Fossil Fighters 3: Frontier Release Date Announced (3DS)

Fossil Fighters 3: Frontier has a release date in America of March 20, 2015, exclusively for 3DS (titled just “Fossil Fighters: Frontier”). This will mark the first time the series will get a release a Europe later in 2015 as well. It’s the RPG sequel to the DS title Fossil Fighters: Champions.

Check out the first details and gameplay in this Nintendo Direct announcement video.

Fossil Fighters: Frontier is the third game in the series, following the original Fossil Fighters, released for Nintendo DS in 2009, and the sequel to that game, Fossil Fighters: Champions, released in 2011, also for DS.

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Fossil Fighters 3, called Fossil Fighters: Frontier, is the first game in the series to hit the Nintendo 3DS.

Fossil Fighters is essentially a Monster Catching RPG like Pokemon where players must find and dig out fossils (which they physically chisel out of the ground using their stylus on the touchscreen) that they can then turn into rebirthed Dinosaurs/Monster known in the game as Vivosaurs.

Fossil Fighters 3: Frontier Gameplay Screenshot Turnbased RPG Battling Attack 3DS
Turnbased RPG Battling! ATTACK!

Check out over an hour of gameplay footage of the Japanese version of Fossil Fighters: Frontier (called “We Are Fossil Diggers” in Japan) in this video.

While making you way through the game’s RPG story, talking to NPC’s and exploring, you can fight your Vivosaurs in battle and level them up.

Fossil Fighters: Frontier is the first game in the series to feature online play!

Fossil Fighters 3: Frontier Gameplay Screenshot Cooperative Online Play 3DS
Cooperative Online Play! FINALLY!

It features an online battle mode (and a six-player local battle mode) as well as an online cooperative mode where you can team up with other players as allies to explore the world and battle together! There is even an online arena mode, where you and your friends can join a team, and battle against other teams off & online!

Here is an extremely cheesy official trailer for Fossil Fighters: Frontier which features a Pokemon anime-style singing intro song.

Fossil Fighters as a series is a vast collaboration between four developers and is published by Nintendo.

Fossil Fighters is co-developed by Nintendo SPD (WarioWare: Touched [2006,DS], WarioWare: Twisted [2006,GBA], WarioWare: Smooth Moves [2007,Wii] & WarioWare: D.I.Y. [2010,DS], Rhythm Heaven [2009,DS] & Rhythm Heaven: Fever [2012,Wii], Tomodachi Life [2014,3DS], Game & Wario [2013,WiiU); Red Entertainment (Fire Emblem: Awakening [2013,3DS], Thousand Arms [1999,PS1], Gungrave [2002,PS2], Blood Will Tell [2004,PS2], Record of Agarest War series); M2 (3D Fantasy Zone II, After Burner II, & other 3DS eShop Sega titles & Sega re-releases for other platforms, Gradius Collection [2006,PSP], Gradius ReBirth [2009,Wii], Contra Rebirth [2009,Wii] & Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth [2009,Wii] for WiiWare) and ArtDink (Colony Wars [1997,PS1], Carnage Heart [1997,PS1], Sword Art Online: Lost Song [2015,PS3/PSVita], Gundam videogame series).

Fossil Fighters 3: Frontier Gameplay Screenshot Fossil Digging 3DS
Fossil Digging Touchscreen-style!

I’ve always wanted to play more Monster Catching games outside of Pokemon, and Fossil Fighters makes the list!

I have always had an interest in dinosaurs… I mean really, who doesn’t?!

And so a Pokemon-style RPG with dinosaurs instead is definitely appealing.

I’m very happy to see Nintendo pumping out another Fossil Fighters game, especially given that they are adding tons of online options.

I can’t wait to finish the Pokemon series (I’m currently playing Pokemon Red, and over 100 hours into it… at the very end! Playing Pokemon Silver next) and then try my hand at some non-Pokemon Monster Catching games, such as the original Monster Rancher for PS1 (1997), the Digimon games (like Digimon World [2000,PS1), Robopon for Game Boy Color (Pokemon with robots, 2000), Shin Megami Tensei: DemiKids (Which I own, for Game Boy Color, which is essentially Pokemon with Demons; 2003), Car Battler Joe (Game Boy Advance, Pokemon with Cars; 2002), Disney’s Spectrobes series (2000,DS) and other such titles.

Fossil Fighters 3: Frontier Gameplay Screenshot Overworld Exploration Fossil Hunting 3DS
Fossil Hunting As You Explore the Overworld

Are you excited about Fossil Fighters: Frontier? Is this your first Fossil Fighters game?