Evolve Game Classes Guide: Unlockable Skills & Abilities

12 February 2015
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Evolve Game Classes Guide

Welcome to the Evolve Game classes guide for the for 12 Hunters and 3 Monsters available at launch. Check them out to choose your class wisely!

See all of Evolve’s Monster & Hunter character unlock skills and abilities:

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Evolve Game Classes Guide

The 12 Hunters are Abe, Bucket, Cabot, Caira, Griffin, Hank, Hyde, Lazarus, Maggie, Markov, Parnell and Val.

The 3 Monsters are Goliath, Kraken and Wraith.

The Assault Class

• Markov – Lightning Gun, Assault Rifle, Arc Mines, Personal Shield
• Hyde – Flamethrower, Minigun, Toxic Grenade, Personal Shield
• Parnell – Combat Shotgun, Multifire Rocket Launcher, Super Soldier, Personal Shield

The name pretty much sums it up. Anything looking down the wrong end of their guns winds up dead, fast. A walking tank, Assaults are the primary damage dealers. Markov, Hyde and Parnell can always be found on the front lines and when things get hairy, their personal shields make them invincible. The big difference between these big lugs: Markov punches accurately at medium range with his lightning gun while Hyde is vicious up-close. Parnell is just brutal at both ends of the spectrum – between his multifire rocket launcher and automatic shotgun, he’s able to chew up enemies.

Tip: Class Ability: Personal Shield

• Even if a Monster decides to engage, you can always rely on your personal shield to save you from a dicey situation, which may also deter a Monster from committing to attacking you. While you can use this to your advantage you shouldn’t let it get to your head. Read the situation and know when to fight and when to back off.

In-depth official Assault Class Guide:


Lightning Gun – Ride the Lightning

• In combat, Markov is the most accurate and consistent damage dealing Assault Hunter. He is capable of staying at close-to-mid-range with his lightning gun.

• The lightning gun is primarily a close distance weapon. It is 100% accurate as it locks on to targets and bounces on to nearby targets, so it does constant, consistent damage.

• Stick with the lightning gun until you empty that batter, then switch and use your other items while it recharges.

Assault Rifle – Damage from a Distance

• Markov can still apply damage at long range with his assault rifle, you just need to keep a steady aim. Having something as accurate as the lightning gun can spoil you.

• The assault rifle has the potential to do more damage to the Monster with head shots or hitting weak points over the lightning gun.

Arc Mines – The Crowd Controller

• In terms of utility, Markov can toss out arc mines that will deal damage to creatures in close proximity if detonated while armed.

• Before entering a fight, plant several mines and alert your team to their location so they know where they can lead the Monster

• Placing mines atop cliffs is great because if the Monster climbs up the cliff face, they will climb right into it.

• Mine Choke Points. There can only be 5 static deployables per character in the world at any given time so consider the placements of arc mines wisely—like manipulatingi the Monster’s path.

• Another strategy, when you need to set up a defensive position, is to lay down mines around your Medic / Support so that they can cover the rest of the team without threat of a sneak attack.


Flamethrower – Bringing the Heat

• Hyde can attack the Monster at close range with constant damage from his flamethrower gauntlet, which can also dish out damage over time while burning.

• The flamethrower has a short range, so you want to get in as close as you can to deal as much damage as you can.

• Even if you light the Monster on fire for a moment, it will continue to take burn damage for 6 seconds, preventing it from regenerating armor.

• In some edge cases, the flamethrower can actually be used to serve as a sort of “smoke screen” to blind Monster players with the constant flame FX in their face.

Minigun – Nothing Mini About It

• Hyde can deal high damage for longer periods of time compared to any other assault. While other assaults have to recharge or reload their armaments, Hyde has the largest reserves of ammunition for his weaponry so he reloads less often.

• At all ranges he can use his mini-gun, which has a wide spread, but with as many bullets as Hyde has, he’s going to his mark eventually.

• Miniguns are never known for their accuracy – especially at long ranges. On the bright side, when you’re up close enough, it doesn’t matter. It has the largest clip size of any weapon and has a faster rate of damage application than the flamethrower, so you can keep firing for longer periods of time.

• Best use of the minigun: Get up close after a Medic has tranq-ed and/or tagged a Monster with weak points. Light it up and connect the dots with bullets.

