Dreamfall Chapters: Book 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 4: Dreaming

Part 1 of Chapter 4 covers: Zoe Castillo’s “Back on Therapy”.

Part 2 of Chapter 4 covers: “Vents & Keys”.

Part 3 of Chapter 4 covers: “Quenee & Data”.

Chapter 5: Anamnesis

Part 1 of Chapter 5 covers: Kian’s events that happen 10 days later… “Finding Anna, Guard, and Fire Flower Stealing”.

Part 2 of Chapter 5 covers: “The Ending of Book Two – Explosion”.

NOTICE: To Be Continued! Check back with us in mid-2015 when Book Three gets released!

PS: Looking forward to all the comments about “Dat ass!” for Zoe and “Nice glutes!” for Kian. Seems this game series delivers in more ways than one by appealing to everyone LOL!

Thanks to Red Thread Games & DSR07Gaming for the walkthrough videos.

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