Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Heart Pieces Locations Guide

Welcome to the Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Heart Pieces locations guide that helps you find the total of 52 Heart Pieces locations for the Nintendo 3DS action-adventure remake of the beloved N64 classic, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, from 2000.

Discovering all 52 Heart Piece locations deviously hidden throughout the land of Termina and picking them up will help Link gain maximum health for his strange journey; ensuring that he won’t meet with a terrible fate. Believe in your strengths…Believe…

The guide for all these in-game Heart Pieces locations is shown below.

Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Heart Pieces

“You got a Piece of Heart! You’ve collected three pieces so far. Collect one more to extend your life energy!”

How to find missing Heart Pieces?: In-game the Heart Piece Items can be seen in the overworld as blue-colored translucent glass containers with lipstick red Heart Pieces in the center. Simply walk over them to collect it.

You can often see them laying around in hard-to-reach areas, although many of them will be given to you as rewards for completing certain tasks throughout the game world by its various denizens. Or found within Treasure Chests.

You will know you’ve picked up a Heart Piece when the on-screen text appears alongside an infamous musical jingle (dun-dun-dun-DA!) that will tell you that you’ve picked one up. Heart Pieces, as the name suggests, are only PIECES of a Heart Container. Therefore, you need to collect four pieces to complete one Heart Container.

When you do, you’re life energy, represented by hearts in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, will increase by one. You’ll see the new heart appear at the end of the meter once four are collected. You can see how many of the four Heart Pieces needed on the Subscreen.

You’ll find each of the Heart Piece locations in these four videos (based off the N64 title), in the progression that you’d normally find them throughout the course of the game.

Heart Piece Locations #1-#17

Heart Piece #1 – South Clock Town @ Clock Tower Platform; Skylight, Skybright

Requirements: Moon’s Tear & Deku Mask or Normal Link

This is an easy one. For the simplest way, wait until you are normal Link and not the short & stout Deku Link. As normal Link, you can climb to the platform in front of the Clock Tower in the center of town (South Clock Town).

You can see the Heart Piece at the top of the platform, and you’ll find a ramp on the right side of the entrance that leads straight to it.

Alternatively, you can snag this earlier as Deku Link by obtaining a Moon’s Tear from the Astral Observatory (where you look into the telescope to spy on the Devil Moon’s eye) and trading it to the Deku Business Scrub guarding the Yellow Flower by the pool of water near the Clock Tower.

Do the trade and the Business Scrub will give you a Land Title Deed (which can be traded at the Southern Swamp to that Business Scrub). This will cause him to leave the flower.

You can then use the flower as Deku Link to shoot up and hover over to the platform at the Clock Tower containing your first Heart Piece! HUZZAH!

Heart Piece #2 – North Clock Town – Tree; In An Ent’s Mighty Grasp

Requirements: Deku Mask

This one is also very easy. You’ll find this Heart Piece within the grasp of a tree’s branches in North Clock Town. The pillars next to the slide are your ticket to reaching it.

Heart Piece #3 – Stock Pot – Inn Toilet; Relief At Last

Requirements: Title Deed or Letter (Paper of some sort)

This is a funny one. Visit the bathroom found in the Stock Pot Inn (where a hand sticks out, beckoning you into depths of depravity your innocent, feeble young mind has yet to imagine) to claim it, but only when you have a Title Deed Card (the paper to be used as TOILET PAPER, see. TP is the key!) in your possession.

Once you have some paper, in the form of a Title Deed from any one of the Business Scrubs, visit the toilet between 12:00AM & 6:00AM and the dirty lil hand (who appears as “???” when you speak to him) will exchange the “toilet paper” for a Heart Piece! Nasty but hey, when nature calls… a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

Heart Piece #4 – Sword Man’s School @ West Clock Town; Heed Young Grasshopper!

Requirements: A Sword Weapon of Any Type

This Heart Piece can be acquired by beating the Swordman’s School Challenge. Located in West Clock Town, visit it at any time of day to play a minigame in which you must slice small block pillars with a Jump Attack. Score 30 points by slicing all of them and you’ll be rewarded with another Piece of Heart. Easy peasy.

Heart Piece #5 – Post Office; Time’s Just A Game

Requirements: Bunny Hood (To Make It Easy), Rupees

Are you an expert at keeping time? Then this is the game for you. You can play a minigame at the Post Office during the First or Second Night, between 6:00-12:00PM.

