Horizon: Zero Dawn Is New PS4 Sony IP. Hunting Game By Makers of Killzone. E3 2015 Debut Gameplay Trailer

Horizon: Zero Dawn has been announced as Sony’s big new IP exclusively for PS4! It is in development by Guerilla Games, the makers of Killzone; but heads in a completely unexpected and absolutely awesome new sci-fi direction for the talented Netherlands & UK-based 200+ strong team & Sony second-party developer.

Check out the reveal gameplay footage of this incredible new PS4 game.

Horizon is a Hunting/Survival third-person action adventure in which players hunt massive creatures, some akin to dinosaurs, others similar to regular beasts of nature like lions & bears…

However it features one awesome catch… All of these creatures are ROBOTS.

The mixture of man versus machine is driven home by a very powerful, incredibly awesome premise (told in brilliant fashion by a narrator, who voices the main character and even chimes in with contextual comments during gameplay that is done very naturally)…

In this game, the mankind of modern day has been swept away by the gears of time…. Their magnificent metropolis cities have been reclaimed by the Earth… And humankind now sees their former ancestors as the “ancients”. However many of their machinations have lived on… in the robots that now prowal the vast open-fields and wilderness… Only to be hunted by the humans that remain on the Earth…

It’s a fantastic mixture of futurism and ancient Caveman-style gameplay where you hunt said robotic beasts, using stealth and incredible action-based attacks to take them down. Insanely innovative weapons were shown as well, including one grappling hook-style gun that allows you to literally pin a creature to the ground by shooting it and bolting each line into the earth!

This game just shot up my most wanted list and looks absolutely jaw-dropping.

A definite system seller and Sony may have an even bigger franchise than Killzone on it’s hands with this one! I can’t wait for this!

How surprised were you at the awesome gameplay seen in Horizon?