Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4 & TBA Platforms (E3 2015)

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the shock-and-awe actual title of a real-life PlayStation 4 megaton announcement. That’s right, after nearly a decade of begging, pleading, rumors & speculation, a full-on top-to-bottom next-generation graphical quality high-definition remake of Square’s 1997 RPG masterpiece, Final Fantasy VII, is at long last a reality! And this is not a remaster or an update, but a REAL remake.

Check out the debut announcement trailer that blew the lid off the joint from Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference!

Absolutely nothing is known about Final Fantasy VII Remake at this point, other than the fact that it is coming to PlayStation 4 before anywhere else (“Play it on PS4 first”), but will NOT be exclusive. It will be for “PS4” and “other platforms” to be announced.

Will it be coming to Xbox One? Or did Sony somehow, with the power & force of a wrecking ball to Microsoft’s hopes & dreams, acquire an exclusivity deal? Maybe the other platform means just PC & PS4…. We will likely find out; and maybe even see gameplay footage, at Square Enix’s E3 2015 Press Conference later today.

For now, all we have to go by is the absolutely STUNNING trailer above.

FFVII Remake PS4 Shiny Meteor Logo Artwork
OH… MY…. GOD…..

This is the atomic bomb of megatons that Sony just dropped on it’s competitors.

I absolutely love the fact that the trailer above is weighty, serious & gritty… This is what Final Fantasy VII would have looked (and sounded) like had Square Enix had this kind of graphical power way back in 1997.

As a latecomer to FFVII, which you can read my opinion of in my Final Fantasy VII review (from way back in 2006!), Final Fantasy VII lost much of it’s impact due to the extremely outdated graphics.

I remember during the iconic Aeris scene…. you know the one…. It just had absolutely no impact.

I was expecting an extremely cool scene, like something from the later games like Final Fantasy 8 or X (speaking of which, you can also read my Final Fantasy X review from wayyyyy back in 2005!)… But nope. The story was still absolutely memorable, iconic & INSANE. But the graphics held it back and kept it from having the kind of impact that you knew it could have.

Of course, the outdated graphics did give them an iconic flair, given the blocky nature. And I wonder if some of the magic will be gone by switching it to insanely realistic graphics…

I just hope that Square Enix keeps as much of the game exactly the same as possible. While literally only updating the graphics. I’d even prefer if there is no voice acting… Although the chances of that are slim (blah…).

But I can’t wait to see a return to the turn-based battle system we all know & love… But with graphics that make your jaw drop!

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer!

Can you belive it’s been EIGHTEEN YEARS since Final Fantasy VII?! Madness.

Tell us what you think about Final Fantasy VII Remake!