Toxic Grenade – Silent but Deadly

• Hyde’s toxic grenades linger over an area and can damage the Monster the longer it remains in the area. Against his allies, it will slow them down, so be mindful where you throw them out.

• If a Monster player seems to respect and avoid your damage output, then you may be able to use your toxic grenades to coat an area in gas to deter the Monster from entering.

• This is usually helpful if you are trying to ward the Monster away from a downed ally. You might also be able to deter the Monster from going certain routes.


• The flamethrower and toxic grenades can do damage over time to the Monster for 6 seconds. In that time you can fire your mini-gun to apply 3 different damage source onto the Monster. It can be a bit of a juggling act, but can pay off for those that can manage it.


The Combat Shotgun – Up close and personal

• A fully automatic shotgun. Get close, pull the trigger, and watch the monster’s armor bleed away.

• When paired with Hank’s shield generator, Parnell can waltz in and decimate with this rapid-fire buckshot hurler.

The Multifire Rocket Launcher – Splash-damaging

• The Multifire Rocket Launcher unleashes a rapid-fire salvo of rockets. Where Bucket’s rocket launcher has laser guidance, Parnell’s is a straight shot. Anything that gets in its way goes down.

• Also, compared to Bucket’s rocket launcher Parnell’s pack on more damage, travel faster, and hold more in the clip.

• Parnell’s rockets are the quickest, best way to chip off the protective shell of eggs in Nest mode.

• One thing to remember in this game – especially with Parnell’s rapid-firing gear – is that you have unlimited ammo in this game. Burn through clips if you must and just hold down that trigger.

Super Solider – You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry

• The Berserker Suit transforms Parnell into the ultimate soldier…at a price. The rate of fire for all his weapons increases, the reload times decrease, and his movement speed increases.

• The same suit that grants him these abilities also damages him. Each time he uses the suit, he loses 20 percent of his health.

• For someone like Parnell, complementary Support will help you get a lot of bang for your buck. With Hank by your side, you’re able to wade in, protected by a shield generator. If Cabot is on your squad, his damage amplifier is your new best friend…but you might want to try and keep your distance. And Bucket’s Sentry turrets can provide a handy distraction for you to come in and unload into a Monster’s back.

The Trapper Class

• Maggie – Machine Pistol, Harpoon Traps, Pet TrapJaw (Daisy), Mobile Arena
• Griffin – Gauss SMG, Harpoon Gun, Sound Spikes, Mobile Arena
• Abe – Custom Shotgun, Stasis Grenades, Tracking Dart Pistol, Mobile Arena

The Trapper tracks down and traps the Monster, forcing the fight on the Hunters’ terms. The way the Trappers force the fight: The Mobile Arena, AKA “The Dome.” All Trappers use the Mobile Arena to prevent the Monster from fleeing for a limited amount of time. You’ve got three Trappers at your disposal: Maggie, Griffin, and Abe – each with their own unique advantages. Maggie sets traps and stalks prey with her pet Trapjaw, Daisy. Griffin uses sound spikes and actively drags down Monsters with his harpoon gun. Abe can shoot tracking darts into any creature on the planet – and the second a Monster snacks on the wrong prey, he’s been tagged.

Tip: Class Ability: Mobile Arena (AKA The Dome)

• Being effective with the dome is more than just trapping the Monster. You need to be smart. Try to corner the Monster in a part of the map where it’s at a disadvantage. For example, Kraken domed in close quarters with no place to fly away is at a disadvantage.

• Timing with the Mobile Arena is KEY. There is a long cooldown before you can use it again.

If you catch a monster at stage one, dome him no matter what. At level 2, don’t dome him until his armor goes down.

Also, don’t feel like you need to throw down the dome the second a fight initiates. Save it for it looks like the Monster might try to flee.


Daisy – A Trapper’s Best Friend

• Maggie excels at tracking with the help of Daisy, her pet Trapjaw, who can always sense a Monster’s trail.

• Even if the Monster is stealthy enough to sneak away from you, Daisy can follow hidden tracks. If she has no trail she will follow you with no icon overhead. If she picks up a trail, a footprint icon will appear over her. If she senses the Monster nearby, an exclamation sign will flash and she may point in the direction that she senses the Monster.

