Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Announced for 3DS. Combines Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi RPGs!

Worlds collide in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam! An all-new installment of the Mario RPG series that COMBINES the papercraft world of Paper Mario with the polygonal world of Mario & Luigi in one epic JRPG Mashup! It will hit in 2016 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Check out the debut gameplay trailer for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

As the name suggests, this is literally a combination of Nintendo’s two big-name Mario RPG franchises; taking elements from both, and mixing them together! All while maintaining the trademark humor that makes both games so absolutely hilariously awesome.

In this game, you will actually control all three characters at once: Mario & Luigi with the A & B buttons, and Paper Mario with the Y Button. And elements from both games will be utilized, like Paper Mario’s ability to slide into small gaps due to him being paper thin.

Battles are dynamic just like in both titles; and enemies can appear in both regular form or Paper form.

This is definitely an exciting development for Mario & Luigi AND Paper Mario fans! Both franchises are distinctly different, and fans could’ve never guessed that Nintendo would one day try combining the two together….

I’m a huge fan. So I cannot wait to try this game! As usual, it will surely be full of unique situations & crazy gameplay that only these two franchises can produce!

Are you excited for this all-new Nintendo mashup?!