Talk to the Postman, pay him, and stand in front of him. To win the minigame, you gotta press A to start a timer, then press A again exactly at 10 seconds. This can be done with a stopwatch or timer of some sort within your physical world, if you have one, as you won’t be able to see the timer normally.

UNLESS you play this game with the Bunny Hood, then it’s easy as you can see the Timer.

Heart Piece #6 – West Clock Town – Rosa Sisters; Dance That Seductive Dance, Kid

Requirements: Kamaro’s Mask

The Rosa Sisters are quite sexy right? Gotta love those short skirts. Ahem. Child Link has probably noticed these hot young things at some point right? You’ll find the Rosa Sisters doing a strange dance at night located at West Clock Town.

Head there during either the First or Second Night with the Kamaro’s Mask in tow; while they are performing their strange dance, to do the dance with them and score a Heart Piece. Groove on Link, groove on!

Heart Piece #7 – East Clock Town – Shooting Gallery; Archery Is Fun

Requirements: Hero’s Bow

Fancy yourself an archer? Prove your metal at the Town Shooting Gallery, located in East Clock Town. This minigame requires you to score 50 points. There’s no way to cheat, so keep doing it until you score all 50 to earn your prize. Link’s still got it!

Heart Piece #8 – East Clock Town – Treasure Chest Game; Lock My Heart

Requirements: Rupees, Goron Mask

Simply play the Treasure Chest Game as a Goron to earn this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #9 – North Clock Town – Deku Playground; My Heart Aflutter

Requirements: Rupees, Deku Mask

Can you consistently win a minigame?

The Deku Playground will challenge you to do just that. Win the minigame found within the Deku Playground, located in North Clock Town near the Great Fairy Fountain and accessed via Deku Link using the flower to enter the fenced area and falling down the hole.

The catch here is that you have to successfully beat the minigame for all three days in a row. On the Final Day, you’ll earn your Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #10 – East Clock Town – Honey & Darling; Love Me Tender

Requirements: Hero’s Bow, Bomb Bag

Another three-peat, simply beat the Honey & Darling minigames found in East Clock Town three days in a row to claim your Heart Piece on the Final Day.

Heart Piece #11 – South Clock Town – Bank; JACKPOT$

Requirements: BIG BUCKS

This one is simple. Although it takes a while. At the Bank, simply amass 5000 Rupees deposited and you’ll be rewarded with a Piece of Heart!

Heart Piece #12 – Old Lady At Stock Pot Inn; Bedtime Gets Serious

Requirements: All-Night Mask

Anju’s Grandmother can be found on the bottom floor of the Stock Pott Inn located at East Clodk Town. Head there on the First or Second Day, and talk to Anju’s Grand-ma-ma while wearing the All Night Mask.

Listen to the story she tells and answer all three questions (select the top answer, naturally) and she’ll give you a Piece of Heart for your interactions with this old lady.

Heart Piece #13 – Old Lady At Stock Pot Inn – Round 2; Honesty Is the Best Policy

Requirements: All-Night Mask

Do the same thing as the above, but this time say “I dunno”. She will still reward you, this time for being honest, and give you a Piece of Heart in return! Huzzah!

Heart Piece #14 – Clock Town – Mailboxes; That’s the Ticket

Requirements: Postman’s Hat

This is a simple one, once you have the Postman’s Hat, head to the nearest mailbox, any of them (you’ll see them scattered all around Clock Town) and you’ll find a Piece of Heart inside.

Heart Piece #15 – Mayor’s Residence @ East Clock Town; I Come In Peace

Requirements: Couple’s Mask

Once you’ve obtained the Couple’s Mask, visit the Mayor’s Residence in East Clock Town and enter Mayor Dotour’s Office on the left. Wear the Couple’s Mask when you enter, and the arguing will stop. The Mayor will reward you with a Piece of Heart for calming the commotion.

Heart Piece #16 – Termina Field – Forest; The Butterfly Effect

Requirements: None

Head to Termina Field. Look in the patches of thick grass near the entrance to the Ranch. Look for some butterflies floating above the grass, you’ll see a hole.

Enter the hole (officially called “grottos”) and you’ll find a giant Peahat enemy.

Simply defeat it with sword slices or whatnot and you’ll be rewarded with a Piece of Heart inside the Treasure Chest that appears.

This should be one of the earliest Heart Pieces you get.

Heart Piece #17 – Termina Field – Iceland; Jurassic Park

Requirements: None, Easier With Bombs

While wandering around Termina Field, make your way to the Ice/Snow portion in North Termina Field, and spot the hole located near one of the mushroom-shaped ice structures.