• Daisy can also help revive teammates that become incapacitated, so it is wise to draw the Monster’s attention away from downed allies. HOWEVER, if Lazarus is in the game, Daisy will not revive teammates.

• Daisy really is a fifth player! If all the Hunters are down and Daisy is still alive, your team still has a chance (if she survives until reinforcements arrive.)

Harpoon Traps – Building a Better Monster Trap

• Maggie’s harpoon traps restrict Monster movement. Spread out harpoon traps and plant them often before a fight.

• You can only have five static deployable items active in the world. When you place the sixth Harpoon Trap, the first one will disappear.

• Harpoon Traps reach further than you might think. Spread them apart to be more effective.

• While on the hunt and not in combat, plant a trap every so often and spread them out. Every trap that fires, the Monster has to spend some effort to break it, or get caught.

• During a fight where your team is doing damage, try running around the Monster and keep planting the traps in a circle. (Though don’t forget you should be shooting at the Monster too, sometimes.)

Machine Pistol – Efficient and Deadly

• In combat, her machine pistol deals good damage and fires rapidly, but the recoil is quite high – use short, controlled bursts.

• At medium to longer ranges, the machine pistol’s weapon spread is so wide, that most shots will miss.


Harpoon Gun – Hooked on You

• Griffin can control the Monster’s movement faster than any other trapper. His harpoon gun instantly tethers the Monster and keeps it from moving away from you.

• The Harpoon gun has a range of 40 meters to tether to a Monster. It can extend for another 7 meters after that before it will break.

• Positioning with Griffin is key for effective Harpooning. Don’t just stand in front of Monsters! Make sure that the Monster is focused on another Hunter or the environment, sneak and shoot.

• An ideal position for Griffin is to get in behind a Monster and shooting from higher ground. But more important is that all your teammates need to coordinate and be aware of a Trapper’s position to be the most effective.

• If the Monster is looking to run away, use the harpoon gun to tether to it while it is leaping/bursting. Obviously this will prevent him from moving away from you, but you’re also forcing it to use the limited stamina that a Monster can escape with.

• Anything that breaks line of sight between the anchor and the gun will break the tractor beam.

• If you are in air when you fire a harpoon into a Monster, it’ll only be effective when you are grounded. If the Monster is climbing when harpooned, it will get knocked out of its climb and fall off the wall’s surface and be unable to climb.

Sound Spikes – Getting Strategic with Echolocation

• Sound Spikes can reveal the Monster’s location when crossing through an area, which makes it easier to find a Monster that has thrown the Hunters off the trail.

• Sound Spikes can detect the Monster’s movement within a 50 meter radius.

• Only five may be placed on the ground at any given time. When you place the sixth, your first one disappears.

• If you are uncertain of just how far you are from another sensor, you can look at the sensor itself. It will show your distance to the closest sensor.

• When you call up the HUD map, you can see the location of all placed Sound Spikes.

• Griffin has a late-game advantage with his sound spikes. Spread out strategically across a map, a good player will leave few safe spots for a Monster to hide.

Gauss SMG Rifle – Run and Machine Gun

• In combat, Griffin can deal out accurate damage with his SMG having low kick back. So just keep your finger on the trigger at short and medium distances.


Tracking Darts – Hot on the trail

• Abe is able to tag any corpse or wildlife he comes across. If the Monster player takes the bait – AKA snacks on the tagged wildlife – a GPS tracker activates in its belly. So don’t be stingy. Keep that tracking dart gun firing!

• One good strategy: Just before you plan to drop a Dome, fire a tracker dart into the Monster. The second you spring the trap, the Monster is going to try and flee. Tagged, it won’t be able to hide.

Stasis Grenade – Stop right there

• Stasis Grenades are great provided you can keep the Monster locked down in a zone. One tip: launch them in a five-point star pattern. Try not to overlap them.

• The Stasis Grenade is your best friend. Hang back at a safe spot and lob Away!

• Remember that a good trapper’s job is to distract the monster and that Stasis Grenade is pretty damn distracting since its effects last for 15 seconds.

• One pro-tip from the dev-team when facing Kraken: Toss Stasis Grenades onto ledges or high cliffs, and you’re effectively creating a “no-fly” zone for the flying Monster.

