Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Supremacy DLC Pack #3. Watch footage of them all below.

Index of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Guides:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Easter Eggs

Multiplayer Mode Easter Eggs

Here’s a video guide for the new easter egg on the map Skyrise!

As an homage to the teddy bears on the roof of this map originally from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (called Highrise), you’ll now find 13 sledgehammers instead. Fitting since it’s Sledgehammer Games who developed this game.

Up next is what map-based scorestreaks to expect from all 4 new multiplayer maps Compound, Kremlin, Skyrise and Parliament…

• SKYRISE MAP: Deploy to an Atlas Skyscraper overlooking the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. This re-imagining of Highrise brings new Exoskeleton mechanics to the classic MP map. Dominate the power positions in the center of this small-to-medium sized map to control the key navigation points.

• PARLIAMENT MAP: Docked on the River Thames, this military cargo ship delivers a view of the London cityscape along with a fast-paced combat experience. Mixed site-lines provide opportunities for all styles of play to dominate this medium-sized map. Take control of the map-based scorestreak to unleash a barrage of missiles that annihilate your enemies.

• KREMLIN MAP: Prepare for intense combat outside Russia’s presidential palace. Navigate the war-torn buildings of Red Square in this medium-sized, three-lane map and secure elevated positions to give your team a strategic advantage. Use your Exoskeleton capabilities to avoid being caught in the minefield that activates mid-match.

• COMPOUND MAP: Take your combat preparation to the limit in the Atlas training facility hidden away in the Colorado wilderness. You’ll have to be quick on the trigger in this small, symmetrical map, which funnels high-speed combat through tight corners to the main tower structures.

Exo Zombies Mode Easter Eggs

As you know, the Exo Zombies co-op experience is all-new to this Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC #3.

Carrier introduces a new playable character, advanced weaponry, and devastating traps to the co-op experience. Fend off Atlas strike teams, defuse toxic gas bombs, and call in Sentinel support squads while fending off brutal new Exo Zombies enemies.

STEP 0: First prepare yourself by getting familiar with this Carrier zombies map.

STEP 1: Where to find the secret Teleport Room in the Armory.

First you’ll need to buy the teleportation rig off the wall in the Armory, so you can shoot a teleportation grenade into the Cargo Bay’s hidden spot that only opens when the zombie lawnmower comes out of the wall/door. By firing a teleportation grenade into the briefly opened wall/door, you’ll find a teleport panel that needs to be powered up and then takes you to another teleporter machine outside the Armory.

STEP 2: Find the secret tablet with access code #1 of 4 at the Armory area with the big “Grenade Disposal” Pachinko machine that plays with contact grenades and spinner & distraction drones instead of metal balls. Aim 1 of each of the 3 types just mentioned to fall into 1 of 3 red lights on the right side, so they turn green and you’re given tablet #1 from the wall on the right of the playing field.

Hint: Before you start throwing in contact grenades, make sure the grenade dropping hole at the top of the playing field is placed on the left side or in the middle. You can move it to be anywhere you want by shooting a teleportation grenade into the moving hole as the hole moves over the spot where you want each grenade or drone ball to be dropped from.

The “Grenade Disposal” Pachinko machine correct order to solve the first code puzzle:
• Bottom light needs a distraction drone. – First shoot a teleportation drone on the far-right side, then shoot a spinner drone to attach mid-way below it, and finally shoot the distraction drone and a contact grenade in a row down the hole to turn the bottom light green.
• Middle light needs an explosive grenade. – First use the explosive grenade, then the distraction drone, then the normal grenade.
• Top light needs an explosive grenade. – Use an explosive grenade first, then shoot the nano grenade, then another explosive grenade, then the distraction drone, then another explosive grenade, and finally fire a normal grenade.

Next, you’re going to find the round hatch door that needs the tablet’s access code. It’s located between the Gun Deck and (next to) the Armory (where to jump is shown in the video guide below).

You will have to take the first tablet with the code in it to the white, round hatch door (in the same room as the blue Atlas teleporter machine) with the 5 red lights on the side of the door that will turn green as you insert each tablet.
Note: By finding the room itself in Step 1 you will have already turned the first light green, so inserting this tablet on the access panel next to the hatch door will light up the second green.

STEP 3: How to get the Fishing Pole, shovel, C4 explosive & red trout.

You can get the 3 fishing pole parts at random from the arm (Oz’s zombie arm?) sticking out of the Weapon Disposal machine in front of the Bio Lab entrance. The 3 parts (spool, reel & hook) you get from feeding the arm weapons, can then be built into the fishing pole by standing at the side of the Carrier in front of the hatch door outside.

Then hold the action button (X on Xbox / Square on PlayStation) to fish, which costs 100 credits each time. Keep fishing until you get the shovel, C4 packet, and red trout fish.

STEP 4: Infected Timer Switch section.

Press the small panel switch on the right-side of the Cargo Bay doors, to activate the 2-minutes-long countdown timer. At which point infected arrive in droves to attack you for that time period. You have to both survive those zombies and stay in the “Cargo 05” section or the timer will disappear. Upon completion you’ll get a new “Next” character quote.

STEP 5: How to find the secret tablet with access code #2 of 4. And how to activate the Lazer Floor Maze & survive it, in order to reach tablet #2.

Remember the drunk potion the Weapon Disposal zombie hand can give you at random? Well, the Infected Timer Switch from the last step has to be activated while you’re drunk from said potion to activate the Lazer Floor Maze in the Cargo Bay.

Keep making double jumps to each clear area to the other side of the Cargo Bay area and then crouch to keep going forward & to the right hallway down to the Moon Pool. From there take the corridor to the Hanger while avoiding the lazer grids. Then go stand in the teleporter machine (do nothing) to end the Lazer Floor Maze event. At which point you will receive the second tablet/datapad with the access code for the hatch door on it.

Take the second tablet with the code in it to the white, round hatch door (in the same room as the blue Atlas teleporter machine) with the 3 red & 2 green lights on the side of the door that will turn green as you insert each tablet.

STEP 6: How to get to the tropical island to find the secret tablet with access code #3 of 4.

STEP 7: Where to pick up the new lever tool.

STEP 8: The final step! Where to get the eyeball. And finding the secret tablet with access code #4 of 4.

The lever you get in Step 7 is needed to turn on the power/fuse box in the Moon Pool area, since that box is missing a lever.

Then kill lots of zombies on top of the see-through grates on the floor above the water to lure a shark below to it with the zombie blood. Once a shark appears you have to activate the power/fuse box to be able to lower yourself down into the water. Look for the shark to approach you and give him the red trout fish from Step 3, and in exchange you’ll receive the eyeball from the shark’s mouth.

Take the eyeball to the lockers area and use it to open up Captain DJ’s locker, which has the last tablet/datapad #4 that you in turn need to open up the round hatch door next to the Armory (outside).

Remember that before you can finish, you also needed to have done Step 3’s weapon exchange with the zombie arm at the Weapon Disposal to get the C4 explosive. You’ll need it to blow up the ship to sink it at the end.

Next, go back with the final computer tablet to open up the round hatch door panel… Which will give you the “You survived! Victory!” completion message and unlock the “Flotsam & Jetsam” ending achievement / trophy.

Congratulations! These should be all the details you need for completing the hidden Easter Egg puzzle in the new Carrier map. 😀

Discoveries made by Tmar & Noah.

Have you found any Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy easter eggs?