DOOM 2016 Campaign, SnapMap Editor & Multiplayer Revealed for PC, PS4 & Xbox One (E3 2015)

15 June 2015
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Doom 2016 Rocket Launcher Glowing Green Enemy Gameplay Screenshot

DOOM 4 is finally a reality. Simply called “Doom” and hitting in Spring 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC, the game looks absolutely phenomenal and seeks to bring the visceral feel of run & gun Demon Execution back to it’s glorious place for a whole new generation. It’s back to the roots of Doom, and boy is it a beautiful thing!

See the all-new Doom in action from Bethesda’s E3 2015 Press Conference! (Skip to 25:00 for DOOM!)

Doom was extremely impressive not only for it’s incredible looking shooting action that takes us back to the days of Doom & Turok, but also for a myriad of other awesome features.

One of the biggest is called “Doom SnapMap”. It allows players to dynamically create and share their own custom maps, levels & experiences by literally snapping pieces of the map together. You can place an enemy wave by simply selected “Enemy Wave”, or go into the nitty gritty details and customize everything including scripted events!

The goal of this is to allow the Mod Community to come to consoles! This Doom SnapMap is cross-platform! You can even create Co-Op Multiplayer, or single-player, maps.

Executions will be based on where you are looking after initiating major damage on an enemy and they enter a “Stagger State”. This was a big focus of the team, as you can see above, and they put a ton of effort into making it feel awesome. Tons of “Finishing Moves”, as well as “Player Deaths”, have been created.

Bethesda also revealed that Doom 2016 will run at 1080p & 60fps!


I love the way enemies literally “fall apart” gut by gut, how it’s not TOO realistic to be gross, and how fast-paced it is! I also love health & ammo, etc. drops out like an explosion after you kill them. It’s small touches like this that get my blood pumping! I can’t wait to see more of hell proper! I want dripping lava waterfall and LAVA BOOTS!

I am NOT a Doom fan, but this game literally shot up to the top of my must-have list alongside Fallout 4. My jaw is still on the floor from this and it looks absolutely incredible! And SOOOO much fun!

I can’t wait!

How excited are you for the return of Doom?!


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