Riding shotgun

• This Custom Shotgun spread will change size and shape depending upon the speed with which he’s shooting. It means, squeeze that trigger as fast as you can and you’ll have close range pellets flying scattershot. But if you do slow, methodical trigger pulls, you get slightly more accuracy at a longer range. Stick with slow-and-steady for distance shots.

• Here’s a good combo tip for you: Pair Abe with Cabot. Abe’s shotgun is already the most powerful Trapper firearm, but pair that up with the damage amp and it’s deadly.

• One good tactic: Lob stasis grenades from a distance and do slow trigger pulls on the Shotgun so that you have longer range.

The Medic Class

• Val – Armor Piercing Sniper Riffle, Medgun, Tranquilizer Gun, Healing Burst
• Lazarus – Silenced Sniper Rifle, Lazarus Device, Personal Cloak, Healing Burst
• Caira – Napalm Grenade Launcher, Healing Grenade Launcher, Acceleration Field, Healing Burst

They keep the team alive and kicking. Luckily, their oath to “do no harm” doesn’t apply to Monsters. While the two revealed Medic Hunters are vital to your team’s survival, they play entirely differently from one another. Val is best used at medium-to-long range with healing while Lazarus is his most effective sneaking in and reviving fallen teammates. Caira is a bit of a speedy, healing tank thanks to a grenade launcher that pop off healing rounds. Which are you?

Tip: Class Ability: Healing Burst

• The healing burst is a limited area heal. If you’re playing as Val, never be afraid to use that ability. Anytime you’re running past even a partially wounded teammate, pop the burst. It’ll be recharged again soon enough.

• As a medic, Lazarus is not very good at healing his teammates during a fight. The one shot he has is the class ability to burst heal in an area. That means he has to sneak up to the front lines to effectively use that ability. One tactic: While cloaked, jetpack dodge into battle, burst heal, then dodge back out all while cloaked.


Medgun – A Real Life-Saver

• You are really the only means by which a team can heal effectively during combat and Val’s medgun is capable of projecting a healing ray up to 60 meters. Take advantage of that range!

• Val’s medgun works off line of sight. So long as you’re within 60 meters and there is nothing to break the beam, you can heal teammates.

• Prioritize healing your team so that they do not fall in combat, or they will incur a strike that lowers their maximum health value.

• Val players should learn to position themselves away from the fight, but still be able to support the team. Try to set up in a good sniper position so that you can tag the Monster with tranqs, but still just close enough so that you can whip out the medgun as needed.

• Keep your medic alive! A Hunter team without a medic would have little chance to face off against stage 2 and 3 Monsters.

Tranquilizer Gun – Slowing Down the Monster’s Pace

• Val’s dart-firing rifle can tranquilize and highlight the Monster. The slowing effect can be used in a defensive manner as well, allowing Hunters to more effectively evade it.

• Although it does no damage, the utility of the tranq dart to highlight and slow down the Monster combined with the ease of use having 3 shots before reload, makes it more useful than the sniper rifle.

Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle – Finding Weak Spots

• Val can also support the team in an offensive manner with her anti-material sniper rifle. You’ll see the greatest effect here when you’re in a dome with the Monster.

• Make every shot count. The AM rifle is a bolt-action sniper weapon. It needs to be reloaded after each round gets spent. And remember, once you have five good weak spots placed on the Monster, go back to the tranq rifle.

• Weak points created by the anti-material rifle will increase the damage output of any pin point weaponry of other players that happens to hit those spots.

• Shooting at extremities with any weapon yields the least amount of damage, while body shots are normalized damage, but headshots double the damage. Adding weak points doubles those damage values.


Lazarus Device – Death Becomes You

• Lazarus is able to revive players and prevent a strike penalty. (Incapacitation or death of a character usually means that strikes are added to their health, permanently lowering their maximum health value.)

• By using the Lazarus Device, he can revive incapacitated players or dead ones quicker than a normal revive and prevent the strike. This does two things: First, it makes you the most important member of your squad. Second, it paints a giant bullseye on your back.

• Once a Hunter dies, the clock is ticking. You have about twenty seconds to revive a fallen Hunter. A Monster can eat a Hunter’s body, preventing Lazarus from reviving them. Additional Hunter bodies may become so badly decomposed that the Lazarus Device may no longer work on them. Be mindful of these factors when choosing when to come back to revive a dead player.