Inside you’ll have to face off against two Dodongo enemies (the dinosaur-like Komodo Dragon-style enemies). Defeat them and you’ll earn a Piece of Heart.

These guys can take some punishment, so it’s best to use Bombs to defeat them if you want to get this Heart Piece earlier rather than later.

Heart Piece Locations #18-#34

Heart Piece #18 – Termina Field – Beach; Killer Bees

Requirements: Zora Mask

Make your way to the Termina Field beach near the Sea in West Termina Field, and you’ll see a giant brown boulder near the fence.

Blow it up with a Bomb or smash it with a Goron Punch and head fall into the hole. Once inside the grotto, shoot the Beehives and you’ll face a troupe of giant Killer Bees.

One of the Beehives however will be holding the Piece of Heart you desire, but it will sink to the bottom of the water. Swim to it as Zora Link to claim your prize.

Heart Piece #19 – Astral Observatory & Termina Field; I Spy With My Little Eye

Requirements: 100 Rupees

Remember the telescope at the Astral Observatory that you used to spy on Skull Kid and get the Moon’s Tear?

Go there again, only this time look to the left of the Clock Tower and you’ll spy a Business Scrub flying into a hole in Termina Field.

Locate the hole and enter it. The Business Scrub has set up shop and will exchange a Heart Piece for Rupees for keeping his hiding place a secret.

Say no to his first offer of 150 Rupees and you can snag the Heart Piece for 100. Good deal!

Heart Piece #20 – Termina Field – Gossip Stones; Taste the Rainbow

Requirements: Ocarina Songs

Near the four compass entrances of Clock Town are several grottos, each of which features four Gossip Stones, three small and one big one.

Your goal is to change each large stone in all four grottos to the same color by playing the song they request.

You’ll find a grotto at North Clock Town Iceland (the snowy area), West Clock Town in a boulder, South Clock Town between the entrance to the Swamp & Milk Road; and near the Astral Observatory but outside the gate in Termina Field.

Do this and you’ll win a Heart Piece for your musical shenanigans.

Heart Piece #21 – Southern Swamp Road – Tree; Treetop Village

Requirements: Deku Mask

You’ll find a large tree at the Road to Southern Swamp. Kill the Bats so you can climb the vine without being knocked down and a Piece of Heart is waiting for you at the summit!

Heart Piece #22 – Swamp Shooting Gallery; Precise Aim

Requirements: Bow

On the Road to the Southern Swamp, you’ll find the Swamp Shooting Gallery before you reach the Swamp proper. Score 2000 points or more to get a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #23 – Southern Swamp Tourist Center; Strike A Pose

Requirements: Pictograph

At the Southern Swamp, you will find the Swamp Tourist Center where you took the Boat Tour.

Once you obtain the Pictograph, snap a photo of either Tingle (the bastard-child of the Swamp Tour Guide) or of the Deku King, and you’ll be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

NOTE!!!! — You must do this BEFORE you beat Woodfall Temple; so complete it while the swamp is still full of purple poison.

Heart Piece #24 – Ikana Graveyard – Dampe Hole; Hide & Go Pile

Requirements: Captain’s Hat, Hero’s Bow

Once you have the Captain’s Hat, head to the Ikana Graveyard during the Final Day. Talk to the skeletal Stalchildren guarding the grave, and you’ll find Dampe inside.

He’ll be wandering around cause he can’t see in the dark. You’re task is to find 3 flames amongst the piles of dirt. You’ll need to guide Dampe, there are four piles on the ground, and two on a higher level.

Lead Dampe to the brown piles then move so you aren’t there when he gets there and he’ll go to the higher ones.

Kill the Big Poe that appears after all the flames are found to earn a Heart Piece.

NOTE!!!! — You originally got an Empty Bottle for this task in the N64/GameCube versions, now you get that same empty bottle for the Swamp Shooting Game with the witch)

Heart Piece #25 – Southern Swamp – Atop the Tourist Center; Rooftop Goodies

Requirements: Deku Mask

This is an easy one. Simply give the Clock Town Title Deed to the Business Scrub at the Swamp, outside the Tourist Center. Use the Deku Flower as Deku Link to reach the roof of the structure and grab your Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #26 – Deku Palace – Maze Game; Solid Link

Requirements: Deku Mask; Stone Mask to make it easier.

When you first enter the Deku Palace as Deku Link, head to the left and you’ll find yourself in a stealth Metal Gear Solid-style maze where you must stay hidden with the camera following you from a top-down perspective.

