E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

The E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference broadcast aired today, has revealed brand new information about Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 game lineup. Microsoft’s E3 2015 keynote conference started on June 15th at 9:30AM PDT / 12:30PM EDT / 5:30PM GMT and lasted an hour and a half. What follows is a bulletpoints roundup

Xbox One exclusive surprises this year were: Recore, Forza Motorsport 6, Dark Souls 3, Gigantic, Rare Replay, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Gears of War 4.
Let’s not forget the new Xbox One 1TB bundle and new Pro customizable controller being made available this year.

Here’s the full E3 2015 Microsoft broadcast video:

E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference Roundup:

Halo 5: Guardians story trailer was beautiful and epic too.
Fable Legends is coming this year too.
Recore looks good! Xbox One exclusive action-adventure with a robot buddy! Kinda got a Half-Life 2 vibe off it. It’s from the Metroid Prime & Mega Man creators too, nice! Coming Spring 2016.
100 backwards compatible Xbox 360 games for free on Xbox One. If you’ve already bought them (digitally?) on Xbox 360 they are a free digital download on Xbox One! That’s HUGE!! 😀
Fallout 3 included with Fallout 4 purchase on Xbox One, wow. And PC Mods work (for free) on Xbox One, that’s so cool!
• Xbox One EA Access subscription free games model free this week.
Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 coming Spring 2016. CGI trailer shown.
Forza Motorsport 6 debut trailer. Game exclusive to Xbox One now (no Xbox 360 version I guess). 450 cars in all for Forza 6. September 15, 2016 release date.
Dark Souls 3 announced with CGI trailer!
The Division Beta on Xbox One coming in December 2015. Game set for 2016.
Rainbow Six: Siege pre-order bonus is Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 & 2 Xbox 360 versions on Xbox One! October 13, 2015 date for Rainbow Six: Siege!
Gigantic is a free-to-play game coming to X1 & Windows 10 PC. Beta in August 2015.
Indie games reel. Cuphead still looks like a Mickey Mouse cartoon.
• Xbox One getting Xbox Preview AKA Steam’s Early Access beta games program.
Rare Replay = 30 classic Rare games for $30! HOLY COW! AWESOME!!
• Rare also announces new IP in Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.
• Special version of Minecraft for Microsoft Hololens on PC. Allows you to project full map on table (but you can’t play in this mode? just help co-op players?)
• Beta today for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, full release on August 2015 (25th?).
• New Gears of War 4 announced as “Gears 4” exclusively for Xbox One due Holiday 2016! Stars DJ guy & female COG.
Xbox One Elite controller with inter-changeable parts to custom mod to your play-style. Like Razor’s Xbox custom controllers.

What’s your favorite E3 2015 Microsoft announcement?