Silenced Sniper Rifle – Silent, Scoped

• The silenced sniper rifle creates weak points on targets that do not last very long. It can fire 10 rounds very quickly before needing to reload.

• Not only is it silenced, the sniper rifle does not leave tracers – making it a very stealthy weapon to use from long range.

• Pair up Lazarus with Assault (Hyde) when you have the Monster trapped in a dome. Tag the Monster with weak spots while Hyde’s nailing it with a wide spread from the minigun – he’s getting multiple hits doing extra damage.

• Having a silenced, rapid-fire sniper rifle allows you to attack from secreted faraway locations. So hang farther back from the team. If the Monster gets too close however, you can always use your personal cloak and sneak away, which usually turns into mind games between Lazarus and the Monster players.

Personal Cloak – Out of Site

• Lazarus’ Personal Cloak is a huge factor for how he plays. Timed cloaks are key to avoid detection from the Monster, creep in and revive fallen teammates before they fully die. Smart teamwork here means working with Support to extend your personal cloak abilities


• If Lazarus is taken down, it will be very hard for the team to stay in a prolonged fight with the Monster. This creates an intrinsic requirement of Lazarus players to be smart about knowing when to stay back away from the fight and when to actively help the team.

• Every other player becomes expendable when Lazarus is on the team. He becomes the most important person to keep alive. Therefore, you should coordinate with the Support class player to use their cloak for your benefit if things get dicey. Once Support’s cloak is empty, Lazarus will still have his own personal cloak to use.


Caira: Caira is a “tanky” medic who doesn’t mind getting right into the middle of the action. When her team groups up, she can fire healing grenades into the ground to heal the whole group. She pairs well with Assaults because she can handle being at the frontline, and the addition of Hank’s shield projector can bolster her healing effectiveness even more. Where Val uses a tranq gun to slow the monster, Caira has an “adrenaline field” which gives all of the hunters heightened speed during pursuit. It is also extremely effective during battle, because the Hunters are better at evading Monster attacks while adrenaline field is active.

Healing Grenades – Some aggressive first aid.

• Caira’s grenade launcher heals everyone in its splash radius. Including herself! That’s HUGE as she is the only medic that can heal herself – and others – beyond the Healing Burst.

• You can heal everyone as quickly as your pull the trigger and reload – so don’t stop. Period.

• Thanks to her healing grenades, she pairs well with Hank and any Assault. Train the shields on Caira and she’ll be blasting everyone on the front lines with heals.

Napalm Grenades – Need a light?

• The napalm does damage over time, so be sure to try and get in some early shots before you need to gearshift into healer mode

Adrenal Boost – Faster!

• The Adrenal Boost gives nearby hunters an AOE speed boost, which means a very surprised Monster at the start of the game.

• It also means, when she needs to get away, Caria is almost impossible to catch – or hit. A good tactic is to pop this boost when the dome is dropped. This ability gives you and your squad a better chance at dodging attacks.

The Support Class

• Hank – Laser Cutter, Shield Projector, Orbital Barrage, Cloaking Field
• Bucket – Guided Missile Launcher, Sentry Guns, UAV, Cloaking Field
• Cabot – Rail Cannon, Damage Amplifier, Dust Tagging, Cloaking Field

These versatile Hunters help teammates hit harder, escape danger, and rain down death on the Monster. The kind of support you’re providing differs greatly depending upon the character you choose to play. For example, Hank’s abilities buff up your team with cloaks and shields when he isn’t dealing damage with a laser cutter. Bucket is a lot more tactical with skills suited for holding positions or taking the fight to the enemy with sentry guns and his UAV drone. Then there’s Cabot, leading the Hunters from the front, overpowering Monsters with his Damage Amplifier and a rail gun.

Tip: Class Ability: Cloaking Field

• Activating cloak will turn you and nearby teammates invisible, but if you use items, jetpack, or take damage, it will break your cloak. Walking will also still leave your footprints so the Monster may smell out your trail to follow you. It’s a straightforward ability, but its execution depends on how tricky you are.

• If Lazarus is the medic on your team, try to spend some time focusing your attention on him. He’ll need as much time as possible to remain invisible to effectively resurrect fallen teammates.


Shield Projector – I’ll Be Your Shield

• Hank’s main role is to increase the team’s durability in a fight by using his shield projector to blocks all damage on a targeted ally.

