Dreams Is New PS4 Art Tool Game By LittleBigPlanet Developer Media Molecule (E3 2015)

Dreams from Media Molecule, exclusively for PS4, is the next videogame from LittleBigPlanet creators Media Molecule & Sony. And just like LittleBigPlanet allowed gamers to craft their own videogame worlds; “Dreams” is a powerful new way to create art, music, film, animation via puppeteering and incredibly ethereal pieces inspired by the lucid dreams of a chaotic, esoteric & gorgeous subconscious mind; linked together with the “dreams” created by others!

Check out the debut trailer for Sony’s “Dreams”!

Dreams is an incredibly powerful new art tool, exclusively for PlayStation 4 as announced by Sony at their E3 2015 Press Conference; and is inspired by the idea of the spastic world people experience when they sleep at night; in their dreams.

“We’re building a place where you can go to explore the dreams of others, and then you can create your own,” explained Alex Evans, President and founder of Media Molecule. “‘Dreams’ will let you get lost for hours journeying from the imagination of thousands of PS4 users.”

“‘Dreams’ will let you get lost for hours journeying from the imagination of thousands of PS4 users.” – LittleBigPlanet & Dreams Creator Alex Evans.

In this game, the user has the ability to easily and effortlessly “sculpt” art by simply moving the PS4 controller to “draw”. But the most ingenious aspect, is that once something is sculpted, the player can then bring it to life and “Puppeteer” it to create animations… Easily & effortless, just like you’d expect from the creators of LittleBigPlanet.

Dreams PS4 Piano Gameplay Screenshot

This tool is easy enough for kids to use, and yet powerful enough to create film-quality experiences.

Dreams looks like a moving painting. A huge part of our new project is collaborating with others and altering or ‘remixing’ their dreams. You call up their dreams, and then remix, collage, and link them together. With our focus on making the experience quick, intuitive, and rewarding,” spoke Evans.

Dreams really has to be seen to be believed; and even once you see it, you still won’t quite understand what it is all about.

Evans says it takes time before you can grasp what exactly Dreams allows users to create, to experience and to build. Allowing you to create something extremely cute, something extremely sinister, or something extremely surreal.

Skip to 32:00 minutes into this video to see Alex Evans explaining and showing off his new game, “Dreams”.

“Dreams” is the kind of game that proves exactly how & why Sony should never be underestimated. Sometimes you forget how much they have contributed to advancing videogames as a whole on so many levels.

This is the kind of next-gen experience that many gamers were craving and hoping to see when the PS4, Xbox One & Wii U were announced.

Something that goes beyond prettier graphics and into a whole new realm of user creation and creativity.

This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is incredibly powerful; and I’m always absolutely blown away by what the geniuses at Media Molecule are able to come up with on a consistent basis (from LittleBigPlanet to Tearaway).

And somehow, they’ve done it again!

What an absolutely incredible game. This has shot up my list as one of the most exciting next-gen games in development. I can’t wait to see what people do with “Dreams”!

Dreams PS4 Logo Artwork Screenshot

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What did you think of Dreams? Are you exciting to try it out yourself?