Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon Walkthrough

Episode 6: On Ameridan’s Trail

On Ameridan’s Trail you must follow the river and look for spires, then clear the Hakkonites from the ruin before investigating the area.

In the next episode you’ll see the steps to take to light all of the trail markers on Ameridian’s Trail.

Episode 7: Ameridan’s End

In the Ameridan’s End quest you must speak with Svarah Sun-Hair and find Inquisitor Ameridan’s resting place.
(Starts in the video playthrough of this quest at 24:30 minutes.)

In the next episode you get the conclusion to Ameridan’s End.

Episode 8: Where Once We Walked

Up next is the Where Once We Walked quest, in it Inquisitor Ameridan has granted the current Inquisition access to his final memories. Retracing his steps will offer insight into the former Inquisitor’s life.

(Starts in the video playthrough of this quest at 34:00 minutes.)

Episode 9: Hakkon Wintersbreath

You start the Hakkon Wintersbreath by returning to the Frostback Basin, then kill the dragon Hakkon in this final boss fight!

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