Evolve Game Trophies Guide

9 February 2015
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Evolve Game Trophies Guide

The Evolve game trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS4 Action-FPS game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Evolve trophy guide we’ll show there are 50 Trophies (0 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS4 versions. Earn Bronze (41), Silver (5), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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Evolve Game Trophies Guide


Tip: Since you’re able to play with a group of 5 people in online Multiplayer, all trophies will be boostable. – Additionally, all modes are available for Solo offline play too, which makes unlocking a trophy easier by playing against more predictable AI.

1. Evolve Platinum Trophy (Platinum) — Obtain all other Trophies.

2. Collect Them All! (Silver) — Unlock all of the Hunters and Monsters.

3. Wildlife Genocidist (Bronze) — Kill 1,390 wildlife outside of the Tutorials.

4. Massacre (Bronze) — Kill an entire Hunter team as a Stage 1 Monster.

5. Death From Above (Bronze) — Kill the Monster while in mid-air outside of the Tutorials.

6. Squerly (Bronze) — Achieve 95% or higher accuracy against predators in a match outside of the tutorials.

7. Bone Jockey (Bronze) — Win a match while having spent most of the time in the air outside of the Tutorials.

8. Ninja Time! (Bronze) — Kill a Hunter without taking any damage outside of the Tutorials.

9. Death to Tyranny (Bronze) — Rescue a teammate from a Tyrant outside of the Tutorials.

10. Inconceivable (Bronze) — Kill the Monster without taking any damage outside of the Tutorials.

11. Helping Hand (Bronze) — Revive 25 incapacitated Hunters outside of the Tutorials.

12. Mano A Monster (Bronze) — Kill a Stage 3 Monster while being the only Hunter alive outside of the Tutorials.

13. Vegan Police (Bronze) — Win a match as a Hunter without killing any creatures.

14. Invincible (Bronze) — Win a match in under 2:05 minutes.

15. Cockroach (Bronze) — Kill the Monster while incapacitated outside of the Tutorials.

16. With Our Powers Combined (Bronze) — Win Evacuation as a Hunter.

17. Get Off My Planet (Bronze) — Win Evacuation as a Monster.

18. Cardboard Tier (Bronze) — Complete the Monster’s Tutorial.

19. The Monster (Silver) — Reach Elite status for a Monster.

20. The Hunter (Silver) — Reach Elite status for a Hunter.

21. Strategist (Silver) — Watch all Tutorial Videos.

22. #shearproblems (Bronze) — Destroy 100 objects outside of the Tutorials.

23. Instant Artist (Bronze) — Create a Badge in the Profile Badge creator.

24. If It Bleeds (Bronze) — Win 25 matches in Hunt.

25. Knock-Knock (Bronze) — Win 25 matches in Defend.

26. We’re Not Assassins (Bronze) — Win 25 matches in Rescue.

27. Payback Time (Bronze) — Win 25 matches in Nest.

28. Got A Gold Star (Bronze) — Earn Gold in the Hunter Tutorial.

To earn a Gold Star you must beat the Hunter Tutorial in 6 minutes.

This is a bit easier than the Monster Tutorial because there is more time. On a good run you can beat this in around 5 minutes. Repeat the tutorial a couple of times until you know it by heart. The hardest part is at the end when you have to fight the monster. Just keep shooting it with your Lightning Gun and Assault Rifle until it goes down. Always activate your shield when the monster is about to attack you.

Note: You can replay the tutorial anytime from the main menu.

29. Teacher’s Pet (Bronze) — Earn Gold in the Monster Tutorial.

To earn a gold medal you must beat the Monster Tutorial in 6 minutes

Time is very short compared to the Hunter Tutorial. Everything must go perfectly to beat this requirement. By far the toughest part is at the end when you have to fight the hunters. The most important thing here is to attack Hank (support) first. The reason being that he can cast a shield on the other hunters that absorbs all incoming damage. Now attack whoever is closest and make sure they don’t revive Hank. If you want to play it safe you can also attack Hank’s body on the ground to make him die much quicker. This takes a few extra seconds, but he cannot be revived after this. The best attack combo is Charge — Leap Smash — Rock Throw for a guaranteed kill.
There is also a 30 second cutscene at the end of the mission, right before you encounter the team of Hunters. This cutscene does count towards the total time and cannot be skipped!

Note: You can replay the tutorial anytime from the main menu.

30. 12-Sided Die (Gold) — Reach Elite status on all Hunters.

31. Three of a Kind (Gold) — Reach Elite status on all Monsters.

32. Premade (Bronze) — Win a round of Hunt while in a party of 4 players

33. Classless (Bronze) — Win a match without using your Class Ability.

34. Taste of Shear (Bronze) — Kill one of each creature on Shear outside of the Tutorials.

35. Thank You (Bronze) — Watch the credits all the way through the end.

36. Left For Dead (Bronze) — Incapacitate a Hunter and leave them to bleed out outside of the Tutorials.

37. Hotswapaholic (Bronze) — Do damage to the Monster with every class in a match.

38. Mud Monster (Bronze) — Win a match having spent most of your time in Sneak outside of the Tutorials.

39. Evolution Mania! (Bronze) — Evolve to Stage 3 as a Monster 25 times outside of the Tutorials.

In this official video guide the game’s creators give Monster Feeding tips to evolve faster.

40. Natural Selection (Bronze) — Complete an entire Evacuation campaign without dying.

41. Gotcha! (Bronze) — Sneak pounce the final living Hunter to end a match outside of the Tutorials.

42. Unbeatable (Bronze) — Win a match as a Monster without doing damage to the Hunters until Stage 3 outside of the Tutorials.

43. Darwinism (Silver) — Win a match without losing any health as a Monster outside of the Tutorials.

Tip: “Without losing health” means you are allowed to lose Shield, just not health. – If that proves to be difficult, you can always make it easier by playing against AI Hunters.

44. Counter Strike (Bronze) — Attack a Hunter within 15 seconds of them deploying in Hunt outside of the Tutorials.

45. Beat Them All (Bronze) — Win a match in all online game modes.

46. Award Addiction (Bronze) — Obtain 25 unique Awards.

47. Apex Predator (Gold) — Achieve rank 40.

48. Basic Training (Bronze) — Complete the Hunter’s Tutorial.

49. I Live… Redux (Bronze) — Incapacitate, hotswap, and revive yourself.

50. Equal Opportunity Hunters (Bronze) — Win a match with half of the team as the opposite sex outside of the Tutorials.

Special thanks to Turtle Rock Studios, Powerpyx & Kulous for the list, tips & guide videos.

Please comment if you have any Evolve trophy unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!



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