worse than a narc, but perhaps the assassin has found his mark?

• 02:25 – Riddler Riddle 3
Need something moved quickly, in a freezer? This company’s owned by a cockney geezer!

There you go! All Riddles in Batman: Arkham Knight will soon be yours! 🙂

Huge thanks to AFGuides for the guide videos and tips.

Please comment if you have any additional Batman: Arkham Knight Riddles location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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