Reach the end without being spotted to get a Piece of Heart. OR simply where the Stone Mask, at which point you can’t be seen.

Heart Piece #27 – Woodfall – Flowers; Bloom Dat

Requirements: Deku Mask

In Woodfall, keep flying from the Deku Flower to Deku Flower you’ll find one with a Treasure Chest that has your Heart Piece inside.

Heart Piece #28 – Mountain Village – Frogs; Gimme Dat Ribbit

Requirements: Don Gero Mask

You’ve seen those frogs ribbiting across the land of Termina right?

You can’t talk to them or seemingly do anything else with them. Well they aren’t entirely pointless (although Frog Soup does sound delicious), speak to them with the Don Gero Mask, all five of them, and you’ll score yourself a Heart Piece.

However before doing so, you’ll need to beat the Snowhead Temple and defeat the boss (Goht), in order to clear the snow. Once that’s done, you’ll find the frogs lounging on some lilypads near the clear water near the Smithy.

Here is where you find each frog:

1. On the lilypads after beating Goht.

2. Clock Town Laundry Pool

3. Southern Swamp on a log right before Deku Palace.

4. Appears after you kill the large Frog Boss, “Gekko” in the Woodfall Temple

5. And again after you kill Gekko in the Great Bay Temple.

Heart Piece #29 – Goron Village – Lake; Thawed Treasure

Requirements: Zora Mask

Beat Goht, the Snowhead Temple Boss, and the Goron Village in the mountains will thaw of all that ice, giving you access to the lakes.

Swim to the bottom of the lakes that were previously frozen (where you cross the bridges leading to Goron Village) and use Zora Link to walk on the lake bed bottom, where you’ll spot a Treasure Chest containing your Heart Piece gift.

Heart Piece #30 – Goron Village – Business Scrub; Land Title Deed Quest

Requirements: Swamp Title Deed

Simply give the Business Scrub found in Goron Village the Swamp Title Deed you got at the Swamp and you’ll earn a Heart Piece. Use the Deku Flower he leaves behind to reach it.

Heart Piece #31 – Snowhead Hidden Platforms; Scarecrow Seranade

Requirements: Scarecrow’s Song, Hookshot, Lens of Truth, Goron Mask

At the point in Snowhead where you use Goron Link to roll across the ramps, you can use the Lens of Truth to spot some hidden platforms.

Tatl, your fairy, will fly over and turn green, indicating that you should do something.

Play Scarecrow’s Song to make Bonooru the Scarecrow appear.

Use your Hookshot to shotgun yourself from platform to platform until you reach the Heart Piece.

Fall off to get back to the start or play the Song of Soaring.

Heart Piece #32 – Romani Ranch – Dog Track; A Dog’s Life

Requirements: Mask of Truth

Head to the Dog Track at Romani Ranch (Mamamu Yan’s Doggy Race) and pick up the dogs while wearing the Mask of Truth.

One of them will be very enthusiastic about his prospects for winning, and say something in the vein of “Ruff! There’s no way I can lose!”

Bet on this dog. Keep doing this until you win a Piece of Heart.

You may lose a few times, but you should get at least third place, which will give you some money back even if you lose.

You can win this randomly, but obviously the chances of doing so without the Mask of Truth are very slim.

Heart Piece #33 – Great Bay Coast @ Marine Research Lab; FEED ME

Requirements: Fish In A Bottle

This is a funny and pretty easy Heart Piece to nab. All you need to do is bring lots of fish to the Marine Research Lab found at the Great Bay Coast.

Inside, where you find the mad scientist, you will also see an aquarium with Orange Fish.

You can get on top of it and drop fish that you’ve caught in a bottle into the tank.

Feed the Orange Guy enough fish and he’ll eat his comrade, giving you a Heart Piece in the process! BRUTAL!

Heart Piece #34 – Great Bay Coast @ Oceanside Spider House; You Complicate Me

Requirements: Captain’s Hat

Find the library within the Oceanside Spider House and speak to the two Stalchildren inside. Take note of what they say.

Head down a level and enter the first door you come across, use the hints the Stalchildren give you to shoot the masks hanging on the wall in the correct order.

Claim your prize! Now that was complicated!

Heart Piece Locations #35-#45

Heart Piece #35 – Great Bay Coast @ Pirate’s Fortress Entrance; On the Up & Up

Requirements: Magic Bean, Scarecrow’s Song, Hookshot, Song of Storms or Bottle of Water

Near the Pirate’s Fortress you’ll find some columns. To get up them, use your Hookshot.