• The shield projector can absorb any damage your team might take, which makes the rest of your team more durable.

• It will recharge though as long as you do not fire it. So if an ally is knocked away from the Monster, stop firing it, and let it recharge, until the Monster is going to make another big attack.

Laser Cutter – Freakin Laser Beams

• When he’s not protecting allies, he can use his laser cutter to deal significant damage. It is normally the second highest damage potential of any team composition being the most precise weapon in the game.

Orbital Barrage – Calling in Airstrikes

• On top of his primary weapon, he can deal even greater damage in a shorter period of time by calling in an orbital barrage that rains down a bombardment on a targeted location. In practice this is not the most accurate weapon, so its use is equally effective at manipulating the Monster’s movement by deterring it from an area being bombarded.

• There are many different cases where the Orbital Barrage could be used effectively against a Monster, but the slightest changes could also make it detrimental to the Hunters.

• For starters, you can always rely on 3 simple scenarios to reliable use the Orbital Barrage effectively for a Hunter team:

1) When you encounter large and dangerous wildlife like Tyrants or Megamouths.

2) When an ally gets incapped drop an orbital nearby to deter the Monster from beating on your teammate so you can cloak in to try and rescue them after the bombs have stopped dropping.

3) When the Monster is vulnerable during its metamorphosis. It will take extra damage in this state.


Guided Missile Launcher – The Guided Attack

• His primary weapon is a laser-guided missil launcher that he can direct.

• The guided missile launcher can control the flight path of missiles, which may come in handy when a Monster is trying to remain out of line of sight.

• Consider firing them past a corner, and directing them around that corner to hit the Monster.

Sentry Guns – Bot Net

• Bucket can create sentry turrets that float in a particular spot and automatically fire upon hostile targets in range. Not just Monsters, any hostile wildlife as well!

• Sentries can be used for several functions. When thrown out in a random location, they can act as a guard over an area or detector should it engage the Monster, alerting bucket that one of his sentries has made contact with the Monster.

• In combat, sentries should be placed in varying locations, making it difficult to target and take down quickly, so more of them can keep firing at the Monster.

• This may also deter a Monster from trying to eat a body, or attack an incapacitated player. As long as they are posted and firing at the Monster, the Monster will be forced to react to them.

• Although their damage is relatively light, he can deploy 5 sentries at any given time.

UAV – Eyes in the Sky

• For utility, he can detach his head as a UAV to fly around and look for the Monster.

• An aggressive Bucket may opt to launch the UAV head early in the match to try tracking and tagging the Monster. If you’re doing so, do it from a safe position – while you’re controlling the UAV, your body is still vulnerable where you stopped to launch.

• Remember that when you’re done using the UAV, your team has likely moved on and you’re potentially going to be playing a lot of catch-up.


Damage Amplifier – Bring the pain

• Because of the damage amp, Cabot’s best friend is assault.

• The damage amp is relatively short-ranged. A good tactic is to try and stay high-and-behind the Monster when possible to draw a bead without drawing unwanted attention.

Dust Tagging – In the air tonight

• The second that you see birds scattering, rain down the dust. If you’re quick enough, you might be able to coat the Monster and sight him (but it also tags other wildlife in the area as well).

• If you’re dust tagging a monster pay heed to the orientation of monster….it’s outlined so you can see everything it’s about to do. Even if you can’t see a buddy in trouble, you can tell when it is about to pounce.

• Use dust tagging in a dome: It’s a LOT easier to tag the Monster, not to mention makes your life easier while it’s trying to hide.

The Rail Gun – Nothing gets in the way

• Between the Dust Tagging and the Rail Cannon, there is literally no place to hide.

• If you can spot a monster early, take advantage of your rail gun and shoot through walls. Remember: Cabot’s Rail Gun actually splits up the shot when it goes through an object and disperses into a wide-area cone of pain.

• You can disturb a monster and keep it from eating or you can knock away a Monster trying to destroy a generator through a wall. Perfect for trolling the Monster while hiding in a good perch.

The Monsters Class

• Goliath – Rock Throw, Leap Smash, Fire Breath, Charge
• Kraken – Lightning Strike, Banshee Mines, Aftershock, Vortex
• Wraith – Warp Blast, Abduction, Decoy, Supernova

Playing as a Monster presents a unique challenge. Sure you’re a powerful boss monster that only gets stronger as the match goes on, but you’re on your own. You need to make sure that you not only choose the right Monster for your play style, but you also need to wisely choose which abilities you want to amp up.

