Batman: Arkham Knight Cheats

Looking for Batman: Arkham Knight cheats on PC, PS4 & Xbox One? Here we’ll list Batman: Arkham Knight cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Rocksteady’s new action-adventure game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Batman: Arkham Knight codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Cheats

How To Unlock New Game Plus & Hardest Difficulty Modes

Here’s how to unlock New Story Plus Mode: When you complete the campaign for the first time on any difficulty setting, a new game mode gets unlocked. You’ll be able to access “New Story +” mode from the Main Menu. Luckily, you’ll be able to keep your WayneTech upgrades & XP points in this often called New Game Plus mode.

Here’s how to unlock Knightmare Difficulty Mode: After unlocking & selecting the above mentioned “New Story +” mode, you’ll be forced to play on an extra difficulty setting. This hardest difficulty level in the game, without danger sensing, is called the “Knightmare” difficulty mode.

You’ll only need to put yourself through this “New Story +” hardship if you want to unlock the “I AM the Batman!” Platinum Trophy on PS4 or the “The Long Halloween” Achievement on Xbox One & PC. Or do it for bragging rights, of course.

When you start New Game+ you’ll get to see a new “Under My Skin” alternate intro cutscene with Joker:

Gadget Shortcuts

Batman’s Gadgets can give him the edge in tough fights. But they also keep long freeflow combos going as you bridge the distance between fistfights with enemies, which will result in you gaining a much higher WayneTech XP total points score at the end of a fight.

But it takes too long to switch to Gadgets to achieve long combos. So what’s a Batman to do? Learn how to Quickfire Gadgets!

Batman’s Quickfire Shortcuts for Gadgets are:

• Batarang Shortcut = Tap L2 (on PS4) OR tap LT (on Xbox One).

• Batclaw Shortcut = Press L2 + Triangle (on PS4) OR press LT + Y (on Xbox One).

• Explosive Gel Shortcut = Press L2 + Square (on PS4) OR press LT + X (on Xbox One).

• Freeze Grenade Shortcut = Press R2, R2 (on PS4) OR press RT, RT (on Xbox One).

• Remote Electrical Charge Shortcut = Press L2 + Circle (on PS4) OR press LT + B (on Xbox One).

• Smoke Pellet Shortcut = While you’re under fire, tap Triangle (on PS4) OR tap Y (on Xbox One).

Note for PC players: You can manually set each Quickfire shortcut in the pause menu’s “Controls” section. For example: Tap your assigned key to Quickfire a Batarang, regardless of which Gadget Batman currently has equipped.

How To Unlock Character Skins

• “Batman: Gotham Knight” Anime Skin — When starting a new game login to your WBPlay account by selecting “WBPlay” in the game’s “Main Menu”. WBPlay offers bonus game content and will unlock this costume for use in-game (shows up in cutscenes too).
Before you can sign into an existing WBPlay account, you’ll need to create a free new WBPlay account on After receiving the character skin reward for signing in, if you are signed into your WBPlay account and you want to sign out of it, select WBPlay in the “Main Menu” and choose the Unlink WBPlay Account option.

• Remaining Skins — For the rest of the costumes all we know so far is that you will get them all by August-September 2015 if you buy the “Batman: Arkham Knight – Season Pass” DLC or “Batman: Arkham Knight – Premium Edition” game.

Batman: Arkham Knight Tips and Tricks

A Rocksteady developer walks you through part of the Ace Chemicals plant in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Get some gameplay tips on the new additions — like new freeflow moves and the Batmobile — in this last game of the Arkham series.


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