Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Trophies Locations Guide

Welcome to the Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Trophies locations guide that helps you find the total of 179 Riddler Puzzle Trophies locations & solutions in the PS4, Xbox One & PC action-adventure game.

Tip: Riddler Trophies count towards getting 100% completion (as well as activating the full Knightfall Protocol during the ending) and are the biggest chuck of 179 out of 243 riddles solved in the game. Riddles, Trials & Breakables make up the rest (all shown here). – These are all a requirement towards 100% game completion, which is the only way to start the full Knightfall Protocol and get the true ending of the game.
Finding the Riddler Trophy’s puzzle solutions will also give you a nice bonus that will unlock Showcase models and Concept Art pieces for you to look at.

The Timeline for all these in-game Riddler Trophies locations is listed below.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler Trophies

Every city has its secrets, but Gotham City has a lot more than most. The Riddler has hidden a number of various challenges across the city, each designed to test the limits of Batman’s detective skills. Time to show you how to get all Batman: Arkham Knight trophies! ^_^

Protip: Please complete the main story to the ending first, that way you have all of Batman’s gadgets (such as the Voice Synthesizer & Remote Hacking Device) needed to get to all the hard-to-reach Riddler Trophies.

How to find missing Riddler Trophies?: Riddler Trophies are the hardest of the Riddler Trophy’s puzzles to find in the game, since they are often found locked away in rooms. Riddler Trophies can be seen on the world map as green question marks. You have to pick up these Riddler Trophies that literally look like green-lit question-marks on a trophy pedestal to collect them.

If you want to know if you’ve found all Riddler Trophies in an area. Go to the world map’s Riddle section to see your progress. To make Riddler Trophies appear on this map of Gotham City, interrogate Riddler Informants on the streets (don’t kill them).

Note: Press up on the Directional-Pad of your controller to scan anything you think could be a solution to the riddle.

Does the game save each Riddler Trophy you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Riddler Trophy you just found, so you don’t have to play to the end of a mission. After finding each collectible you can safely quit the mission without losing collectibles progress. – But it’s always recommended you save your game manually before you stop playing.

Finding all Riddler Trophy locations and picking them up will help with unlocking the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Riddle Me That” (30 Gamerscore / Silver Trophy) — Lock up the Riddler in GCPD.

Riddler Trophies on Bleake Island

Where to find all Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham Knight? The in-game collectibles locations for the Riddler Trophies are described in these detailed video guides with handy voice-over tips by Tony.

There are 37 Riddler Trophies waiting to be found in the Bleake Island area of Gotham City.

Riddler Trophies in Panessa Movie Studios

There are 21 Riddler Trophies waiting to be found in the Panessa Movie Studios area of Gotham City.

Riddler Trophies on Miagani Island

There are 38 Riddler Trophies waiting to be found in the Miagani Island area of Gotham City.

Riddler Trophies on Founders Island

There are 41 Riddler Trophies waiting to be found in the Founders’ Island area of Gotham City.

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