Tip: Being sneaky

• Stealthing hides any tracks you leave behind, makes you move slower, and your footsteps won’t make much noise.


Brute strength

• Of all the strategies and tactics available to Goliath, brute physical strength is the driving force behind them all. He is thematically a fiery creature of rage and strength. With the majority of Goliath’s fighting capabilities relying on melee combat, he is very much a Monster that benefits from chaining multiple attacks to pummel and disrupt individual targets. Close quarters provide Goliath with the advantage to pin Hunters and possibly damage multiple targets at once.

• Most all of your attacks have some sort of tell, so players may know what is coming and have a chance to react to you. If you can land an attack, however, you should be quick to follow up with multiple combos to weaken your target. While Goliath may be large and easy to shoot, he has a LOT of health and armor points to soak in the damage and wade through it.

Rock Throw – Stoned

• The rock throw is one of Goliath’s most powerful abilities. Part of the cost for such a powerful ability is the tell sign that players can see to avoid it. Goliath takes a few seconds to reach into the ground and pull out a massive boulder that it can throw at a player. All while this is happening, Goliath is vulnerable to attack, so be mindful of when you choose to use a rock throw.

• On keyboard/mouse by default you can hold down the ability button to hold it in your hand, bring up the trajectory preview, and release the button to fire. Alternatively you can change the functionality to press once to bring it up, and press again to release it. Just go into options and toggle the “Monster Ability Trigger” option under keyboard/mouse settings.

Flame Breath – Spray it

• This is Goliath’s only way to reveal cloaked players reliably – by setting them on fire. It is not impossible to track cloaked players without it, but it does make Hunters a lot easier to spot when you have turned them into a human torch.

• You activate it by pressing the button once and goliath will breathe fire for several seconds in an area in front of him.

• This will do damage over time, so consider leaping in and trying to burn multiple Hunters at once to get the most use out of this ability.

Leap Smash – Jumping into battle

• The obvious advantage here is that you can cross large distances to get right on top of your prey. But Leap Smash doubles as a traversal ability, which can help you gain good distance instantly, much like Goliath’s natural traversal ability to leap.

• To a slight extent, while you are in air in the middle of performing a leap smash, you can control where you land the smash. So if you pulled back on the thumbstick (or pressed the back direction on the keyboard) you could land shorter than where you were originally planning to go.

• You can hold and aim this attack like a Rock Throw – you just aren’t able to redirect while you’re in the air.

Charge – Clear a path

• This ability also doubles as a traversal ability. It is the easiest ability to use in a combo because of its instantaneous use.

• You can also lean left or right to slightly turn the direction of your charge. You can also press backwards to stop. This is an ideal maneuver when you want to knock Hunters off a ledge, but not fall off the ledge yourself.


Keeping your distance

• While Kraken is capable of fighting in melee range, it excels at ranged attacks. While flying, it channels its energy to fire energy projectiles that have a slight area of effect damage to them.

• While in combat, whether dealing damage or taking it, he can remain in air indefinitely, allowing him to maintain flight in combat.

• Your natural ability to fly provides damage mitigation as Hunters may find it harder to shoot at a Monster in the air, than a ground-based target.

• To play Kraken effectively, never be a sitting duck, keep track of all the Hunters, and wear them down with all your abilities and attacks. Played well, Kraken can chain attacks to deal lots of damage from a distance.

• Kraken can be very fluid and mobile in combat. It very much favors players who can think ahead and see how the battle may progress. Using your abilities wisely, controlling the battlefield, and keeping track of your opponents will aid Kraken greatly in decisive victories.

Fly defensively

• Just by flying around, you can become much more difficult to shoot at. Try to always be on the move to avoid damage.

• It should also be noted that when you are high in the air, it might be difficult to see the puny Hunters so you should sniff out often to try and reveal their location.

• You may also be able to manipulate Hunters to chase after you and cross into dangerous areas.

Lightning Strike – Shocking and awe

• This is the most powerful ability Kraken has. It does have a large tell though, so you should probably try to activate this ability behind a player, so they don’t see it coming, then target it on them near the last second.