Eventually you’ll find a mound of Soft Soil where you can plant a Magic Bean.

Once planeted, use the Song of Storms or a Bottle of Water to water it. Ride the plant.

Now you will need to use the Scarecrow’s Song (Tatl will give you a hint) which will lead you to the Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #36 – Great Bay Coast – Boat; I’M ON A BOAT!

Requirements: Hookshot

In the Great Bay Coast you’ll find a Boat you can ride to the Southeast.

Do so and you’ll reach Fisherman’s Island that you can get to via Hookshot.

Talk to the Fisherman in the middle and score 20 points in this Minigame to earn your Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #37 – Zora Cape; Waterfall Depths

Requirements: Zora Mask

Head to the waterfall at the end of the canyon at Great Bay Coast @ Zora Cape.

Reach the bottom of the basin using Zora Link and you’ll find a Like Like enemy at the bottom (the large worm creatures that eat you and take your items).

Kill it to score a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #38 – Zora Cape @ Beaver Cave Racing Minigame; Beave Me

Requirements: Hookshot

At the end of the Great Bay Coast you’ll find a Waterfall and trees above. Hookshot them to reach a hidden area where you can find a Beaver. Speak to him as Zora Link and he’ll challenge you to a Racing Minigame. Beat the Bros. Beave twice to get a Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #39 – Zora Hall @ Musician Rooms; All in the Band

Requirements: Zora Mask, Hookshot, Ocarina & Memory Skills

Time for some music! In Zora Hall, find the room with shree seashells above the door (Mikau & Tijo’s Room) and hookshot to the area above the drumming Tijo (after speaking to him with the Zora Mask) to find a diary. Write down the song notes.

Now enter Japas Room (the guitar player), put on the Zora Mask and jam with him. He will play first, then you play the first song notes from the first part that you wrote down to create a longer sequence. Write this sequence down.

Now he will play again, then you follow up with the other part you wrote down. Take note of this second longer sequence.

Now go to Evan’s Room (the Keyboardist & composer). As normal Link, play both of the extended parts you just learned as one long song (sixteen notes) while standing behind him.

After too much trouble, you will earn a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #40 – Zora Hall @ the Peeping Tom – Business Scrub Title Deed Quest; Vouyerism

Requirements: Zora Mask, Goron Mask, Mountain Title Deed

Inside Zora’s Domain you’ll find a Peeping Tom, trying to steal a glance at the lovely Lulu in the nude. She isn’t there though… instead you’ll find a Business Scrub. Speak to the Peeping Tom as Zora Link.

Once inside the room, put on the Deku Mask and talk to the Business Scrub. Trade him the Mountain Title Deed to nab your Piece of Heart using the Deku Flower.

Heart Piece #41 – Pirates’ Fortress; Caged Like a Virgin Heart

Requirements: Bunny Hood or Goron Mask

In the depths of the Pirates’ Fortress you will find a Piece of Heart locked in a cage. Find the barrels nearby and smash them or break them with Goron Link’s Punch Attack and press the switch. This opens the cage.

Use the Bunny Hood or roll as Goron Link to enter it before it closes and nab this Caged Heart. Use the switch inside to open the door back up.

Heart Piece #42 – Pinnicle Rock – Fisherman’s Hut; Don’t Mind Me My Dear: Seahorse Lovin’

Requirements: Pictograph, Stone Mask

This is a tale of Seahorse love & Lady Pirate Vouyerism. Odd mix? Yes. First head to the Pirates’ Fortress and take an upclose and personal shot of any sexy lady pirate that catches your eye.

Wear the Stone Mask to get close to them without being spotted (Naughty, NAUGHTY LINK!).

Once you have your polaroid, head to the Fisherman’s Hut at the Great Bay Coast near the entrance and show him your forbidden goods (i.e. the photo you just took). He’ll give you a Seahorse. Now it’s time for some intimate seahorse erotica.

Head to Pinnacle Rock with your bottled baby (Pinnacle Rock is between the two pillars sticking out of the water).

Once inside Pinnacle Rock’s waters, release the Sea Horse. It will guide you safely through.

In this new area, defeat the Deep Python snakes to reunite the two lovers. They’ll reward you with a Piece of Heart. No steamy underwater Seahorse sex scene though. Darn.

Heart Piece #43 – Ikana Graveyard @ Grave; Just An Illusion

Requirements: Captain’s Hat, Lens of Truth

Head to the Ikana Graveyard on the Second Night, once you have the Captain’s Hat.

