Battlefield Hardline Cheats

Looking for Battlefield Hardline cheats on PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One & Xbox 360? Here we’ll list Battlefield Hardline cheat codes and unlockables with tips for EA’s new FPS game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Battlefield Hardline codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 & Xbox One versions.

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Battlefield Hardline Cheats

Battlefield Hardline Tips and Tricks

Get an in-depth look at all of the new features in Battlefield Hardline, a fresh new take on Battlefield that lets you live out your cops and criminal fantasy.

Battlefield Hardline delivers a complete first person shooter experience built on the foundation of team play and strategy the series is renowned for, while adding a story-driven, episodic single player campaign inspired by great TV crime dramas and new multiplayer modes that help make the game the fastest Battlefield ever.

Get gameplay tips from the game’s creators at Visceral Games!

How To Unlock Hardline Difficulty Mode: Complete all Episodes in the story campaign on Officer or Veteran difficulty level to unlock the harder Hardline difficulty mode.

How To Spray Paint A Custom Emblem or Grafitti

Learn how to spray paint your emblem or grafitti in all versions of Battlefield Hardline! Outside of original creations, you can even take your Battlefield 4 emblem code and paste it on Battlefield Hardline.

Once you’ve signed in, just go to the Battlelog page for Battlefield Hardline.

Back in the game, use the “Back” or “Select” button/key. You only need to hold the button/key for about a second or so when you’re close to a surface/object to spray.

If it still sprays the default emblem for you, then exit the game & then go back in after you’ve saved your emblem. When you launch back into the game, verify that it’s showing your new emblem in the Battlelog section of the game. – If it’s still not working, try selecting it again and hitting “Use” on the Battlelog website.

This tutorial will show you how to do it on PS3/PS4/XB1/360/PC. You’re able to spray paint your Battlelog emblem whether you’re on the cops or criminals side.

How To Unlock Extra Battlepacks

You will unlock Battlepacks throughout your Battlefield Hardline career. Open these Battlepacks in Battlelog or the in-game menu as they contain helpful items like XP boosts, weapon camos, knives and more!

You can obtain extra Battlepacks (contents listed below) by either:

A) Pre-ordering the game’s Standard Edition at any retail or digital shop gives you the Versatility Battlepack in America/Canada or the Suppression Battlepack in Europe/Australia. Whereas in America/Canada if you pre-order at GameStop you’ll receive both the Versatility and Precision Battlepacks as a bonus.

B) Buying the Deluxe & Ultimate Editions of Battlefield Hardline gives you access to all available Battlepacks. Here’s a description of all these Battlepacks…

The Battlefield Hardline Deluxe & Ultimate versions include all Battlapacks, namely:

• A Versatility Battlepack — Featuring a highly versatile assault rifle, a unique camo skin for your weapons, and an XP boost.
• A Precision Battlepack — Featuring one of the most accurate assault rifles, a unique camo skin for your weapons, and an XP boost.
• A Suppression Battlepack — Featuring an assault rifle with the largest magazine capacity, a unique camo skin for all your weapons, and an XP boost.
• 10 Gold Battlepacks from launch — Rewarding you with new items for ten weeks in a row. They contain combinations of weapon accessories, patches and emblems, XP boosts, and character customization items.

C) Additionally there’s an unlockable reward for long-time & new fans of the Battlefield series…

• The exclusive Veteran’s Battlepack — It contains one in-game Veteran’s Patch, one 200% Objective Boost (active for 30 minutes once activated), and one 200% Teamplay Boost (active for 30 minutes once activated).

How To Unlock The Veteran’s Battlepack: It is rewarded to anyone who registers Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, or Battlefield 4 BEFORE or AFTER you buy Battlefield Hardline. You’ll of course need to have connected these games to your account before the reward shows up in Battlefield Hardline. Specifically, if you own any of the three aforementioned games on any platform and have an Origin account, the Veteran’s Pack will be available automatically the first time you login to Battlefield Hardline.


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