• Keep in mind that you may be vulnerable while channeling this ability so be ready to trade damage.

Aftershock – Clear the room

• While powerful, Aftershock is also potentially dangerous. You need to be on top of the Hunters to use it. That said, it’s handy for clearing out mines and sentries.

• This ability can reveal cloaked Hunters in close proximity to the aftershock’s area of effect and will cause a lot of damage.

• Consider activating this ability over your target, and then use the stealth button to dive down onto the Hunters and zap them shortly after.

Banshee Mines – Hear something?

• You can plant 5 of them in the world and have them activate and detonate automatically on any creature that comes close.

• These can also be used as projectiles in conjunction with your normal attacks, allowing you to fire multiple damaging projectiles at once.

• You can also use them as detectors by placing them around corners where Hunters would pass, and when they detonate, you will hear and know something came through that area.

• Banshee mines “scream” when they start homing in on nearby Hunters – so they also make a handy early warning system.

• Banshee mines make great traps to throw Hunters off your tracks.

Vortex—Don’t stand so close to me

• Being able to instantly knock Hunters away makes this a useful crowd-controlling ability.

• It is most useful in preventing Hunters from aiding allies. Consider saving this ability for instances when Hunters are tightly grouped – or trying to swarm in to revive a teammate.


Think like a ninja. A giant, Monster ninja.

Wraith sneaks in and deals out massive damage with her blades. She can warp around the battlefield and close distances in an instant. She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming.

You can’t hit what you can’t catch

• Used properly, Wraith is a ghost in the wild and a whirling, bladed Tasmanian devil in close quarters.

• A majority of its powers revolve around misdirection and straight up confusion of the enemy. Remember to play that way, otherwise, you’ll get eaten alive.

• Wraith is a stealthy, fast damage dealer, but she can’t take a punch. ALWAYS be on the move, always keep one eye on your armor and never let ‘em see you coming.

Abduction – Take me away

• Wraith can travel up to an estimated 100 meters, grab prey, and return to her original location all within the blink of an eye.

• Follow up that snatch-and-grab with a stealth pounce to finish off the target.

• You can hover above a something like a Megamouth, abduct a hunter and deliver them on a silver platter for dinner.

• Remember that with Wraith, it’s all about one thing: Divide and conquer.

Supernova – A home field advantage

• This ability creates a large arena for Wraith. Inside the Supernova zone, Wraith becomes a melee frenzied beast of pure energy. That’s saying something because Wraith is already scary fast, up close. If Wraith leaves the Supernova area, she returns to her normal state.

• Supernova is a great pairing combo ability. Stack a Warp Blast or Decoy with this power and you’re going to tear somebody a new one in short order.

Warp Blast – making an explosive entrance

• The natural reaction of Hunters – when dealing with Wraith – is to bunch up and fight off this Monster as a group. That’s when you introduce yourself with a bang. A big bang. Warp Blast allows Wraith to travel almost instantly to a target and create an explosion wherever she lands, dealing damage to everything around her.

• Now, to capitalize on bringing the pain, follow up immediately with Supernova which gives the Wraith an attack boost of damage and speed. Just make sure to break free when your armor runs low.

• You can abduct a player, then warp blast behind them so the Wraith can be in-between the isolated Hunter and the rest of the hunters. This allows the Wraith to melee attack to keep pushing the isolated Hunter further away from his pals. You can also use this ability to push Hunters in a corner then go Supernova on their ass.

Decoy – Double trouble

• Wraith’s Decoy ability is a defensive and offensive lifesaver.

• Kill wildlife, then call up a clone to finish snacking. You don’t even have to be there to enjoy the benefits.

• Got a pack of Hunters hot on your tail? When you turn a blind corner, pop your decoy. You turn invisible while they turn their attention to the clone. Use that moment to reposition for a sneak attack – or flee the scene.

• Players can pop Supernova, then decoy. The result: Your decoy gets the Supernova buff and does a ton of damage to the Hunters. All the while the Wraith can re-position and set up a plan of attack, like pouncing an unsuspecting Hunter.

• Wraith has only a sliver of armor compared to the other Monsters, so it is advised to use your decoy and slip away for a quick meal to regenerate armor, even when in the Dome.

Credits: Turtle Rock Studios & Doug.

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