Speak to the Stalchildren and enter the Grave. Use the Lens of Truth to guide you through the fake walls, passed the invicible enemies and to a cracked wall.

Blow it up with a Bomb, enter the door, and defeat the imposing Iron Knuckle.

You’ll earn a Treasure Chest with a Heart Piece for your troubles!

Heart Piece #44 – Ikana Canyon – Business Scrub Title Deed Quest; Deedeeredeem

Requirements: Ocean Title Deed, Zora Mask

At Ikana Canyon you’ll find a Business Scrub next to Sakon’s Hideout (the Thief who steals from the grandma in Clocktown).

Trade this Business Scrub the Ocean Title Deed by talking to him as Zora Link, and use the Deku Flower to reach the Heart Piece!


Heart Piece Locations #45-#52

Heart Piece #45 – Ikana Canyon @ Poe Collector Spirit House; POE-IT!

Requirements: None

Find the Spirit House with the Poe Collector and play his Minigame.

You’ll be tasked with defeating four different Poe Sisters named Amy, Beth, Joe & Meg.

Defeat them all within three minutes without losing more than three Hearts to claim your prize.

To defeat Meg, keep your eye on the one that spins, that’s your cue as to the real one; shoot an arrow at her!

Heart Piece #46 – Ikana Canyon @ Secret Shrine; Sunlight, Sunbright

Requirements: Light Arrow, Zora Mask

Head to the end of the Ikana Canyon and swim upstream where you find the Octoroks. This will lead to a hiden area.

Shoot the sun above the door with the Light Arrow to enter the “Secret Shrine”.

Take the Poe Collector’s Challenge and defeat the enemies in the four rooms to claim a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #47 – Ancient Castle of Ikana @ Roof; Burning Bud

Requirements: Deku Mask, Hero’s Bow

At the roof of the Ancient Castle of Ikana, you’ll see pillars with flaming Deku Flowers. Hit the switch on the pillar with an arrow to put the flame out.

Leap to the pillar with the Deku Flower that’s no longer hot, and use Deku Link to fly over to the final pillar in time.

You’ll claim a Piece of Heart…. However you’ll have to go back through the dungeon again to reach the roof. DARN YOU SHIGGY!

Heart Piece #48 – Inside the Devil Moon @ Odolwa Kid; Devil Children

Requirements: Any Mask, Deku Mask

Once inside the Moon, talk to the Odolwa Mask Kid.

Give him a mask and complete his challenge using Deku Link.

Use the Yellow Flower to reach a ledge to the far right with your prize.

Heart Piece #49 – Inside the Devil Moon @ Gyorg Mask Kid; Little Nicky

Requirements: Three Masks, Zora Mask

Give the Gyorg Kid inside the Devil Moon three Masks.

Use Zora Link to swim through the path.

Go Left, Left, Right, Left.

Claim your Heart Piece behind the Gossip Stone.

Heart Piece #50 – Inside the Devil Moon @ Goht Mask Kid; Lil’ Spawn of Satan

Requirements: Two Masks, Zora Mask

Speak to the kid wearing the Mask of the boss “Goht”.

He’ll challenge you to a minigame by giving him two Masks.

Succeed in his challenge by rolling through the path successfully with Goron Link and you’ll earn a Heart Piece at the end-shrine for your trouble. Thanks Satan Spawn!
—- Thanks to “RED” and “BLUE” in the comments for their help with this Heart Piece. —-

Heart Piece #51 – Inside the Devil Moon @ Twinmold Mask Kid; Pride of Chucky

Requirements: Four Masks

Give the little devil spawn wearing the Twinmold Mask FOUR of your Masks.

Complete his challenge of hide-and-go-seek-the-lil-bastard to be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #52 – Possessed Bushes; They Walk Among Us

Requirements: Keaton Mask

Where the Keaton Mask and find any place where the Bushes start moving away on their own, such as in North Clock Town (you’ll find them on Milk Road and Mountain Village too).

You must do this after you have defeated Goht.

Cut the haunted shrub down to size while wearing the Keaton Mask and a Keaton will magically appear.

Play his game where he asks you five Questions. Answer correctly and you’ll gain this Piece of Heart!

Heart Piece Locations #01-#17

Heart Piece Locations #18-#34

Heart Piece Locations #35-#45

Heart Piece Locations #45-#52

There you go! All Heart Pieces in Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D are yours! 🙂

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